Top Ten Surprising Things That Happened Involving TheTopTens in 2019

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naFrovivuS Reveals his Death was a Lie

That's probably the most shocking thing that happened this year in my opinion. - UltraLunalaX

Dude, we're all worried and sad about you. Thankfully, you're alive, but still we thought you were dead. That was a horrible idea.

Anyways, I'm glad you're alive. - BorisRule

Wow, why would someone just try to pretend he died? - Bammer73

What? Oh. At least he's still alive. - Misfire

isaaonrtdmtr deleted his own account

I've kept so much hidden from you guys, and I should've just been truthful and open with you all from the start.
The truth is, I did what I did out of anger. I never told anyone because I wanted to keep my personal life completely hidden, but I'm mentally broken, and have been this way for much longer than you'd imagine. The whole "voice of reason" guy you got to know? It was all a sham. I created that person to escape my troubles. I shouldn't have done that. It was a dumb idea. The degree in psychology? So I can figure out what's truly wrong with me.
Over the past few days my mental health been getting to me and putting me in a much worse state than I can remember. I've realized now that being here isn't helping my case. It's made things worse for me. I can't afford to be here in that case. I need help, and I need it fast. If this is how I can keep myself off the site, then so it shall be.
Why did I delete naFro's account? Out of frustration, and the fear I might start ...more

Oh my gosh! This seems really surprising to me. I never knew that this happened to TheTopTens. But wow. Just wow.

Probably the most surprising one so far. Isaaon could've made a mark here, but left without us really knowing. His brothers account is also gone. But why though? - Nonpointed

Hands down the most surprising so far. It was shocking to see both goat's accounts of TTT get deleted. Both of you, Jeff and Adam will be remembered - darthvadern

nerffan8000 attempts suicide

I don't know who this user is, but I hope he/she gets better soon. Please don't do it again... - Misfire

I hope nerffan8000 is okay. - RadioHead03

I guess I've got some explaining to do.

Yes, I'm okay physically, the attempt was unsuccessful and I suppose me being glad that it was is a sign that I'm at least in a slightly better headspace than I was before. Being stuck in a family environment that's bringing back a lot of psychological trauma on top of my constant struggles with anxiety toward the future and a nightmarish school life kept me trapped. It also didn't help that my overall self-image was, and still is, incredibly low. While I'm not at the point where I'm contemplating suicide again, I'm still quite depressed and with the current nightmare that is my family life, I simply don't have the time to focus on TheTopTens. I'll still try to work on my lists and reply to messages, but nothing much outside of that.

I appreciate the support given here, you all don't have to worry about me or think you're guilty for not reaching out or anything like that. Sorry for being a burden on your consciences. Take care. - nerffan8000

I hope he’s okay :,(

ReltihFloda Gets Suspended Indefinitely

For right now, I like this guy and it turns out we're friends. It's very sorrow to see his own account deleted by himself after his long suspension. - Kevinsidis

Bad news: His account is terminated. - MrCoolC

No, people! Stop! - TriggerTrashKid

Undeserved - PeeledBanana

AlphaQ gets suspended again

Something about this somehow doesn't seem to surprising. Maybe it's because he has been suspended very much in the past as well. I don't think he deserved it though - darthvadern

What did he do now?

Again? - RadioHead03

Has he done anything bad to deserve a suspension? I’m sure it was undeserved. - Userguy44

Therandom Officially Retires

He was a good user. - Userguy44

Matt was a great user. Such a shame he had to retire even though it was kind of predictable because he was extremely inactive and hasn't made much content in awhile. - UltraLunalaX

I sensed this was coming, but yes Matt was a great user, and he will be missed. - htoutlaws2012

That was very predictable actually. IDC either as he is inactive and hasn't done much either - darthvadern

Ned964 deleted his account

Wow, I was not prepared for this. Ned was always a great user and a nice guy, and he had really good taste too. If you're reading this, man, good luck, and thanks for all you gave us. - Gg2000

I really regret now putting one of his comments on the list Most Absurd and Ignorant Music Comments. I am really sorry (if you read this) - Alkadikce

Now that is suprising. Former oldest user here on the site has now deleted his account. I suspect it may have to do with work and stuff though - darthvadern

Awe... he was a cool old man, Dennis will be missed. - htoutlaws2012

TheDarkOne_221b Gets Suspended

One of the first things that happened this year, because of this people aren't sure if it was 2018 or 2019. But I'll have him here anyways as it was quite shocking - darthvadern

He did not deserve it. He was a nice person. - KalloFox34

When will he come back? - Userguy44

Admin, please! - TriggerTrashKid

PositronWildhawk joins BAND

This item shouldn't be on here since it's not actually TheTopTens related - Nonpointed

One of the first events this year - darthvadern

What is BAND? - KalloFox34

Why is that suprising? - Userguy44

Puga Retires

Makes fun of gens 18/19 for retirement then does it himself all because of an elimination game - LootLlama

This wasn't really that surprising to be honest. He's been barely active and pulled his numerous waifu crusades so eh. Ruined his rep on the way as well - darthvadern

Apparently it was fake all along. I guess the Chief was on hiatus - Randomator

Okay it's officially now. The chief remains a legend though. - Userguy44

The Contenders

10 Votes Per List Update

I HATE this update so much. We all don't know why admin didn't even tell us about it in the first place or asking us what we thought of it! - IceFoxPlayz

Love it. Now I don't have to make short remixes with less than 10 items anymore. I'm guessing it was developed to stop the stat-padders who make short remixes as much as possible to boost stats. But I bet some are gonna hate this update though, for the sake of rebelling against admin. - Joeljohns249

Nice thing about this update if I vote on something by mistake I can unvote, but the sucky part after voting I can't comment on the list for the rest of the day until 12:00am utc time, this can suck sometimes, I now vote on items until I reach the bottom of the list or if I reach ten items, also being signed out you can vote 10 items - trains45

To be honest, I don’t hate the update so much as I used to. I just wish there would be an update to comment without voting. - Userguy44

Userguy44 announces his retirement

I am really going to miss him. He was one of my favourite users on the website. I kinda understand why he is retiring the website though since he has a life to move on with. At least I can still talk to him on BAND and Qfeast. Lars you shall be missed. - UltraLunalaX

One of my worst decisions and announcements ever. I couldn’t stay away from this site, so yeah I came back. Still feel embarrassed about it. - Userguy44

NOO! - LightningStrike

I’ll miss him a lot, but we have to respect his choices. Wish you luck, Lars! ❤️ - Misfire

WonkeyDude98 Deletes His Blog Posts
"BorisRule is a rapist, because he is male" was said

I despise this comment! - BorisRule

That was unforgivably horrible to say - DrayTopTens

Thought this was irrelevant, but this is something terrible to say. Probably said by some of those quickly offended extreme feminazis. - Userguy44

That was 2018, or even before that. - MrCoolC

Metal_Treasure disappears

This really surprised me because before he disappeared for some unknown reason, he was one of the most active users on this site.
And the Blind Guardian orchestral album came out last month (this was written in 12/2/19), so him not commenting on that is also quite surprising. - PhoenixAura81

I don't even know why he's gone. He was a great user. I want him back. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Only noticed that now? He dissapeared since 3-4 months ago. It’s suprising though because he was active and never announced a hiatus or possibly retirement. - Userguy44

One of my greatest friends in TheTopTens.
I will miss him. - CedreticFomento

DarkBoi-X gets suspended

To be honest this was surprising. I wonder what happened. - RadioHead03

Didn't expect that

He is a great user, but I didn’t know why he got suspended. - PhoenixAura81

He was under the age limit, which was completely valid. Needless to say, he was unsuspended when he turned 13, so it was all fair. - Archived

Userguy44 gets suspended

What happened here? I honestly never thought someone like Userguy would get suspended. What happened? - DarkBoi-X

How could this happen? He is always nice to everyone. - DrayTopTens

That was really stressful. - Userguy44

The hell? - MrCoolC

HEAVYMEATALTHUNDER12345 Had His Account Deleted By Admin.

He had some argument with the admin, and then the admin deleted his account. What? - BurnAux

Wait, admin terminated his account? He didn’t do anything wrong? - Userguy44

This bummed me out. He was one of my favorite users. - THC13

He was a great user. Imagine terminating a user for no reason. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

IceFoxPlayz gets suspended

What's wrong with criticism? - Userguy44

She didn't deserve it

Ok, why did he get suspended though? - darthvadern

I know this - ElSherlock

The Kaire War

I side with whoever's right at the moment. I don't agree with the rustler's methods nor do I like hypersensitivity on the internet. - Cyri

I still like you Darth but I think you know I mostly side with the rustlers on this again. - DarkBoi-X

I side with the rustlers.

Who are the Rustlers? - PhoenixAura81

ThanosTheMadTitan gets Terminated

Admin was too scared of the impending doom he was about to witness, so he blinds himself in the dark for this and holds it off until later.

The most quick decisions require the weakest wills

And nonpointed, wait until you see what happens next- Thanosthemadtitan

He is gone. Reduced to atoms. - TeamRocket747

I guess things won't be perfectly balanced now. - Nonpointed

No, Thanos come back. - RadioHead03

Redskins81 Delete his Account

Why? This came out from nowhere? He was about to do a post series and he is gone? - Userguy44

I legit cried when I found out - DrayTopTens

Honestly this came out of nowhere. What I don’t get is that he just announced he was starting a post series about a reality T.V. show on TTT that had potential. It’s also really close to football season too. Why he’d just abandon everything I have no clue - Randomator

This was completely out of the blue - darthvadern

Squidward48/Astro_Boy08 deletes his accounts

Completely out of the blue. - Cyri

I hadn't expected (or been aware of) that at all! - Sprightly

I notice that. But why? - MorlaTurtle8

Damnit! At least I can still talk to him on twitter.

Nonpointed Gains Controversies

It's inevitable for a user to be involved in at least one. - Cyri

Not surprising.

What the heck is happening to this site? - TriggerTrashKid

Randomator Goes Against LGBT

Wait what? - ElSherlock

The people who were against Randomator for just a few words on his profile against LGBT should have honestly gotten suspended. it's his opinion about LGBT and it can be tolerable because he doesn't actively hurt any sort of LGBT person, yet all the "pride month" people got on him just for a few words that hurt their feelings. - NuMetalManiak

Didn't see it, doesn't seem like the word spread about it. - Archived

Oh boy, the reminiscent 2015 days back from the dead. - htoutlaws2012

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