Top 10 Favorite Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Character and Vehicle Combinations

One of my favorite parts of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the various character and vehicle combinations possible. Not only do the builds feel a lot different from each other, but they also look a lot different from each other as well.

I love coming up with builds that look nice. It really lets your creativity flow.
The Top Ten
1 Isabelle / City Tripper / Cyber Slick / Paper Glider

I used to mainly use this combination but with Leaf Tires instead of Cyber Slick. Nowadays, I prefer the look of it with Cyber Slick tires. I think the purple contrasting with the green looks very nice. I really wish this build was better.

2 Dry Bones / Biddybuggy / Azure Roller / Cloud Glider

Max mini turbo plus super high handling is pretty fun. Plus, Dry Bones is pretty cool. This build definitely shines a bit in 200cc.

3 Male Villager / Comet / Blue Standard / Flower Glider

This is my favorite inward drift build in the game. It's very balanced and looks quite nice. I love how the top half of the bike is red and the bottom half is blue. It's an obvious design choice, but it still looks cool, especially with the shade of blue the Blue Standard wheels are.

4 King Boo / City Tripper / GLA Tires / Gold Glider

Okay, I'll be truthful here. I kind of stole this build from a Twitch streamer I like, except they used Bowser Kite and I use Gold Glider. But can you blame me? This looks very cool. The City Tripper is such a cool vehicle with various designs that, for the most part, look amazing. The brown and dark green ones don't, though, and it is definitely my favorite vehicle in the game. The GLA tires and Gold Glider go very well with the black one.

5 Mario / Standard Kart / Standard Wheels / Super Glider

Yep, standard everything. Full-on default. It's surprisingly good and is pretty fun to use. It's such a meme build that's very good, which is kind of hilarious.

6 Mario / Splat Buggy / Crimson Slim / Super Glider

This is a very colorful build and it definitely looks unique. I picked Mario just because Mario is cool. Sadly, it's a bit mediocre, but oh well.

7 Toad / Blue Falcon / Blue Standard / Super Glider

I call this the "Mario Kart Wii" build because I like using Toad with the Blue Falcon in that game sometimes. Very blue, and blue is a nice color. The Blue Falcon looks very cool, so I like this build a lot.

8 Male Villager / Pipe Frame / Standard Wheels / Super Glider

Very similar to the Yoshi build. The only things that changed are the character, the pipe frame color, and the glider design. I think I like the orange Pipe Frame more, and the glider design the Male Villager gets is probably my favorite.

9 Yoshi / Pipe Frame / Standard Wheels / Super Glider

This is a very nostalgic build that takes you back to the days of some of the older games. It looks nice, but the appeal mostly comes from the nostalgia, if I'm being honest. That being said, it's a fun combo to use. I think I like these balanced builds the most.

10 Wiggler / Wild Wiggler / Roller / Flower Glider

Wiggler squared! This is just a cute build that also looks kind of funny.

The Contenders
11 Female Villager / City Tripper / Roller / Peach Parasol

I call this the Valentine's Day build. Speaking of which, happy Valentine's Day to everyone reading this!

12 King Boo / Flame Rider / Slim Tires / Paper Glider
13 Dry Bones / City Tripper / Retro Off-Road / Super Glider
14 Male Villager / Varmint / Ancient Tires / Flower Glider

I mained this for a short time. The ancient tires make it look like it's covered in mud, which I think is kind of cool.

15 Rosalina / Teddy Buggy / Azure Roller / Cloud Glider
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