Really?!? So you guys think Luffy is on par with Ichigo? Ichigo is faster and intelligent in a fight, oh and stronger, than luffy. I can honestly say Ichigo can take on Naruto and I wouldn't doubt Ichigo being the best person to "take" Goku. (other than any one in dbz universe characters on this list)! And by take I just mean lasting more than 5 minutes laugh out loud.. Obviously goku could destroy ichigo but who can't goku beat. But I just don't see ichigo lower than 3rd on this list. Hopefully he can obtain 2nd in a few years to come.

Ichigo in later seasons destroys mountains with a flick of his wrist, dries and entire ocean just by unsheathing his sword and can move so fast even the eyes of other gods can't follow. When he fought grimmjow all you could see were flashes of light through the sky just like in Goku's battles, and Ichigo has gotten many times stronger than he was then With his new swords he may even take on Goku, at least to ssj3. Naruto luffy or anyone else are simply not a match for ichigo

I feel that ichigo should be higher up in this list because we have seen him do crazy feats. Luffy is a very strong dude but still I feel ichigo still has the upper hand in battle. One piece fans will talk about how crazy luffy's gear 4 is, and there is no doubt about how amazing it is but still why are you all forgetting that ichigo still hasn't shown the full result of his training. So before someone says luffy is stronger than ichigo I think he/she should wait and think of how strong ichigo is now and how you think he will be when he shows us the full result of his training in the soul palace

Let's see. Amazing speeds, massive power, great strength.. Oh yeah, and strong will. Ichigo could keep up with goku just about, and Naruto could keep up with ichigo a little better than how much it takes ichigo to keep up with goku. As far as luffy goes I haven't seen a major battle with him yet, just a few episodes but I know he is VERY strong too

Hollow Ichigo would destroy everyone except Goku, and he would be able to keep up with Goku. He would give him a run for his money at least. Half the time, they wouldn't even know where Ichigo was, let alone be able to hurt him physically

Ichigo could screw up Goku so fast, I don't care if Goku is the fastest in his universe but if he met ichigo he would be killed by either his getsuga or his fast attacks. They are similar though they both don't care if you are a million times stronger than them they will defeat you. Ichigo is in a spiritual plane of reality and Goku the physical plane so Goku would have to be dead to fight him effectively. How many times has Goku died also technically ichigo has died only once and that death gave him his main power. Ichigo is a Quincy a Shinigame a hollow and a human, how many techniques can he use without knowing it. Oh ichigo would see Goku as one of his slowest opponents ever.

I think people who haven't seen Bleach yet, would vote for people like luffy over Ichigo because I can't see why someone who knows how strong and godlike Ichigo is to vote for Luffy. Yes, Ichigo is OP plus he's intelligent and his speed alone gives him an advantage over numerous characters.

Think of it like this. Ichigo beat Aizen, even though his shinigami powers were being surpressed. He was still able to cut mountains in half like they were nothing. And if Ichigo was able to beat Aizen, who is obviously stronger than Luffy and Naruto, then there is no way in hell that Ichigo could be below them, especially now that his abilities have been unlocked to 100%.

Yeah no clue why he's down hear loo he could give Naruto a run for his money and I love both shows he at least deserves a top 5 position. I could give any opposition 1000 of reason why this claim is correct move him up lol

I don't think he can beat Goku, however its pretty ridiculous if he is placed below Naruto.

Ichigo is way stronger than Naruto, just cause Naruto and the nine tail fox are friends and they both share their power together doesn't mean they can beat Ichigo who alone can go into Final Getsuga Tenshou form and not too mention like Naruto, Ichigo also has another being inside him, the hollow spirit that is inside Ichigo can too alone take down Naruto, simply 1 cero is like 10 atom bombs.

Ichigo is just sometimes disappointing no the whole anime is I mean when ichigo beat aizen I thought he was gonna keep that power but no he just had ta loose it if he had that power he could stand a chance against goku with ultra instinct and also we didn't get to see kenpachi and kisuke bankai I know it's in the manga but I like the anime better. So it wouldn't be a surprise if bleach last in best Annie's better

Ichigo is one of the fastest and strongest anime characters. He has incredible willpower from which he derrives his abilities from. Even after practically dying, Ichigo can get back up and start over again in a new form. Not to forget to mention he is willing to sacrifice all of his powers just to pull off one powerful attack to wipe out his opponents, such as when he used Mugetsu. Of course, Goku can massacre him along with everyone else on the list, but Ichigo's intelligence, skill, strategy, range, and variety should be able to take down even Naruto.

Ichigo can easily win against any anime character because his fast and he has a lot of strength, I have seen Naruto, One Piece, Dragonball, Fairy Tail, and non of those characters stand against Ichigo.

Ichigo cut a whole mountain in half! He can travel slightly faster than the speed of light and he beat the strongest person in bleach the manga. How is he below Luffy? He could finish him off in a matter of seconds. I would rank him at 4th place below Goku, Vegeta, and Saitama

How does characters without swords get to even top 20? I mean only 1 slash and there is no arm. I bet Ichigo would slay Naruto. Seriously. How do you even block a sword slash that cuts mountains into half with mortal hands?

Ichigo is the strongest. I mean he is way stronger than Natsu, Luffy, and Naruto. He is the strongest and fastest. But I'm not sure about Goku. They are probably even.

I would just like to point out how much difficult people like Goku, Naruto, Luffy and many others on this list would actually have with Ichigo.

I mean think about it, he's a spirit being, whats to even say any of them could even see him? It'd take a lot of assumption to argue that they could.

Ichigo I don't want to say much just think he is quincy and soul reaper not only that human and hollow isn't this fact make him even unique then the god soul king

Ichigo was already fast and powerful enough to take on Naruto and Luffy when he was fighting against Byakuya Kuchiki in the beginning. He becomes way stronger at the end of the anime so he should be one of the characters at the top.

This website I obviously not changed or updated because all I see in those 117 comments for ichigo is how he should be way higher up as most all agree accept for bias fan boy the ichigo is the stronger of the big 3.

Ichigo defeated Aizen who was basically a god. Ichigo can just flash step behind Naruto and just one swing. Ichigo has Naruto and Luffy beat in speed strength and intelligence. The only one stronger at the moment (in the anime not manga) is Goku. Gestuga Tenshou is more powerful than a rasengan. Well most people might say "what about nine tails" Ichigo has the most powerful hollow that destroyed hell. Ichigo is one day gonna surpass Goku at this rate.

I think ichigo should be #1 or #2 because if yu think about it goku just got "god powers" and ichigo is already a God and Ichigo has a slight speed advantage but not by a hole lot and his technique is really good ichigo and goku is a really good fight... and ichigo will violate Naruto and Naruto will violate luffy

Ichigo is awesome I mean how can he be number 7 he should be at least number 3 cause lets just face it Naruto is too powerful and he is complete but as for ichigo he still has room for improvement

I say the fact that he had gone to hell and was told he is the hell king that makes him much superior then Goku

Definitely should be at least top 3, if not higher. Goku and Vegeta could beat him for sure, but he'd come close in Mugetsu and could easily beat any one like Naruto and Luffy, and while 90% of anime characters adapt quickly in a fight, Ichigo takes that to a whole new level, only the geniuses beat him to the punch when analyzing abilities. We never really got to see what his new bankai does, but that leaves the spectrum open, so he could potentially be much more powerful than we know.