Top Ten Things to Be at the Top of As a Member In TheTopTens Statistics

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1 Highest Member Score

Will anyone beat Alexandr? We don't know!

Here's a comment - darthvadern

I have 800, get me to 1000. - AlphaQ

Htoutlaws2012 is winning! - micahisthebest

2 Most Comments

It feels better when your competition monster comes out and you shoot up like, 600 comments and 10 ranks. - keycha1n

I was at #3 after one year and was surprised. I don't know how I did it. I guess I had so much to say, haha - Metal_Treasure

This is the best. I'm still surging for the top!

I think I'm in the top 20 or 15. I post a lot of comments. - RiverClanRocks

3 Most Lists

Here's a comment - darthvadern

This is still important but in 2016 there are already 100,000 lists and many of the "new" lists are annoying duplicates with different wording. This also encourages creation of lame lists just to add a list to your total. In this context, I would say comments and remixes should have more weight. - Metal_Treasure

Sorry for this I want a higher score. - DapperPickle

4 Most Followers

I has 420 followers - AlphaQ

Here's a comment - darthvadern

Again, I'm in the top 20 in this category. I don't know why, but I am! - RiverClanRocks

This ranking makes me fell jealous at times.

5 Most Votes on Lists

Here's a comment - darthvadern

This depends on the number of your lists and popularity of their topics. If you have 200 lists on pop music you will have more votes than somebody with 100 lists on metal and classical music. But I wouldn't say most votes always mean better lists/user. So quantity vs quality. I will always go with quality. And don't forget that troll lists get many votes because people have to vote in order to be able to comment and say "this is so wrong". - Metal_Treasure

Comment - DapperPickle

6 Most Remixes

Here's a comment - darthvadern

This is important, provided that most of the good lists are already taken and you can only make remixes. Besides, some available lists are so lame that there aren't 10 decent items to put on my remix and first I have to add 10 new items. - Metal_Treasure

By the time I reach 10,000 remixes it will feel like climbing Mount Everest for everybody. - htoutlaws2012

Comment - DapperPickle

7 Most Votes Per List

Here's a comment - darthvadern

No, lists on the sexiest booty will get more votes than lists on more meaningful topics. Also, the lists with the biggest potential have been taken long ago. - Metal_Treasure

It wont never be.Cause all the good ideas are gone. - zxm

Comment - DapperPickle

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