Top 10 Worst Things that Have Happened to Butters on South Park

Butters is perhaps one of the best characters on South Park who always seems to get the short end of the stick and becomes the butt of many people's jokes for this list we will be looking at the worst things that have ever happened to Butters on the show.
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1 His Mother Tried to Drown Him (Butters' Very Own Episode)

In Butters very own episode his mom sends him to spy on his dad to find out what he's getting her for their anniversary but when Butters reveals that his dad has been going to a gay theater and a gay bathhouse and has been having sex with random men which leads to his mom having a nervous breakdown as she tries to drown Butters by leaving him in the car and driving it into the river though Butters does survive unaware that his mom tried to kill him.

2 Got a Shuriken Lodged in His Eye (Good Times with Weapons)

In this scene Butters as Dr. Chaos faces off against the boys in an anime style battle which goes horribly wrong when Kenny takes it too far and throws a flying shuriken at Butters which gets lodged in his eye as he screams realizing that they are all in big trouble, not wanting to take him to the hospital as everyone will find out they were playing with weapons they dress him up like a dog so they can take him to the vet but of course this doesn't pan out as well.

3 Was Bullied By His Grandmother (Butterballs)

Worst Episode Ever.

4 Was Traumatized After Causing an Accident That Killed 8 People (You Got F'd in the A)

in a flashback butters was tap dancing when his shoe flies off and kills 8 people

5 Was Sent to a Christian Conversion Camp (Cartman Sucks)

In this episode Cartman takes a photo of him sticking Butters unmentionable in his mouth as he brags to the other boys calling Butters gay as Kyle points out that it makes him gay as well so Cartman attempts to trick Butters while blindfolded into giving him oral sex yes you read that right but is interrupted when Butters dad catches them and convinced that Butters is bi curious and sends him to a Christian Conversion Camp where they attempt to pray away the gay by bringing all the bi curious boys together and make them normal which only does more damage to the boys as many of them commit suicide and all the while Butters is unaware of what's really going on.

6 Was Hospitalized By Trent Boyette (Pre-School)

Trent Boyette ends up being released from juvenile hall and looks to get revenge against the boys for back in preschool when they convinced him to start a fire so they could put it out which ends up burning up their teacher and they put all the blame on Trent, not only are the boys terrified by the but Butters is also fearful as he knew about what happened but said nothing as Butters tries to hide from Trent Boyette until his dad forces to play outside where he is faced with Trent who gives him a head start as Butters cries out to his parents to let him in which they completely ignore him as Trent ends up hospitalizing him.

7 Became Paris Hilton's New Pet (Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset)

After her last pet died Paris Hilton finds Butters and decides to make him her new pet much to Butters dismay especially since he found out what happened to her previous pets who all committed suicide even worse his parents are more then willing to sell Butters to her.

8 Got Beaten By His Parents After Cartman Angered Them While Pretending to Be Him (Jared Has Aides)

At the end of the episode Butters gets beaten by his parents on a account of earlier when Cartman was pretending to be him on the phone as he enrages his parents.

Exactly why Cartman is an awful South Park character.

9 Found Out That Lexus Doesn't Actually Like Him (Raisins)

During the episode while taking Stan to Rasins to help him of his depression after Wendy dumps him Butters falls for one of the Raisin girls Lexus unaware that she doesn't actually like him and is just flirting with him so hill tip her even his parents tries telling him which he refuses to listen until she literally tells him that she's not his girlfriend and doesn't really like him which leaves Butter devastated but unlike Stan Butters does find a silver lining to his situation.

10 Was Tricked By Cartman into Hiding in a Bomb Shelter so He Can Go to Casa Bonita (Casa Bonita)

After finding out that he's not invited to Kyle's birthday at Casa Bonita and instead Butters is invited Cartman tricks Butters into thinking that a meteorite is going to hit Earth and convinces him to stay in a bomb shelter until after Cartman goes to Casa Bonita, when people start looking for Butters and plan on searching every bomb shelter which leads Cartman to hide Butters somewhere else until the search is off and he can go to Casa Bonita.

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11 Forced by His Friends to Almost “Take One for the Team” (Cartman Joins NAMBLA)

By “Take one for the team”, he was sent out by his friends to be gang raped by a large group of pedophiles so the others could escape. Luckily he wasn’t raped.

12 Was Anal Probed (City Sushi)

After being diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, doctors ran “tests” which included an anal probe by a very large device.

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