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61 Kimimaro Kimimaro

He would have killed gaara and lee if he wasn't ill and if it was not for his illness, then he may have taken sasukes place as the vessel for orichmaru

Famousn inja from a great extinct clan - mcarzwashere

If he wasn't stuck with a terminal illness, he would have killed Garaa and Lee, yes. But I say was probably one of the best ninja.

If it wasn't for the illness,then kimimaro would have been more powerful.if he didn't have the sickness then he would've been in the 20s or 30s

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62 Haku Haku

He's amazing! Sasuke couldn't beat him! He should at least be in the top ten!

It's sad that he dies. Despite being a rogue ninja working with Zabuza, he still possessed a good heart and did not like to kill if he didn't have to. Died way too soon.R.I.P. Haku.

He shouldn't be in the top 10 sasuke is grown up and 100 times stronger than he was when he was 12

If he was alive,he would train and stay stronger than sasuke: he had to be in the top 10 list

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63 The Fifth Kazekage Garra
64 Deva Path Deva Path

He's very strong.. I don't think his the strongest.. But I would put him in like No.6 I think his power is great being unable to die (since his a dead body) but naruto should've won over him.. because if he didn't.. The whole story will goes down →_→.. But I think if u wanna think of it as in naruto is not the main character.. Pain have the greater chance of defeating him.. At least that's my opinion

65 Temari Temari

Very few Naruto women are bad ass and powerful. unfortunately, only konan, female pain, guren and temari are a few of them. the rest of the female characters can as well go to hell

Her wind attacks are really powerful and of all the female's she's really the strongest. In my opinion even the strongest character of all Naruto Characters

Take away her fan and think again.

Why is she so low? She should be in at least top 30! Only Konan is actually stronger kunoichi than her. She is the kage level ninja, with a lot of chakra. And she hitted Madara when not even Naruto couldn't do that, and didn't get a little scratch. Admit it, very impressive.

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66 Mei Terumi Mei Terumi

She should be in top 10,she could beat sasuke without any challenge

She could've beaten sasuke if it wasn't for zetsu

She has big boobies and is very strong

She should, at the very least, be in the top 40 or 30. She took down Sasuke's Susanoo wall thing. But she's not strongest.
1. Kaguya
2. Hagoroma
3. Haruma
4. Madara
5. Momoshiki
6. Naruto
7. Sasuke
8. Hashirama
9. Ashura
10. Indra

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67 Condor the Ninja Ostrich

What a strong ostrich, that is Condor.

His manifestation of double Rinnegan, and furthermore the Rinne Sharingan on his butthole, Condor's power is unmatched by any ninja in the shinobi world. His Kekkei Genkai, notably the Tenseigan, Wood Release, Boil Release and his incredible reserves of chakra, combine with his expert skills in Sage Arts makes his power all too amazing. His parents knew that from birth, Condor the Ninja Ostrich would become the Kage of the Village Hidden in the Weeaboos.

You right - izayaorihara

(fangirl squeals)

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68 Kushina Uzumaki Kushina Uzumaki

She's mother of naruto...!

She is the strongest

Naruto's mom former keyboard jinchuriki

69 Fourth Raikage
70 Black Zetsu

Black Zetsu isn't strong, he is just clever.

For the who said he killed madara and is the son of Kaguya send me the episodes

Black Zetsu is actually very strong, after all he has the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai and in the Fourth Shinobi War he possesses the Rinnegan. Before getting the Rinnegan he did hold his ground against the Lady Mizukage and other ninja, so he is very strong.

71 Inoichi Yamanaka

Partner of chozi and shikaka. Memebr of konoha interrogated unit along with ibki and aoba. - mcarzwashere

72 Darui

Bodyguard of A, general of 1st division and user of the storm release - mcarzwashere

He's quite strong and a jonin ranked ninja, he could also defeat Zabuza y is he in 48 candidate...

Darui is the black guy who hangs with the raikage. Dayum he be strong. That black raiton style and stuff... AND HE IS BLACK!

73 Kankuro Kankuro

Song of the fourth kazekage and brother of Gaara the fifth kazekage Strong puppet user leader of the suprise attack division - mcarzwashere

Agreed I think kankuro should be higher on this list

He so bad he makes me want to cry
all he does is scream garra
oh and his makeup sucks

74 Chouji Akimichi

He's very popular and deserves a better place. He's very cute and can use various kind of techniques. He should be in the top 30's with the others. And somebody please vote for him he really needs some votes.

When he eats all three of his bean thing chojinhas almost limitless "strength" what do you think this category is for

75 Broly Broly

Looks like he took a wrong turn and ended up here, instead of DBZ.

Why did you put this garbage moron on the list he is on the show dragon balz z

Broly is from Dragon Ball Z, not Naruto.


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76 Mifune

General of land of iron presumed storngest samurai. - mcarzwashere

77 Chojuro

one of the second generation of the seven swordsman of the msit and the bodyguard of Mei Terumi, the fifth mizukage - mcarzwashere

He is the only shinobi who can hit back susanoo and beat black zetsu as well as the sixth mizukage (rokudaime mizukage)

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78 Anko Mitarashi Anko Mitarashi

She as powers same as orochimaro and she is stronger than sakura she should be in at least the top 30

She's amazing

79 Tsuchikage

Very strong and great stamina

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80 Choji

he da best

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