Top 10 South Park Season 21 Episodes

The Top Ten
1 Franchise Prequel

I can’t choose between this or Put it Down they’re really good

2 Put It Down

Tweek is great! - Negan

This episode was hilarious, it really made fun of how people were scared of North Korea for barely any reasons. I thought the whole President Garrison tweet bits were hilarious too. - Phillip873

This is the best episode from the season! - Fireboy

I can’t get Craig’s song put it down out of my head I love when he sings


Warning! Very subjective content coming up, it should not be read by anyone.
The series reached new heights with this one. Best of the season, one of the best of the series.
Kyle's character has finally gone full circle with him hating Terrance and Philip and self-serving violence. Tweek knew Kyle should not trust Herbert, but he made a mistake, because he was at his worst, but even then he had good intentions.
PC Principal x Strong Woman is a favorite ship of mine!

4 Hummels & Heroin

Marvin, the badassest grandpa of SP

5 Holiday Special
6 Sons A Witches
7 White People Renovating Houses
8 Splatty Tomato
9 Moss Piglets
10 Doubling Down
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