Top 10 Most Stressful Things About Middle School

Bored Jeff inspired me to make this list since i'm in middle school

The Top Ten Most Stressful Things About Middle School

1 Homework

The worst (even though I'm in 8th and I barley get any)

The more you have, the lower your grades will be!

Cool glad to see that I inspired you, overall homework is stressful no mattter what kind of school you go to.

2 Bullying
3 Peer Pressure
4 Trying to Fit In
5 When Most of Your Friends Leave You
6 Lockers
7 Classes
8 No More Recess
9 Dating and Other Relationships
10 Trying to Be Cool

The Contenders

11 Group Projects
12 Grades
13 Hypocritical Teachers
14 Detention
15 Tardies
16 Drama

I'm one to care more about my grades than who's dating Nina.

17 Trying to Make New Friends
18 Catching Up on Classes
19 Presentations
20 Locker Combinations
21 School Work
22 Romance
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