Top Ten Strongest Sword Art Online Characters

Comparing the strongest in their best conditions season 1-2

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1 Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto)

He is the strongest character. Indeed, Heathcliff's health bar never dipped into yellow but that is only because the system protects him. Heathcliff created the game, he knows all of the bosses and all of their moves as well the sword skills and items. When Kirito fought him, he admitted to having to use the system to beat kirito. Heathcliff most likely gave himself his gear using the system as well as his special sword skill, whereas Kirito had to work for his special sword skill as well as his normal skills and gear. Heathcliff had the advantage because of the system and his knowledge of the game.
Regarding Yuuki, Kirito did say that she was faster and stronger than him, but was she really? Kirito has never glorified himself and given himself credit for his strength, he usually avoids talking about his skill. So, it would make sense if Kirito was just giving her more credit than he deserves so some of the glory would get off of his back. Another thing, it was also revealed by ...more

Kirito is the strongest charakter, without a doubt! He has the ability to win fights where everyone else would give up and that's his most powerful skil.
Some say Yuuki is stronger than him, I think in their last fight he let her win to give her a nice last memory. If they would fight all out and he uses two swords (not duel wielding) he would definitely win. I mean he defeated the equivalent of god twice in SAO and ALO, he cheated death against Heathcliff just with his will and if he fights for Asuna and his friends there is nothing and no one who can defeat him!

Kirito is the strongest. Even better than Yuuki. Why did I say so? It was explained that the medicuboid enhances your diving experience in order to help the user (medical patient) ease their pain; which explains Yuuki's faster reaction time. Also, her 3-year full dive experience isn't even purely of swordsmanship (compared to Kirito's 2 year and a half of pure swordsmanship). It was mentioned that in her 3-years of diving, she also went onto different games (like the insect bite etc). If we sum it up, it still all goes down to Kirito's sword experience in SAO. I could also say that speed isn't everything in a fight, I am aware that Yuuki is faster than Kirito but the skill and experience with wielding the weapon is far different. When you fight with your sword and with your life on the line... you gain wisdom in fighting. That is what Yuuki lacks, that is why I highly believe Kirito is still the strongest warrior out there.

Let's be honest, he beat Heathcliff the first time, Heathcliff himself said he had to engage some support mode to beat Kirito. Kirito had him beat. Second, in his fight with Sinon he said he doesn't like beating girls and asked if she could surrender. Now, the fight against Yuuki, he wasn't at his best, she was and plus Kirito doesn't like beating girls therefore he lost because he wasn't at his best and he was probably holding back. In the tournament he was fighting with one sword and almost beat Yuuki, without the time limit he would've beat her. If we take Kirito at his best, in the death game with his dual wield, AND if he wasn't holding back, Yuuki would lose, easily. Therefore, KIRITO IS THE STRONGEST, END OF DISCUSSION!

2 Asuna

Asuna was a well put together character and is the strongest of SAO and ALO due to her incredible sword skills, her willpower, confidence, intelligence, powerful magic, and she was an amazing mom to Yui. I honestly believe that they gave Asuna a better character and Kirito's abilities are honestly very illogical compared to Asuna.

Asuna is my favorite and one of the quickest and skilled characters in SAO. When she joins ALO her magic is unbelievable and better than leafa by far.

She's stronger than all the other harem girls with Kirito.

She should be together with Kirito and why is her blue

3 Yui

I agree she is BADASS and I mean she can see any attack coming so if kirtito and asuna didn't have her they would probably die multiple times and so she doesn't need to die she's so cute and did y'all know if Sao was this time period he would be ten and asuna would be eleven asuna was born 2007 kirtito was not 2008 so yea and if you don't believe me then look up their birthdays because I swear it's true!

Even though she accessed the cardinal system you have to admit she's pretty badass and adorable

I personally liked her when she was in SAO. she had almost full control over the entire system and she was an immortal item.

4 Heathcliff (Kayaba Akihiko)

Someone cited that Kirito would have beat Heathcliff in the duel if it hadn't been for Heathcliff activating the system. But that was a duel where the winner was the one who landed the first hit; that's all. That's not indicative of strength. Kirito simply landed first blood.

1) He made the game. Yes, that gives him an unfair advantage. He knows the systems and can predict the patterns of the sword skills. But the question is who is the strongest character, not who is the strongest while on an even playing field.

2) "No one's ever seen the Commander's HP bar dip down into the yellow zone before" (Asuna, S01E10). We've seen Kirito's go down into the Red before against dungeon bosses; The Gleam Eyes in particular.

3) Heathcliff, by his own admission, was said to be the boss on Floor 100. When his true identity was revealed, they were on floor 75 where they lost 14 people to the Skull Reaper, and Heathcliff's HP stayed green the whole time. The players had a hard ...more

He is 2end in place, even though he is the creator.As when Kirito loses he comes to life... and kills akihito kayaba by suprise. the duel they had before was infact a cheat, Akihito used the sytem and changed his status to imortal he did this because he couldn't beat Kirito, but the real question is who will lose in a boss fight? my answer is Kirito would win even thought the boss fight he had with the mule(i think) he he's health bar dropped to red. but in the episode kirito defeats akhito before that there was a boss akhito switched to imortal which means that he would have died in mortal and didn't want to show everyone he's bar drop to orange, the reason heathcliff is weaker than kirito is because he's to use to switching to imortal witch can be the only reason-thank you -Also check my blog called -bye

I don't think he should count cause I mean he is the creator

What awesome guy

5 Konno Yuuki Yuuki Konno is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

It's sad she died in real life from a sickness. Asuna was like a sister to her before she died.

Yuuki is obviously the strongest swordsmen. She beat Asuna!

She went toe to toe with both Asuna and Kirito

She defeats everyone. She should be 1st.

6 Yukki (Zekken)

Seeing these things always makes me annoyed. It has LITERALLY BEEN SAID THAT YUUKI IS STRONGER THAN KIRITO! Defend him all you want. Make excuses all you want. It does not change the fact. People act like Yuuki was fighting for her life against Kirito -_- and another thing. A lot of people say she was "saved by the bell" when she fought Kirito the second time but does nobody remember that she blocked Asuna's "Quadruple Pain"? That was just as close if not closer to hitting here and from what it seems, way faster. Yuuki's reaction time and speed is insane. As Kirito said, if she had been in SAO, the duel wielding skill would have gone to her.

Yuuki is stronger than Kirito, that is a fact. People are saying that Kirito is stronger when he fights for his life but Yuuki could be the same as well. Kirito admits that he is slower and weaker than Yuuki and that if she had been in SAO, the duel wielding skill would've gone to her instead of himself. Another thing people say is that she only won because she has an 11 hit combo, but she created that skill without the system's assistance whilst Kirito has yet to be able to create such a skill.

It's mentioned several times in the light novel that Kirito will never be at his best again, because he's no longer fighting in a game of death. He's still a strong character, but things have changed from SAO. In the Alicization arc, light novel, he comments on Asuna being the stronger of the two of them. So honestly I think Asuna should be first for the series overall, given Yuuki dies, but out of all characters, living or dead, Yuuki is the strongest.

Didn't Asuna mention (when Yuuki died) that she IS the greatest swordsman of all time? Kirito's duel wielding skills were given to him because he was the strongest in SAO, but what if Yuuki was in SAO? Would the power of duelwielding been given to her instead?

7 Alice

She deserves a higher spot. If people had read the light novel, she would be much higher on the list.

She deserves to be in the top 4 but yeah Kirito is much stronger than Alice

She needs to go up in rank it's obvious at least to rank 3-4

If people learned to read, Alice would we tope 4

8 Sinon Shino Asada is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

Best sniper in ggo because she killed a minygun guy when falling from a building how is that not op

Come on, you forgot Sinon? She's got skill with that Hecate II anti-material rifle of hers.

Sniping skills are through the roof

Sniper girl is best girl in Sao by far

9 Death Gun

It's clearly him. He planned out an assassination within a game, therefore using a creator for his own deeds. Much deeper than the plot of Kayaba. Also, he bent the game's limits for his purposes, he didn't create them to fit himself.

Death gun is by now one of the fastest characters in sao second only to yuuki MAYBE
He also bested kirito in an 1v1 which only he had managed at the time without any special powers like kayaba's god mode and oberon's high level avatar

He is also very smart being able to figure out a way to kill people irl from the game
He is easily in the top 3 strongest sao human characters

10 Yuna

SPOILER : She's the number one player in Ordinal Scale and is designed to be immortal there. So she deserves higher

She does deserve higher she is higher than kuradeel for sure

I want to add her

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11 Eugeo

He's an essential copy of Kirito with more emotions. Arguably stronger than non-SAO mode Kirito due to his emotional intensity. Kirito admits his potential is higher, but Kirito hasn't taught him everything and hasn't dual wielded in the Underworld, even when given the chance.

Eugeo is Best Boi definitely powerful and deserves more recognition. I love him so much, he's so precious :3

Resurrect this boy

best boi

12 Klein Ryoutarou Tsuboi is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

The only guild leader who survived the game with the whole Fuurinkazan members.

Kline is beast

He's quite underrated in seaosn 2 he eips thorugh tons of enemy guild members


13 Meliodas

Meliodas is the strongest person because he 1000 divine cuts their asses or just use the inner demon lord power that's called his assault mode or full counter them so yeah

He's better than SAO characters and stronger

Lol obv best SAO character. He'll just full counter their asses.

He should be Number 1

14 Silica Keiko Ayano is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

Pina is the real one here

Lol next joke

15 Leafa Leafa is the in-game avatar of Suguha Kirigaya, who is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

Too Good to be in ordinal

Leafa they didn't add her in Ordinal Scale since she could beat Eiji easily but since Kirito is God they chose him

16 Bercouli

Really? No one added him until me?

I think if you have read the light novel you'll know that Alice and Kirito will stand no chance against this dude

17 Suguha

If this is in real life, Suguha is the strongest of them all. She's actually muscular and is a national quarter-finalist in kendo. Even with his incredible skills with swords in games, Kirito is no match for her in real life.

18 Quinella

She is the emperor of the underworld

Literally the god in SAO III

19 General Eugene

*Strongest ALO player before kirito arrival

20 Agil Andrew Gilbert Mills is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.
21 Liz

She should be higher

22 Alice Zuberg

Remember how she ragdolled kirito and shrugged of eugeo's perfect weapon control like it was nothing?

23 Jotaro Kujo Jotaro Kujo is a fictional character from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series created by Hirohiko Araki and is the delinquent protagonist of Stardust Crusaders .

Ah yes, I remember that time in SAO where Jotaro Kujo came out of nowhere and Ora Ora'd Heathcliff to death.

...I mean seriously guys? This is SAO CHARACTERS! Not Jojo characters!

Dio < Jotaro < Rat

24 Poh
25 Sakuya
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