Top Ten Best Things About The TopTens Member PositronWildhawk

The Top Ten

1 He's funny
2 He's smart

Positron was my first friend on top tens. On other forums my ideas were dismissed as retarded, stupid, ni had way too much criticism. I thank positron for welcoming me to the top tens - CityGuru

If there's anything that can define Positron, it's this. - Kiteretsunu

Thanks to whoever made this list as now I can tell everyone that I love PositronWildhawk's mind. He's extremely intelligent, he tells it like it is, he makes me laugh out loud with his comments. We started our TopTen adventure at much the same time and I now consider him as a friend. He's my favourite TopTenner too and I'm flattered that he feels the same. - Britgirl

3 He's a teenager

Not for much longer. As I write this comment, my 20th birthday is exactly two weeks away. Hell, I feel old. - PositronWildhawk

I am a teenager, too. - DynastiSugarPop

4 He likes Dubstep and electronic music
5 He hates music other than Dubstep and electronic music
6 He's cool
7 He's nice
8 He makes interesting and funny lists and comments
9 He is talented at making lists
10 He has a great sense of humour

PositronWildhawk - did you make a list about how fabulous you are? Because that really would make you have a great sense of humour! Modest, too!

Indeed I do. I also love this list! It's like the guy read my mind... Uh-oh... - PositronWildhawk

No. This list isn't mine. But if it was, I imagine it would be similar.
Or that's what they make you believe!
And thanks for your compliment, Britgirl. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 He makes a lot of lists
12 He is a fan of music
13 He makes some of the most random of subjects funny

Who else could make an awesome list about how to kill an insect. ? - CityGuru

That he does. And it is so awesome!

14 He has time for other members
15 He loves Brooklyn Nine-Nine
16 He has good taste
17 He likes a lot of things

I know. I like a lot of things, too. - DynastiSugarPop

18 He finds Taylor Swift awful but respects opinions
19 He's popular
20 He is very skilled
21 He hates JB
22 He likes Deadmau5
23 He has an open mind for other TopTenners
24 He has a cool username
25 He has a Youtube channel
26 He cares about what other Top Tenners do
27 He is original
28 He has a nice profile picture
29 He is very welcoming of newcomers and makes them feel special
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