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Glenn Thomas Jacobs is an American professional wrestler, insurer, and actor. He works for WWE, and is best known by his ring name Kane.


As a fan of kane, I no tell 'Kane is best! 'Kane is best! ' But the history tell that Kane is best. I am really unhappy as a Kane was not defected by any wrestler. He is defected by the WWE script and WWE Writers. If you watch Kane's matches, you can see that every time when Kane is about to win, someone distracted him and Kane loosed. I know WWE created our Kane. But I also say loudly that WWE ruined our Kane, too. They never ever let Kane to be a great champion, conquer, legend. They use Kane to do some monstrous, dangerous, scary moments only. Kane is the one guy who is with the company for such a long period. Kanes old, I'm sure he knows himself that a title run or a long period singles run isn't going to happen anytime soon if ever. But what Kane get as a return? Nothing! Really Nothing! But fans never ever cheat with him. They loved him then. They love him now. And they will be loving Kane forever.

Kane is the best and after his return he have not lost a fair match till now. He is not afraid of anyone like h, undertaker etc. He has stood the test of time. His greatness is WWE wrestlers are still afraid to come in between him and is still afraid to fight with him.

If at all WWE wasn't Scripted then KANE would have easily obliterated anyone on his way! That's how Strong he is. Also he is a very good human in real life since he chose not to take the championship run just because he wanted to promote the youngsters and help them build their career!

Kane is my favorite wrestler! I always use him on my wrestling games! Kane can beat all the wrestlers like he beat the great Kali! NO ONE CAN BEAT KANE! Not even you Mark Henry! Kane will get the money in the bank! Kane rules!

I don't think that he's the strongest but he's my favorite wrestler. He's booked to lose most single matches, it disappoints me. But watching him wrestle in 6-men or 7-men fights or battle royals is so exciting. He seems the most destructive guy whenever there is a crowded fight. And also it is exciting to watch him pull the tombstone maneuver, don't understand why WWE does not let him make that move in an actual match.

There is no one is as powerful as kane in the whole wrestling fraternity... The most ultimate powerful wrestler of all ages... Kane!

Kane in his early times was another face of horror and strength... He is the only WWE superstar who has eliminated 11 wreslers in a royal rumble match... Although now he is not as much strong... But still no one dares to come in his way...

Well, as a real fan of Kane, I am not telling that Kan is Best! Kane is best! But the history tells that Kane is best. I am really unhappy as a Kane was not defected by any wrestler. He is defected by the WWE script and WWE Writers. If you watch Kane's matches, you can see that every time when Kane is about to win, someone distracted him and Kane loosed. But Unofficially Kane is the winner!

Kan without a doubt is the strongest wrestler in wwe. He has body slammed big show and khali numerous times and not like others who has achieved this body slamming feat on only one or two instances. And it's difficult to lift such huge amounts of weight (chokeslam and body slam) by hands than on your body (fu or attitude adjustment, f5, etc. )

Kane is always the best he is a perfect blend of power technique and speed
He is still one of the best wrestlers and will always be a very valuable asset to the WWE he has always been a company man and lived for the sake of the company he will never be replicated

Incredibly strong, no one can beat him at arm wrestling. He used to bench press 670 in 2001.

Kane was the best. You can see that just by looking at him in 90's
And had no problem manhandling any wrestler.

I believe kane in his prime was the strongest wrestler. I haven't seen any other wrestler body slam the big show and elevate him as easily as he could. I'm disappointed with the list none of these guys stand a chance against kane for power, kahli wwe tries to make him strong but he's just big, in reality "only" big show and mark Henry give kane a run for power Ryback Batista Goldberg lashley their strong but are inferior to kane before his injuries and his prime. Please bring original costume and mask back

Kane is much stronger than undertaker. Undertaker is old but kane is much younger and bigger

Kane is not human he is a beast sent from hell to demolish his foe's

Kane you are such strong that the big show 200 weighed more than you and you are just throwing him with one arm only

It's so simple people, compare every wrestler in their prime and see is the strongest. And there has to be a back up of what everyone says.

Kane in his prime takes the gold for upper body strength... Solid mountain of muscle

Lesnar, Taker and J.R. said that in terms of pure strenght, Kane was the best. If they say that, no one should deny it.
Too bad he tore his triceps and his gimmick forces him to look weaker than Taker. In his prime he was the strongest, over Taker, Show, Batista, Lesnar and nowadays Cena. Goldberg and Mark Henry could be the only ones with the same or a little more power, I think

He has lifted big show with one hand and have him a chokeslam with one hand and has man handled The Undertaker and Mark Henry and the great khali kane and Kane hasn't had to take steroids to get that strong

He has became old that's why he was defeated by ryback, although he is so fast
Relating to his body as compared to the great khali

Yes it is true that if WWE was not scripted, kane would have been the number 1 WWE superstar... He has immense power... His chokeslamming 2 persons at a time shows his entique strength... And also he has a unique style and entrance... He is a true WWE powerpuff

He is real demon. Nothing else to say watch his match when he defeated Austin for WWE intercontinental title match. He is old now. I think he have to take retirement.

In real life or fight no man beat kane

Kane. WOW. His strength is just inhumane. If Brock Lesnar said this, you know he has to be strong. I can only imagine his hit power. Again...WOW.