Best Things About Roblox

The Top Ten Best Things About Roblox

1 You can record videos up to 14 minutes long
2 You can easily make your own game
3 You can have up to 200 friends
4 Everything is its actual shape
5 You can chat
6 There are a lot of games

Yeah half this list is running out of good things about roblox (having an inventory and being able to eat is a very small thing, and it's not awesome) - Yaboistingy

7 You have an inventory
8 You can eat in the game
9 People help you

Excuse me...? People... "help"... you? The community here is horrible: People are mean to you because of your look, if you win people will judge you of being hacker, there are oders, fake admins (I'm watching on you, SpazBoys), etc. Most of the people in ROBLOX are mean and stupid but there is a rare chance of finding a true friend.

10 It's awesome

The Contenders

11 You make good friends
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