Top 10 Things About Feathertail

Do not read if you did not finish Moonrise! Spoiler!

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1 She's Brave

She sacrificed herself for the greater good... RIP Feathertail...we will always remember you...Forest of Secrets - Moonrise

She so brave! She saved the tribe and crowfeather from sharptooth...the clans and the tribe will remember her forever

Such a honorable death. She died stopping Sharptooth.

YA SO TRUE - GangstaCat2000

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2 She's Compassionate
3 She's Graystripe's Kit

I honestly love the fact that she is also Graystripe's kit, because Graystripe's is awesome. Graystripe also left ThunderClan just to be with her and Stormfur, and when they came back from sun-dried place and Graystripe asked where FeatherTail was I was actually like so sad. I think I cried too.

4 Her Death Makes You Cry

Honestly, FeatherTail is my favorite female warrior cat and her death was so sad. Why did she have to die? :(

I was on vacation reading that part.I was so engaged in the moment picturing the intensity and the feelings of every cat in the cave.When Feathertail tensed up, I knew she was gonna jump.It was so emotional when she promised Crowpaw that She'd always be with him, I cried in the back of the car.My two little sisters made fun of me too.Erin Hunter, you're so poetic! - WitheredBonnie

I agree it was so so so sad when she pushed sharptooth and was dragged down with him

5 She's a Riverclan Warrior
6 Her Mother Died Giving Birth to Her and Stormfur
7 She's Beautiful

She's so PRETTY!

8 She's Smart
9 She's Strong
10 She's Innocent As Far As We Know

Hint hint |-)

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11 She saved Crowpaw, making The Three possible
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