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21 Tobirama Senju Tobirama Senju

Tobirama senju is the greatest hokage he is invented reanimation jutsu and he is agreatest user of water style and according too minato he also use teleportation jutsu if you don't believe me watch naruto shippuden episode 248 and he also invent thunder sword and darkness technique and he established various organisation such as the chunin exams, the anbu, the academy and leave village military police force that is way he is the strongest hokage

He is faster then 4th and fight with madara and his brother in there era and defeated them... He is one of the most powerful personality in Naruto...

He should be higher

In the name of justice and all good things I must upvote him

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22 Hagoromo Otsutsuki V 1 Comment
23 Raikage

Super buff, super cool. Trust me, I do my research. I am an expert on Naruto. Raikage could easily own any member of the akatsuki except madara.

He wasn't even able to beat Killer Bee, Bee couldn't beat Kisame and Kisame admits Itachi is stronger than him so that puts Bee, Kisame and Itachi above the Raikage. Then Pain is also stronger than Kisame which puts Naruto above Kisame because Naruto beat Pain, Sasuke is in the same class as Naruto in power so Pain, Naruto and Sasuke beat Raikage. Madara beat all 5 Kage so Madara beats the Raikage, and Hashirama is in the same class as Madara so Hashirama beats the Raikage. The Raikage isn't even the strongest in his own village so hop off his tip - cay8

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24 Ashura

How ashura became in 103 position he got the sage's body you know

How do you know he is noisy?

Ashura is just like Naruto he is noisy but strong

He is the stronger one of the elder brothers

25 Momoshiki Otsutsuki

If momoshiki is powerful than kaguya why he lost to sasuke and Naruto but sasuke and Naruto losses to madara so I just saying that madara is stronger than momoshiki, kaguya is powerful than momoshiki

If you read Naruto pedia it says in momoshiki that him and kinshiki are greater threats than kaguya and kinshiki emerged with momoshiki so yeah accept it peoples

He is strongest in boruto Naruto the movie it is said that momoshiki is more of a threat than the proginiter of chakra kaguya otsutsuki who is immortal and has unlimited chakra all eye kekkei genkais and many other powerful justu

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26 Maito Guy

Only using Taijutsu and almost kill madara uchiha in juubi jinchiriki mode

Really... Hashirama, Tobitama, and Hiruzen were all slaughtered by Juubi Obito who is weaker than Juubi Madara. Gaara, Kakashi, and Minato together couldn't even touch Juubi Madara. Guy almost killed him and would have if not for Hashiramas cells. Aside from Kaguya as well as Naruto and Sasukes plot armour and plot sword, no one can touch 8 gate Guy

27 Indra

Son of the Sage Of Six Paths, not much more needs to be said for this powerhouse. He holds the sharingan, one of the three revered dojutsu. He also has a susanoo, and is the first Uchiha. He could hold his own with any of the others, and most likely succeed in defeating them. Google more facts if you need any more evidence.

28 Killer Bee Killer Bee

Bee has control over the 8tails, and could have killed Sasuke.

Kisame has samehada and defeated Bee until the Raikage appeared and saved Bee, Monster of the Mist and a Bijuu without a tail.

Rematch needs to happen to see who is stronger.

Bee is so strong and he is able to control and use the hachibi's power. He should be in the top 1 at least because since when was Sakura, Neji, and Orochimaru stronger than Bee? This is just my opinion. - Uchiha_99

Are you people stupid? Bee has control over the 8tails which is almost as powerful as the 9tails so if Naruto is 2 in my opinion bee should be at least 3, 4 or 5

I agree killer bee should have beat emo boy but sasukes so called " willpower " overthrough him and the source of this willpower was naruto kakashi and Sakura if he misses them so much than why doesn't he just go back and join them sasuke is just so overrated because he is masashi kishmotos favorite character so killer bee go kill him

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29 Hidan Hidan

The only true immortal and a memebr of the akatsuki - mcarzwashere

He suppresses everyone with his skills! His speed, power, jutsu, weapon and immortality are just plain Awesome!

Man with coolest jutsu that can be cracked by non other than Shikamaru! - abhishah901

Way of jashin can kill everyone

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30 Tsunade Tsunade

Well she doesn't need hand signs to heal herself and practically become invincible for a long period of time making her officially the best medical ninja of all time matching with her grandfather, the first. Broke Madara's Susano'o with a punch. Decimated Madara's body itself forcing him to use a wood clone to get out of a tight spot. She broke his susano'o sword while it was stabbed through her and survived being cut in half and STILL has the energy to speak to Katsuyu AND heal all of the other Kage's who are also hanging onto life by a thread. She is of Senju AND Uzumaki decent making her basically the perfect fighter. An official statement in the manga and anime has stated that she is THE physically strongest character in the entire series. She is also the best at medical ninjutsu out of everyone in the series and has an extremely high pain tolerance and life force thanks to both sides of her grandparents. In my opinion Tsunade should be in the top 10. She may not live through this ...more

For one, she's a Sannin. What woman do you know in the Narutoverse that might have HALF the strength she has? Ermm... NO ONE! And did anyone notice how she was the ONLY female Hokage to ever reign during her time?

Well she should be higher up in the list. If she didn't have to heal everyone's ass, she could have gone and ended Pain her self. She has strength on par with sage mode and regenerative ability that practically makes her immortal during a battle. She is at least top 10.


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31 Third Raikage

Supernatural body; had a draw with eight tails octapops; had enough chakra reserves to fight 1000 man; only thing that hurt him was his own attack

32 Hinata Hyūga Hinata Hyūga Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Despite not being the strongest Ninja in Naruto, she has more than proved herself to be the most Strongest Kunoichi in Naruto. Hinata Hyuuga is a character with extremely good character development. When she tried saving Naruto against Pain, she knew she was going to die, and yet she still gave everything she had to protect the one she love.

She's one of the weakest.

I'm so confused? Did we read the same manga? Nearly beat Pein. He beat her like she was a housefly. She couldn't even do anyhring. At least Sakura healed people and save a family from a giant centipede

She is the most strongest konoichi

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33 Sakumo Hatake
34 Kurama Kurama

Why is kurama only 35! He is the strongest tailed beast (besides ten tails.). Plus he and Naruto join forces. So together their invisible. I feel bad for him, too. If you were manipulated, you would be angry.

Kurama is so strong I really think it's the strongest of all tailed beasts

The 2nd Strongest Tailed Beast..His Inside of the body of naruto

The only reason naruto is so powerful is because of nine tails

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35 White Fang

kakashis dad and stronger than the sannins - mcarzwashere

An awesome person... More powerful than the sannin...

He should be in front of all of the sennins


36 Rock Lee Rock Lee

If you went by strength alone, then yeah, he might not be as strong as some of these characters, but I think his determination exceeds all of theirs, including, yes, Naruto's. And it's his determination that, in the end, will make him stronger than all the other characters.

Right he's so determined yet he couldn't beat Neji, Gaara, Kimimaro, any of the swordsmen of the mist and he made virtually no difference in the 4th great ninja war - cay8

Doesn't use any cheap tricks like other characters and still whoops ass

You go rock lee lee has pure strength and agility if lee was not there when sasuke was on the edge of turning evil Naruto would have died and then also he's pure awesome

I beat y'all didn't know that Rock Lee was actually meant to be main character in the Naruto manga but it changed when the creator had a dream about Naruto, so Rock Lee could have easily been where Naruto is and It could of bee Rock Lee you where watching and reading not Naruto that is why Rock Lee should be top 10 easily because he was gonna be main character...

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37 Might Guy Might Guy

He can open the 8 gates there is no1 he can't beat its really quite a feat he should take the hokage's seat

Guy can open the 8 gates which gives him power greater than the 5 kage and ocular genjutsu does nothing to him, he is the only person able to defeat kisame and he CAN use ninjitsu, he just doesn't. He is truly awesome

Not only can he touch Madara in the war but made him bleed! He took down Kisame without even killing him! Kakashi's greatest rival! Even Madara said "I haven't had such a fight since Hashirama! "... And he has the power of youth! - abhishah901

8 gates

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38 Zetsu Zetsu

Madaras best friend. Main source of army and overall a mysterious akatsuki memebr. from the flower of hasmimaru senju - mcarzwashere


Zetsu trancendes time and space. He has been around since indra and asura's battles. Which, by the way, he influenced. He is immortal. He is in fact, heaven and earth incarnate.

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39 Juubi Obito V 1 Comment
40 Kakuzu

A serial killer, member of the akatsuki and extremely strong ninja that has eben a live for a while. - mcarzwashere

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