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1 Worst Users on TheTopTens

Thank God I joined after this list was removed, because truth be told, I think I might have been a little controversial on here. I don't want to sound arrogant, but even though I think I'm a good user, I would be very sad if I were to have been on that list. I think that no user on TheTopTens is 100% perfect, but that they're also great in their own ways. They may have flaws, but any user on TheTopTens can do anything good to contribute to this website.

Can someone add the "Top Ten Sexiest Pokemon" list? It is just full of people who want to bang fictional species of Pokémon with hilariously stupid comments accompanying the list as well. Pokémon are not sex objects!

2 Top 10 Celebrities Who Deserved to Die in 2018

The person who made that list should feel bad. As bad as the list is I actually don't want it to be deleted, I want it to stay so the user who made that list can learn from it and never make a similar list again. Hopefully he gets sent to the asylum as well.

Yes. This is no.3. Actually it should be number 1 just cause. That list was just abhorrent. I don't want it to be deleted, though, I want it to stay so that the idi- I mean user who made it could look back at it in the future and realise what a mistake he made.

I don't like SpongeBob too much, but you just can't say that the creator deserved to die, just because he made a cartoon that you don't like.

3 Most Hated Countries

This list is just insane, just like so many others on this list. No country is worse than another, and you can't just judge them, because it is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know if it was removed, because I haven't checked, and if it hasn't been removed, than I will freak. Criticizing countries is just another trouble that has been added to the millions and trillions of this world.

I feel like the fact that it's called "Most HATED Countries" instead of "WORST Countries" saved it from being deleted by now, and whadayaknow racists have taken advantage of this list to collectively circle jerk with other racists.

I truely hate that list. It only got me extremely angry. Who ever created most hated countries should be arrested and so should the people that post bad talk about them. The list is racist ignorent and cruel and just makes people from different countries angry. Also if you hate the country you live in why the hell don't you leave? It had to be the worst list I have ever saw in my life.

4 Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl

This list was created by a user who implied his name after her, and she was dating someone else. Many of them included are minors, but she's a middle-aged woman. He placed the couple second and himself in first place. Creepy.

Terrible list. But still better than "Top Ten Things That Should be Banned" which is the textbook definition of a cesspool.

Why, this isn't a dating site, this is a site were people can make top ten lists.

5 Reasons Why Stephen Hawking Deserved to Die

This Probably makes sense nowadays since Steven Hawking's name was on the Epstein lists and was revealed that he was a paedophiles.

This is a very disappointing list made by a very disappointing user. Remember kids don't feed the trolls...

Who thought approving this was a good idea?

6 Reasons Why Child Abuse Should Be Legal

More like reasons why someone should abuse the user who made this list, just so he feels the pain of a thousands abused children.

An awful list, literally suggesting that inhumane, awful activity should be common and normal.

I swear to God! This list actually exists and its again made that infamous Piplup.

7 Top 10 Reasons Why Adolf Hitler Is Better Than Justin Bieber

Why is there a list that compares a brutal dictator that killed 6 million Jews to be better than a very underrated Pop Singer? Well, this is just pathetic.

Hitler: Start WW2, killed 6M jews in labour gulags.
Justin: wrote a few bad songs
Now compare once more

At least Justin Bieber didn't kill a bunch of Jews!

8 Top Ten People Who Should Commit Suicide

Putting Kim and Vlad on there I agree with but Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and Donald Trump don't deserve to die. On the first few months of being on this website I despised Trump and hated on him all the time but this is wrong.

Yeah, I get some people in the world suck, but you can't just wish they commit suicide, that's kinda messed up.

#1: Nobody. Don't end it when you can't see what the future holds, however distant any good event may be. It'll come.

9 Top Ten Penis Shapes

What's the point of a list that has items no one agrees on? It's like the creator of that list would pants some random guy and be like "ooh, I could get perverted friends by this idea! ". What's next, top ten woman's breast shapes?

Wait, that was an ACTUAL LIST?!?! D:< Who ever made that list is a disgusting PIG (not referring to the animal itself, real pigs are better than this list).

I am SUPER surprised that this list is still up. It feels like something any moderator would delete in an instant but no.

10 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Christians

I am Christian and I:
1. Am entirely tolerant of athiests.
2. Am not against violent video games
3. Do not discriminate based on orientation.
4. Don't think non-Christians are the devil's spawn.
5...well, I do believe in God.
6. Don't have anything against people with other religions.
7. Don't know if Jesus will literally return to Earth or not and don't see a point in speculating.
8. Have never started or participated in a war.
9. Have never brainwashed anyone. (assuming the colloquial definition - I'm not an expert on brainwashing and am not going to attempt to say whether I have in a technical sense)
10. Don't try to push Christianity on people.

...The only reason on the entire top 10 that I absolutely and certainly do is believe in God. The list is ridiculously stereotyped - while some people do each of these, it's not as if most Christians do all of them, and it's not as if people of other religions can't do the equivalent!

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11 Reasons Why Stephen Hillenburg Deserved to Die

Even though I hate the cartoon he became well known for (I'm looking at you, SpongeBob), Stephen Hillenburg still didn't deserve to die, even though I don't like the series doesn't mean I wouldn't spit on his grave, you guys need to grow up because these "Reasons Why (famous person) deserves to die in (year)" lists are really immature.


Whoever made this list, I just hope they don't post stuff like this anymore.

Another infamous list made by Piplup.

12 Worst Religions

Seriously, as controversial as this one is, it needs to be MUCH higher on this list. There are people on that list bashing other peoples' religions and fighting! Makes me sick!

Personally, I don't like this list. I don't judge people by religion. I judge people as people. People of the same religion can have wildly different views.

I hate these religious lists because it reminds me how much hate that a select group of people from all religions possess. It should be deleted.

Although I'm an Atheist, I gotta say this list is downright offensive. It offends people's beliefs, and they have a privilege to believe what they want to believe

13 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Boys

This list is sexist and very offensive. You can't just judge people just because their a boy or a girl. Some of them are even lies like one of them said "They think they can rule TheTopTens," which is false. Everyone is equal. This list should be removed from TheTopTens for good.

I don't really hang out with boys in school, but I don't hate them! Whoever made this is overly sexist. Without boys, there would be no girls.

Delete this and top ten reasons to hate girls now. I'm sure a whiny boy and girl made them. I'm actually male.

The listings are completely biased. Just look at what's number 1 on that list!

14 Top Ten Worst Countries

Racism all in one list. And it is no different from Most Hated Countries, this list is endless nonsense and rabid racists.

The same thing with Most Hated Countries. They are both racist about different countries across the world.

This list is so racist.

15 Most Disrespectful Users of TheTopTens

These kinds of lists just breed personal attacks and unproductive content. Makes me think that all sorts of user ranking lists, whether positive or negative, should be removed, and just make a more reliable statistics page.

Some users probably deserved it, like Gamecubesarecool193, but I feel bad for people that didn't deserve to be on there.

I don't see the problem with this list. All it does is hurt a few people's egos.

16 Countries With the Ugliest People

Even if a country really has objectively ugly people by Western beauty standards (e.g. an Aboriginal woman winning an Australian beauty contest raised controversies), they have done nothing for it, in fact in case of Aboriginals, white colonisation might be a reason because Western cuisine and Western sicknesses didn't exactly improve their health.

Some of the most beautiful people ever are from America. And Somalia, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, and Colombia are there. Seriously?

Is The Netherlands on it too?

Beauty is internal

17 Top 10 Reasons Why Cannibalism Should Be Legal

Who made this list!

18 Best Body Parts of Justin Bieber

Just reading the title is like... Why does this even exist? The title alone is enough to make me laugh uncontrollably, and the fact that this is actually a list.

Be thankful I didn't make a list called "Best body parts of Marilyn Manson" We all know which one would be number one on that list if it existed.

I agree. I checked and it was really disgusting like why the heck did they made that poop. if TheTopTens was a city, this list would be the sewers

This is one of the most disgusting lists on this site!

19 Top 10 Reasons Um Jammer Lammy's Brain is Sexier Than Lana Loud's

I don't want to live on this planet anymore... *Grabs a shotgun, puts it in my mouth and pulls the trigger*

I both don't know the reasoning and am actively avoiding an answer.

20 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts

Anyone who's a Lion King fan has the stinkiest and most poisonous fart. They always fart at me whenever I try to express my opinions on every list I can get my hands on. They call me the dumb or annoying TLK hater when I'm never dumb or annoying. TLK is a sin; That piece of trash deserves to be hated on and there are way better franchise out there.

But yes, the Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With The Stinkiest Farts is a bad idea for a list and I do not want to know if people fart or not. GROSS.

I agree. It is a terrible list. How do you know their farts stink if you've never met them in person.

What's really unbelievable about that list is that a girl made that list.

Should be much higher. The user who made it claims it was a joke list, but that's just an excuse for an unfunny, pointless list.

21 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls

I'm more surprised about this getting through than "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys" getting through. I thought society was a lot more ruthless when dealing with misogyny, but nooooooo the mods are apparently either the worst bots in the world, spies for some niche competitor who wants to tear TheTopTens from the inside out by being terrible moderators, or somehow paid by the scumbags of TheTopTens to allow these sort of lists.

This needs to be way higher. That list is super sexist.

The reasons are horrible. Not that there is a good reason.

This is Sexist. It's sick.

22 Top Ten Hardest Ways to Eat Breakfast

I am going to look up this list right now, just to see what comes up.

It's my fault this list exists.

It sounded really dumb.

23 Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Kill Off Conservatives

I hate the far right, but let's not act like the far left is any better, especially when lists like this exist. I hope these people never get enough resources to commit g3nocide or even act on their g3nocidal desires.

This (already EXTREMELY inhumane and prejudiced) list is even worse when you consider that the term "conservative" is really broadly defined and isn't limited to just traditionalists and religious fundamentalists.

For example, fiscal conservatives are conservatives. Just imagine the exchange...
"I think the government should lower taxes and cut spending and get a balanced budge-"
"Off with your head, you fiscal conservative! "

As a liberal, even I disapprove of such an inhumane and inconsiderate list.

24 Top Ten People Who Deserved to Die in 2018

I added this the day that awful list got approved. But it wasn't added for some reason so I added it again. Now there are two duplicate items. Proof the admin doesn't know what he's doing. That explains why that awful list was approved in the first place.

Was going to add this, but some fast-fingered genius already beat me to it. Thanks for adding this, it needs to be high on the list of Worst Lists.

25 Changes America Should Make

Expand the Supreme Court
Expand the House
Abolish the Senate
Abolish the electoral college
Tax churches
Raise taxes for the rich


1. Get rid of the electoral college
2. Get rid of the 2-Party system

I hate how polarized the election years are.

I remember this atrocity some rightard made saying that God is the greatest and left wingers are idiots. Get your political malarki out of here!

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