Top Ten Strongest Sword Art Online Characters

Comparing the strongest in their best conditions season 1-2

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1 Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto)

Kirito is the strongest. Even better than Yuuki. Why did I say so? It was explained that the medicuboid enhances your diving experience in order to help the user (medical patient) ease their pain; which explains Yuuki's faster reaction time. Also, her 3-year full dive experience isn't even purely of swordsmanship (compared to Kirito's 2 year and a half of pure swordsmanship). It was mentioned that in her 3-years of diving, she also went onto different games (like the insect bite etc). If we sum it up, it still all goes down to Kirito's sword experience in SAO. I could also say that speed isn't everything in a fight, I am aware that Yuuki is faster than Kirito but the skill and experience with wielding the weapon is far different. When you fight with your sword and with your life on the line... you gain wisdom in fighting. That is what Yuuki lacks, that is why I highly believe Kirito is still the strongest warrior out there.

Let's be honest, he beat Heathcliff the first time, Heathcliff himself said he had to engage some support mode to beat Kirito. Kirito had him beat. Second, in his fight with Sinon he said he doesn't like beating girls and asked if she could surrender. Now, the fight against Yuuki, he wasn't at his best, she was and plus Kirito doesn't like beating girls therefore he lost because he wasn't at his best and he was probably holding back. In the tournament he was fighting with one sword and almost beat Yuuki, without the time limit he would've beat her. If we take Kirito at his best, in the death game with his dual wield, AND if he wasn't holding back, Yuuki would lose, easily. Therefore, KIRITO IS THE STRONGEST, END OF DISCUSSION!

That plot armour makes him number 1 when necessary.

Kirito is OTP end of discussion. No reasoning necessary. That's just who he is.

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2 Yukki (Zekken)

Yuuki is stronger than Kirito, that is a fact. People are saying that Kirito is stronger when he fights for his life but Yuuki could be the same as well. Kirito admits that he is slower and weaker than Yuuki and that if she had been in SAO, the duel wielding skill would've gone to her instead of himself. Another thing people say is that she only won because she has an 11 hit combo, but she created that skill without the system's assistance whilst Kirito has yet to be able to create such a skill.

She beat kirito in a fight.

She beat kirito in the end of season 2 by a little bit but still won. (Duhh)

It's mentioned several times in the light novel that Kirito will never be at his best again, because he's no longer fighting in a game of death. He's still a strong character, but things have changed from SAO. In the Alicization arc, light novel, he comments on Asuna being the stronger of the two of them. So honestly I think Asuna should be first for the series overall, given Yuuki dies, but out of all characters, living or dead, Yuuki is the strongest.

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3 Heathcliff (Kayaba Akihiko)

Duh this guy CREATED SAO. He's literally omnipotent there. - Goku02

He is the strongest because of his tankage and the fact that kirito game back from the dead to kill him lol

I don't think he should count cause I mean he is the creator

Creator of sao and leader of KoB
Shown incredibles fights against kirito (winner in the second fight ignoring kirito unwanted skill activation), and great, actualy the best performance agaisnt the 75th floor - Yunes

4 Asuna Asuna

Asuna is my favorite and one of the quickest and skilled characters in SAO. When she joins ALO her magic is unbelievable and better than leafa by far.

She's stronger than all the other harem girls with Kirito. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Kirito = Damn his power
Asuna = Damn her power
they're baby =... SUPER STRENGTH

5 Death Gun

It's clearly him. He planned out an assassination within a game, therefore using a creator for his own deeds. Much deeper than the plot of Kayaba. Also, he bent the game's limits for his purposes, he didn't create them to fit himself.

6 General Eugene General Eugene

8x combo sword...

*Strongest ALO player before kirito arrival - Yunes

7 Sinon Sinon Shino Asada is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

Sinon is the best!

She is cool

Come on, you forgot Sinon? She's got skill with that Hecate II anti-material rifle of hers. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Fairy King Oberon (Sugou Nobuyuki)

He can go die in a hole, wait he's already dead.

He is so bad I hate him

I hate oberon I mean first he's keeping asuna alive because he loves and she is keeping her in all so that she can't object to her wedding and he almost rapes her back but thank god for akohyko kiyaba because if he had not given his admin profile kirito(kazuto kirigaya) never would have taken his power away put the pain absorber to zero and killed Oberon(in game)

9 Yui Yui


I personally liked her when she was in SAO. she had almost full control over the entire system and she was an immortal item.

Even though she accessed the cardinal system you have to admit she's pretty badass and adorable

10 Klein Klein Ryoutarou Tsuboi is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

The only guild leader who survived the game with the whole Fuurinkazan members.

He's quite underrated in seaosn 2 he eips thorugh tons of enemy guild members


The Newcomers

? Nautilus

The wimp aka Eiji in ordinal scale. In SAO Eiji was too afraid to ever fight or even leave the safe zone. He was part of the Knights of the Blood Oath

? Izuku Midoriya Izuku Midoriya

So stylish. So strong.

The best and most powerful Sao character.

Uhhh one of these things just doesn't belong here

The Contenders

11 Alice

If people learned to read, Alice would we tope 4

Way too low on this list.

She deserves to be in the top 4 but yeah Kirito is much stronger than Alice

Considering she can match/overpower both Kirito and Asuna and destroy entire armies, Alice definitely should be in top 4 here

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12 Konno Yuuki Konno Yuuki Yuuki Konno is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.
13 Leafa (Kirigaya Suguha) Leafa (Kirigaya Suguha) Leafa is the in-game avatar of Suguha Kirigaya, who is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

Leafa they didn't add her in Ordinal Scale since she could beat Eiji easily but since Kirito is God they chose him

14 Agil Agil Andrew Gilbert Mills is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.
15 Eugeo

He's an essential copy of Kirito with more emotions. Arguably stronger than non-SAO mode Kirito due to his emotional intensity. Kirito admits his potential is higher, but Kirito hasn't taught him everything and hasn't dual wielded in the Underworld, even when given the chance.

he man

Eugeo is Best Boi definitely powerful and deserves more recognition. I love him so much, he's so precious :3

16 Suguha

If this is in real life, Suguha is the strongest of them all. She's actually muscular and is a national quarter-finalist in kendo. Even with his incredible skills with swords in games, Kirito is no match for her in real life. - Goku02

17 Liz
18 Silica Silica Keiko Ayano is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

Lol next joke

19 Poh
20 Kuradeel Kuradeel

He's a prick

Complete hypocrite he says he is Asuna body gruard then almost kills her

21 Alicia Rue Alicia Rue
22 Lizbeth

The embodiment of smugness and banter

23 Yuna

SPOILER : She's the number one player in Ordinal Scale and is designed to be immortal there. So she deserves higher - Goku02

24 Sakuya Sakuya
25 Dragon Emperor Life Destructor (Ryuga)


26 Bercouli

Really? No one added him until me?

27 Fairy King Truesdale

This guy made

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1. Heathcliff (Kayaba Akihiko)
2. Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto)
3. Yukki (Zekken)
1. Heathcliff (Kayaba Akihiko)
2. Yukki (Zekken)
3. Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto)

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