Top Ten Best Things About Being Riverclan

The Top Ten

1 Water combat - the fun of

Swimming would be so fun and beating your enemies by swimming would be even more fun! One of the many reasons why RiverClan rocks!

2 Water combat - the advantage of

It's a huge advantage to be able to swim. If you get your enemies under the water, they'll be sure to surrender very quickly!

3 Swimming to cool off

Cooling off in the lake would be the highlight of my summer if I was a clan cat. Just imagine how nice it would be!

4 Fish (a good source of prey even in leaf-bare)

Liking fish is very useful because the lake is always full with fish! Except when there is a drought like in TFA!

5 Thick, strong, pelts.

Don't most clan cats have the these? Apart from WindClan of course!

6 Beautiful den roofs

I don't even know what the den roofs look like in RiverClan. Probably pretty though!

7 Dens that can float

Very useful in a flood!

8 The genuine right to Sunningrocks

Not really. ThunderClan has just as much right to Sunningrocks!

9 Being the clanmate of Crookedstar/Leopardstar.

I'd be proud to be the clan mate of Crookedstar but not of Leapordstar. She gave away her whole clan to a ruthless killer because she was 'in love'!

10 The unique knowledge of the river
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