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61 John Morrison John Morrison John Randall Hennigan is an American professional wrestler and actor, who is best known for his tenure with the WWE where he was better known by his ring names John Morrison and Johnny Nitro.

He is not bulked up or juiced like cena, Batista or Brock lesnar but he has an amazing body. He has a lot of experience in parkour. He is extremely athletic. His skills are amazing.

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62 Seth Rollins Seth Rollins Colby Lopez is an American professional wrestler and actor who is signed to WWE under the ring name Seth Rollins.

Seth rollins is a cheater. He should not be even in top 200 wrestlers.

Seth Rollins is a loser he wins with the help of authority

Seth rollins is very cheater wrestler I hate him very much he is like a dog

He is the man

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63 Kevin Owens Kevin Owens Kevin Steen is a Canadian professional wrestler signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Kevin Owens.

This man can pop up powerbomb Mark Henry...Super strong

World strongest is undertaker ever forever

Pop up power bombed Mark Henry

Diet owens diet

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64 Chyna Chyna Chyna was an American professional wrestler, glamour model, pornographic film actress, and bodybuilder.

A diva but the strongest. She was the first and only woman to win intercontinental championship. Wow! What an achievement!

For a Diva I'd put her in the top 50 - htoutlaws2012

How?! How?! do you know how strong she is? She should take number 10.

She overhead lifted eddi, xpac.. ,more then her weight.. Others wrestlers overhead lifted persons are less than their weights. Also she is a woman. In common woman is note stronger than man. So a woman can do this, we can consider she is the stronges person

65 Nikki Bella Nikki Bella Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace is an American professional wrestler and actress signed to WWE under the ring name Nikki Bella, performing on the SmackDown brand. more.

She is the best. I love you nikki

What is female doing on this list

What ridiculous! - htoutlaws2012

Nicki Bellie is a cheater, she betrayed her teamate, and she is the weakest woman, only idiot would like her. Who ever put her on the lists is a loser

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66 Sting

I like sting very much he must be in top 10 as he is the most dangerous wrestler in the world

He is most dangerous wrestler in WWE

The black sharp minded real man

Sting is the best wrestler of all time

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67 Lex Luger Lex Luger Lawrence Wendell "Larry" Pfohl better known by his ring name, Lex Luger, is an American retired professional wrestler, television producer and football player currently working with WWE on their wellness policy.

How is the Total Package not #1? People do your research and homework!

He lifted viscera over the top rope with es

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68 Umaga Umaga

Although he died but scary opponent of his time

Best wrestler



69 Warlord

This man was MASSIVE built like THANOS!


70 Nathan Jones Nathan Jones Nathan Jones is an Australian actor, powerlifting champion, strongman and retired professional wrestler.

He is the strongest he is bigger than brock goldberg h John Cena Kane undertaker and the same size as big show but muscle I think brock and goldberg are stronger maybe

He is the strongest and biggest ohh yes

You wana know something nathan jones is my pal if you mess with him its feed me more

71 The Usos

These guys start off great but usually finish pretty bad but overall these guys are swag.

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72 Cody Rhodes Cody Rhodes Cody Garrett Runnels, better known by the ring name Cody Rhodes, is an American professional wrestler and actor.

How is this guy in this list he never lift any wrestler WWE should be crazy that they include these kind of frauds and kids

He is not a kid he beat Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and those 2 wrestlers are one tough guns

He is stardust and he beat big show in a tables match

He is nothing he should not be a wrestler.he is a kid

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73 Sid Justice

He is one of the few men that manhandled the 6,7 razor ramon

74 Ron Simmons Ron Simmons

This guy manhandled many superstars in WCW and WWF. Also he bench pressed around 600 pounds and squatted and dead lifted anywhere from 750 to 850 pounds.

H stated during the attitude era Ron Simmons was the strongest person in the locker room.

X pac quote on Simmons (unbelivebly explosive power. )

Lance storm quote on Simmons (scary strong guy. )

Arn Anderson quote on Simmons (man hardly ever works out and yet can outlift everybody. )

75 Bob Orton, Jr.

He is not retarded you are retarded and a buttface also did I mention a jerk.

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76 Chris Benoit Chris Benoit Christopher Michael "Chris" Benoit was a Canadian professional wrestler. During his 22-year career, he worked for numerous promotions including the WWE, WCW and ECW. Benoit is often cited as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

Chris benoit lifted big show over the top in 2004 he is stronger than kurt angle, randy orton, Seamus, Goldberg, Mark Henry, and Brock lesnar he is the second strongest wrestler in history

He is the second strongest person in WWE history he lifted big show and everyone knows that nobody is stronger than him but John Cena

He benched 450 pounds for 8 reps. Undertakers max is 325. Chris had to be pushing at least 525

Chris Benoit is the man. I wanna "hang" out with him

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77 Animal
78 Gorilla Monsoon Gorilla Monsoon
79 Nia Jax Nia Jax Savelina Fanene is an American plus-size model and professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name, Nia Jax.
80 Johnny Stamboli Johnny Stamboli

This guy should be on top, he could gorilla press anyone even way bigger than him.

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