Top 10 Strongest Naruto Characters

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81 Yahiko


82 Itatchi Onimak


83 A

killer bees bro and fourth Raikage and storng lightning based techniques - mcarzwashere

Never heard there making up names that aren't even in naruto

84 Shikaku Nara

Commander of konoha partnered with inoichi yamanaka and choza akimichi. Master of shadow manipulation jutsu - mcarzwashere

85 Fuu

Hey she should be in the top 30's. shes cute with enormous power. Now that's the end of the story!

She is the seven-tails jinchuriki, end of story!

She is the chomei's jinchuriki and should be 56

86 Kurenai

Are you kidding me kurenai?! She should be in the 10th place well at least 15th place you know she could use genjutsu stronger than any one in konoha!

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87 Rikudo Sennin
88 Guren

She stopped the three tails from moving entirely on her own, that has to put her up there!

Anime Filler Character.

3 Words to describe her.
That's why I believe she shouldn't be on list.

She has those unique cristal powers, and the way she turns from a villain to a good character, becoming the Yukimaru protector, I immediatly fell in love with her, becoming my top 10 most favorite characters from Naruto...
Also... people don't understand what is filler, IT IS what wasn't on the manga, but it's entirely canon, and not just the capture of the 3 tails appears in that filler arc, but Guren, Yukimaru and Gozu appears at the end of Naruto Shippuden, in a non filler episode.

89 Gengetsu Hōzuki

This guys is so strong. He could confuse a whole division. If he hadn't helped gaara's division. From. The beginning. He would. Have. Killed all of them.

His acid bubbles and explosive tranny technique is dope as fk!

Come to think of it he has one of d most confusing. Genjustu.. He didn't even fight most of the time 'just laughing. At d weakness. Of d sand division

90 Mu (Second Tsuchikage)
91 Ao

one of the best sensors and best non-hyuga wielder of the byakugan - mcarzwashere

92 Jugo Jugo

friends with kimmimaro ahs the curse seal like kimmiaro and one of orochimaru's test subjects and apart of sasukes group taka - mcarzwashere

93 Torune

Dazno's bodyguard, high ranking memebr of root. Strongest memebr of the aburmae clan and son of the leader of the aburmae clan - mcarzwashere

94 Mangetsu Hozuki

This guy is one of the seven swordsmen of mist and bro of suigetsu hozuki and member of hozuki clan

95 Utakata

A powerful bubble blower who is Saiken's Jinchuriki and uses his bubbles as very powerful weapons and his Bijuu form is extremely unique that it is a Giant Six-Tailed Slug!

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96 Zaku Abumi
97 Dosu Kinuta
98 Sora

He have the same pawer of the nine kurama

He had half power of kurama

99 Evil Naruto

Evil Naruto IS Naruto. The battle between Naruto and his evil counterpart was basically a battle against himself, to try forgive the villagers for their treatment of him, so that he holds no grudges or darkness in his heart.

I know.The bad side Naruto.Altought I don't think he is considered a Naruto character.

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100 Mizu (Water)

Mizu drowned all the characters

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