Saitama (OnePunch-Man)

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Saitama is the main protagonist of the webcomic and anime series One Punch Man, who could easily destroy a continent with one punch. He is bored with his extreme power. He is registered with the Heroes Association as a C-Class Superhero and is tasked to defend Z-City against Mysterious Beings.


Um... For anyone who's actually watched this show, I don't really think I need to explain. And for those of you have haven't, I HIGHLY suggest watching (or reading the manga, both are AMAZING) it. I haven't seen Dragon Ball, I'm not saying he should rank higher than them, but if you look at the comment right below this one, (at least I think it's below this one) with shared that when at his strongest, he's able to punch with 1.6 Septillion megatons of force (with one punch, mind you), I have to say that he's basically invincible. And he's pretty awesome.

But then again, I have to wonder about this: lets say Saitama is in Naruto's world, and they're fighting. I honestly can't predict (it's not that it's impossible, there are just to many factors to add up that the possible outcome is nearly endless) who would win. For instance, maybe, by some odd intervention, Yato could dimensionally jump in, accidentally bump into Saitama, and Saitama could trip on a rock, falling flat on his ...more

His feats (so far):
1. Transforming from an average human being into the most powerful being in his manga universe in just 3 years of training (BASIC STRENGTH TRAINING AT THAT! = 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 10km runs, no air-con). Even Goku trains harder (many times to the point of near-death) and longer (decades++) than that to get so strong.
2. He (before ascension) inspired the creation of the Association of Heroes.
3. He's defeated every major power threatening humanity in ONE punch since his ascension.
4. He is thus far shown complete invulnerability.
5. He traveled to the earth from the moon in a single leap. Granted, its harder to go the other way, still...
6. He can take bad publicity.
7. He's not had to use a fraction of his full power yet. (after defeated the most powerful beings in his universe)

His weakness (everybody has one):
1. Mind attacks? we're talking' professor X level stuff.
2. High rent on his apartment.
3. He gets excited at ...more

No need for Saitama to be in top ten...I'm pretty sure, HE IS NOT INTERESTED!

I think you guys are going to have to remove everyone from the top 10 and shove them down to below 10 when One punch man comes out in November. The most OP anime character of all time is going to enter the lights. He incinerated the universe's strongest warrior/fighter and can just eliminate everyone with a single punch. I doubt Goku will be able to handle Saitama when he goes mad. We don't even get to see Saitama at his strongest stage because it would be too over-powered for everyone to even handle his strength.

About the person who said he can punch with 1.6 septillion megatons, and the guy who commented on that, not only is he that strong, he literally IS invincible. He literally got a full blown punch to the head by the Deep Sea King, and his only bobbled. Not only that, he also got hit by the leader of the invasion so hard, he was sent to the Moon with enough force to make a crater, and yet there wasn't even a scratch on him, and then he jumped with a force so great he actually made it back to Earth, landed on the ship, and sent it crashing to the ground. Now that's powerful!

Saitama doesn't have a super power (besides being epically strong). He can literally kill anything in one punch without superpowers. Now imagine if he had super strength or super speed that ups his game x2-x5...

Devastation, extermination, and genocide.

Now for all you people who say Goku is stronger: imagine the alien boss Saitama fought and compare him to Goku. He would be a little weaker, but he is close. Now look back on what happened to the alien: beaten in one punch.

Saitama was created to be, by definition, unbeatable. The entire show is based on this premise. It revolves around the fact that he can destroy anything with one punch. He was, for all intensive purposes, created to be the most powerful being in the universe. There is no way any character on the list could hold that kind of power or strength. Especially considering the fact that Saitama shows no effort whatsoever in any of his fights, his power greatly exceeds the already god like power shown in the anime.

Lol this list is popularity rather than actual strength. Saitama (one-punch man) could easily ko Naruto and Luffy in one-hit. His strength hasn't even been fully shown, yet he takes down monsters that could destroy a building in one-punch, in one-punch. I even reckon he could take on Goku and win. This guy is simply an ordinary human, who after 3 years of training (training that was considered "standard" by another weaker character) became the strongest, and if he trained even more, he could literally take on every single anime character. His gimmick is literally one-hit kos.

I understand that Saitama is very powerful. However, we have limited information on how much power he actually uses in fights. Based on the tiering system in the show, King Piccolo would be the top tier of who Saitama fights. Until we have more information about Saitama, we cannot accurately place him on this list. For those who would argue that the anime itself is called One-Punch Man, Super Saiyan Blue Vegito has the title "Azure Omnipotence." Does this mean that Super Saiyan Blue Vegito is omnipotent? Definitely not.

As many on you guys, who watch/read one punch man, know that he is on a quest for a strong opponent that would take more than one punch to take out. He has yet to find a enemy who is worthy of accomplishing those feats. He has beaten a giant, over 100 meters tall in one punch. He has defeated the sea-lord in one punch. The man made a dude in a power suit go naked with a chop much less powerful than what he can actually do. And these power suits are capable of taking down a whole sky scraper in one punch. His agility and speed is also immense. He can run a kilometer in 1-10 seconds. Let's look at that one picallo looking alien. His little beams brought much devastation, though Saitama was still able to defeat him in one punch. Now let's looked at the training with Genos. He through a punch (not his strongest) at Genos. He stopped it about an inch from Genos's face. The cliff on the other side of Genos was completely obliterated. And that was only by the air being pushed back by the ...more

Saitama should be the top 1 because his serious man serious punch power is 2.5 billion and boros prediction is he haven't even show his full power yet still he should be the strongest because he trained himself not like other anime like naruto have nine tail and luffy which he ate the gum gum fruit and on but saitama trained himself so that he become so strong that all he need one punch to destroy his enemy. When he punch his punch is so fast the his hand were on fire so that's why he need gloves. He is so fast his speed can reach 40 percent the speed of light. He is super bulky that his serious punch can only hurt him a little bit. Oh yea I forgot this is my favorite anime character

Are you kidding?! Saitama kills all his foes with ONE PUNCH! He will stomp on Goku, destroy Naruto and absolutely wreck every other anime character without actually trying. Why is he 70? He can take on every anime character at once and win. Plus he'd do it with ONE PUNCH!

Invincible, with a strength so great he's never found an opponent who challenges him in the slightest, his physical might is only challenged by the strength of his heart. Never wavering from his ideals, he takes the hatred of others without flinching to protest those he respects.

His challenges don't come from defeating strong opponents, but trying to live a fulfilling life while completely isolated from his neighbors, with no peers and only the loosest ability to live in traditional society. When it comes to being a heroic inspiration he's not great; in terms of raw, physical might no ninja or saiyan can compare.

In my opinion, Saitama is the strongest in anime character because I have seen him fought many times with the strongest monsters. But he never lost in his battle when I see Saitama fought with Boro he still won against with Boro also there is no single scratch on him. Boro is not weak He might as strong as Goku but for Saitama he doesn't feel like a real battle for him. Imagine if he get a series.

The character was made to be overpowered. And while there are other really strong characters out there they mainly have a progression of power, but I don't think anyone really knows the limit for Saitama. He can effortlessly punch people out of existence, and I wouldn't be surprised if the entire manga ends with him punching too hard and somehow destroying the Universe. He's just that type of character that was created to be ungodly, the concept of TOO MUCH power is Saitama himself.

Saitama faces a self-imposed existential crisis, as he is too powerful to gain any thrill from fighting. This is because he can literally end any fight with just one punch.. Which is why the show is called OnePunch Man. He is a parody character that actually poses an unlimited amount of power. Although we have never even seen him try his best in a fight, he was able to stop Boros's world destroying attack, and kill him, with the sheer wind from one punch. The shockwave from that punch was powerful enough to part clouds on a global scale. He should undoubtedly be the #1 strongest anime character.

If you threw Whis, Bill, Goku, Naruto and Luffy against Saitama, they would still lose. Because the very core of Saitama's character is that he is the strongest, period. He would probably reveal he was barely using.1% of his power or something, thus allowing him to defeat everyone, easy. It's simply who he is. If there was someone stronger than Saitama, then the whole point of his character would be lost. Therefore the laws of the universe would never allow him to lose.

Other character are forced to push their limits to be stronger by even a little more, but they always have some sort of limit. Saitama didn't push his limit he shattered it and therefore he has no limit preventing him from having unlimited power. He should be number 2 since I know there are characters that are literally gods who control the universe and all within it and can simply make things not exist

Before I saw this, it was Goku as the strongest. Then it was Lord Bills. Then it was Whiz. Now that I see this... I do believe Saitama is supposed to be omnipotent. In all of his fights, he defeats the enemy with one punch. If you try and argue that he didn't defeat Boros and Garou with one punch, you should know that in the entire manga and webcomic, he never used his full power once. At most, he only used a PORTION. We actually can't define how much power he used though because portion could mean anything. 25% is a portion. 1% is a portion. 0.0000001% is a portion. Unless he says something like he'll use half his power, we won't know how strong he really is. Of course, considering he defeated Boros - a guy that could destroy the entire city and multiple other cities - with one serious punch (that parted all the clouds on earth by the way), then I'd say that his full power could possibly tear a whole through the universe, depending on how the manga will go. My answer may change when ...more

If I had to be honest Saitama could easily beat everyone here however because we still don't know much about Saitama we can't really determine his strengths and weaknesses. One thing I will say is that we learn that while Saitama is strong at the same time he had a hard time killing a fly. He literally crushed it so many times yet he still never killed it. My point is Saitama shouldn't be on this list considering the limited information we have on him.

Saitama is WAY stronger then naruto, goku and everyone. He wasn't even trying hard. Even that ultra strong enemy he faced last time said saitama wasn't even trying. HE HAS A FULL SERIOUS SERIES so things like serious consecutive punches. WHAT (*MIND BLOWN*) He is by FAR the strongest. I am saying he is strong but that doen't mean he can defeat naruto or goku. Its because of his weakness, the one part of humanity he lost. He wont be serious and most likely just try to make the fight last as long as he can because he hates killing enemies in one hit. Saitama Powers are over GOD level. (i said OVER)

I think Saitama should be the one who are strongest, because he beats any villains with just one punch. He is the only one that after the fight he never react like hurt or tired not like Son Goku that we always see hurt or tired after the match. As a matter of fact, he is always disappointed because no enemy can give him a delightful fight in terms of they pushing him to his limits. So it should be Saitama.

This guy is the most overpowered main character in all of anime. Every other anime that I know of, has a few ( or one) people that are as strong and sometimes even stronger then the main character, Like these - Dbz ( Goku and Vegita), Naruto ( Naruto and Sasuke's), Death Note (Light and I, *in terms of intelligence and strategic skills) and many other. But in this anime, the main guy was so op'ed that he could defeat all his opponents with one punch. In fact, this guy, unlike all the other anime hero's dreams of fighting a guy who can keep up with him but so far there has been none. Now! I don't know what would happen if he faced Goku, but consider this; Saitama fought a galaxy level guy, defeated him, and came back with little to no sweat. He has ever been able to face anyone with whom he can fight seriously and therefore we don't know what he is full capable off.

I don't know why people ranked him 7 ( at the time of writing) but people seriously need to watch this anime and ...more

Saitama is the most powerful one by far in his universe. He is well beyond the speed of light by jumping to the moon and back and showcasing it in other ridiculous ways. And keep in mind he has defeated every enemy he has fought effortlessly so we do not know what his true max power is yet.

This list has become just a popularity contest really. By default, One Punch-Man is the strongest. He's more of an ideal than a character, he can defeat ANY opponent with one punch. Put any one of your "strongest" characters against him and they're gone with just one punch. There is no one being that is stronger than One Punch-Man, period.