Best Soccer Formation System

The formation describes how the players in a team are positioned on the pitch. Different formations can be used depending on whether a team wishes to play more attacking or defensive football.

The Top Ten

1 4-2-3-1 4-2-3-1

My favourite system, very versatile to give the opportunity to attack safely thanks to the 2 defensive central midfielder. It seams the system gives a numerical advantage at every area of the field. - Toshin

2 4-3-3 4-3-3

The most offensive scheme in my opinion. Difficult possession game but very fast projection. - Toshin

My favourite one with a solid defense, balanced mid and a powerful offense.
4-2-3-1 is good too but I prefer wingers over Left and Right Midfielders. - Undistinguished

3 4-4-2 Diamond 4-4-2 Diamond

I'd say this is the best formation in all situations. it also reduces some pressure from single striker. - zxm

4 3-4-3 3-4-3

Not as offensive as it seems because the 3 defenders are central, they do not follow the attack as laterals would do but have to stay altogether. - Toshin

5 4-4-2 Linear 4-4-2 Linear
6 3-5-2 3-5-2
7 5-4-1 5-4-1
8 5-3-2 5-3-2

It's best if your team is playing anything finale. We all come in defense when opposition is in attacking position. becomes like no one left behind to strike. - zxm

9 4-5-1 4-5-1
10 4-3-2-1 4-3-2-1
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