Light Yagami

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Light Yagami is a fictional character and the protagonist of the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


Light is capable of beating everyone on this list in like 30 seconds. Light is a average human person but he has the advantage of a Death Note. Some people think that the other characters on this list would kill Light before he gets to write their names down, but none of the other characters know about Death Note. In a battle, Light would take out his Death Note and start writing his opponents' names down while his opponent stands there, wondering what the heck Light is doing. Then BOOM... 30 seconds later they get a heart attack and die, wondering what the heck just happened. Or he would be secretly watching his opponent on his T.V. while eating a bag of potato chips, he would write down his opponents' name. Then BOOM... the opponent suddenly dies. Although I disagree with the statement stating Light is strongest, I definitely agree that Light could easier beat all the other characters on this list.

This list might as well be "Strongest Dragon Ball Characters." Anyways I'll vote for Light simply because of his mental strength. Sure he'd die in a fist fight against Goku, but he would never end up in that situation. He'd still pull off the win in the end by simply acquiring Goku's name. That would be very simple considering Goku's popularity. A quick Google Search and Light could kill anyone on the planet.

For characters like Goku and Kirito, Light would probably have a difficult time killing them since those names aren't their real names. Also, he would die in a physical fight with them. He would only kill them by obtaining their name by some means. Considering those characters aren't even known in the Death Note universe, Light is only strong in his own universe.

Light is not only very powerful (being able to kill anyone just by writing their name in a notebook) but has an amazing amount of intelligence, being able to manipulate his opponents weaknesses. He also is a complete sociopath and has no moral barriers stopping him from killing anyone.

Correct me if I'm wrong, can't he simply write the people's actions leading up to their guaranteed death? So he can guarantee any person doesn't attack him and can guarantee their death and can even have them fight each other before they all drop dead? How is he not on top?

He's the most powerful character in anime. He isn't physically the strongest but he's the only one who can kill without his enemy knowing it. He is also incredibly smart which makes him even stronger, only L (and Near) can somewhat understand his strategy/plans. - UndisputedLunatic

At first I had no idea why Light was on this list because he is pretty weak compared to all those super strong people up there. The truth is that Light could kill any of them simply by writing their name in his death note. If that isn't OP I don't know what is.

Light would wreck all overpowered characters just by writing their name down in a book. His intelligence would grant him the ability to find their names and in turn kill them from the other side of the world laughing his ass off. Done.

I really agree with this, if Light wasn't strong then how could he have killed all those criminals. Yes he had the the death note but if he wasn't strong mentally he couldn't have done it.

Seriously? You gotta be kidding me with that joke that he can kill all characters in the list. A deathnote can only kill human beings. Proof was when Ryuk said that even when you write a shinigamis name, a shinigami cannot die. A deathnote can only kill human beings, All other beings that are not human can't be killed by the deathnote; A God, immortal, Soul or Ghost, monster, angels and demons etc. Light is only a human who is stronger than any human.

One question though: how many times has Goku been resurrected again?

People are saying that the others can just kill Light but seeing Light's intelligence, I doubt that Light will write the opponent's name infront of the opponent. He will plan first--obtaining the opponent's name etc. Furthermore,the opponent would most likely not know how the Deathnote works making it even easier for Light to find out the others names. So unless the opponents know about Deathnote they will technically lose to Light.

But Goku is a saiyan and the death note can only kill humans

I had to vote for him just to post this comment that, I don't know about the others but light can't even kill ichigo because before he is even able to write his name ichigo would simply flash step and kill him instantly.. Moreover light being an average human wouldn't be able to even withstand ichigo's or any other shinigami's spiritual pressure, even Naruto being a human would be crushed by their spirirtual pressure so according to me ichigo should have the second place

Light only has power if he has the Death Note. He is powerless if he doesn't. Sure, he is a genius, but being smarter than an opponent can only get you so far.

He's actually the most powerful because everybody knows the names of the other characters on this list. He could kill them all in 2 minutes flat.

He can just hide and then write the names of everybody on this list, and they would all die in 30 seconds. Now that's power!

Can kill any of these other people by writing there name and thinking of there face

I've already cast my vote. But now I run into this guy. Damn he is by far the strongest on this list.

Death note= death. No more is needed to be said

He could technically kill every other person on this list, no sweat.

Light and his death note is awesome.

Light yagami is by far the best he could kill anyone just by writing their name down EVEN Goku with how much vegeta the twat is saying it light just need a pen and a death note then hide for like a minuete

He can kill someone just by writing down their name!

Write Goku. Goku will die in just seconds