Things That Can Make a Bad Top Ten User

I'm not pointing any fingers at anyone but there are some user's out there who make a habit of spreading hate and not respecting other users.

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1 Not Respecting People's Opinions

No I think it's how you read it. I doubt you even read the description of the anime list which said this is why he hates anime and doesn't like it. The only attitude on that anime sucks list was coming from the anime fans who got annoyed that people say bad things about anime

Mrcoolface's attitude is his problem that guy demands respect yet he doesn't respect other people's opinions When Egnomac mad a list why anime is better than American Cartoons he started complaining about everything saying ever reason is stupid if he hates anime so much than what was he doing on a list intended for anime fans If he won't respect Egnomacs opinion that anime is better than cartoons why should he respect his opinion to hate anime. - ZZDOORAL

Danteem: I'm not a bad user but someone hacked my account and I had to put my user name on most of my visitor comments to know it was me. Anyway I accept some opinions but not all. I'm pretty nasty to anyone who disagrees with me by giving thumbs down. I only accept people opinions if they agree on mine.

That's a bad policy. Some people have different opinions than you, and you're just going to have to deal with it. - RiverClanRocks

A lot of people still need to learn this. - Userguy44

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2 Hating on Other Users

I never hated on you because you prefer anime or at all. Hating on anime is a lot more different than hating on the fans. You really need to understand this. The list was about what I didn't like about anime and then the fans including you just cursed at me and made threats and really lame remarks like that the list was pulled out of the garbage. The list was never made to be cool or to piss people off. After reading the list of why anime is better than American cartoons and some of it being wrong and then some anime fans coming to the American cartoons list and hating their, I decided to make a list of what I thought of anime. The website after all did say to SHARE YOUR OPINIONS. I made the list and it was the most popular list I made just because of what the subject was. The list wasn't even made to tell people to stop watching anime. Again, it was just made for me to tell people what I thought was wrong with it and how it wasn't as perfect as people made it out to be.

Here's the thing yes people have the right to dislike or hate anything they want especially anime however that also means people have the right to disagree with your opinions not only that but voice their disapproval as well theirs nothing people can do about it but just move on and stop wining about it, mrcoolface acts like he's the only one it happens to but it happens to almost all the other top ten users there will always be people that will hate on you for what ever reason.

I know people have the write to disagree with my list but no one needed to send hate and threats. Also I don't act like I'm the only one who has gotten this.

You can express yourself. - Userguy44

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3 Hating People for Liking Something

I know I might sound like a douche for saying this, but I actually hate when people say and do biased things to something I like, but I choose to ignore it because trolls feed off if more hatred. - NerdyPweeps

Yea sure mrcoolface made a list on why he hates anime and then everyone decided to hate on him and say he was offensive to Japanese culture. Then you say that he should die and that his opinions were wrong and that yours were right. #2 and #3 are so ironic for most of the people using this list

Almost the same as item 1. - Userguy44

Like those little kids who trash users for liking people and say those people r retarded or something then flip out about how the quality of a show is "bad" or "boring".

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4 Making a Biased List

The fact of someone just calling something bad and not liking it is not biased. Reasons Why Anime Sucks and Why Japanese Anime is Worse than American Cartoons are not biased lists. They are people's personal opinions. The only list that was insulting the otakus was the Japanese anime being worse than American cartoons list. The only way a list could be biased if it was comparing 2 things and saying that the one thing always was good but the other one was bad.

To be fair a vast majority of the lists here are subjective and biased based on the creator's opinion. It's the more hateful types of subjectivity and bias that can ruin someone's rep. - NuMetalManiak

Ugh this annoys me SSSOO much. They waste the good topics on bias and hatred! - CardboardBox

5 Hacking the Vote Firewall and Changing the Totals

The whole point of the website is ruined if people change the totals of their lists on a whim. - kempokid

It is happening more and more often, which makes many of the polls meaningless.

Why TTT allows this to happen is beyond understanding.

No matter how many votes they receive, they can not move up.
Why bother even making the poll?

6 Cyber Bullying
7 Being Desperate for Attention
8 Calling People a Troll

Because having an opinion totally makes you a troll! Right? (OF COURSE NOT! )

Well, one user deserves it to be called a troll. - Userguy44

Yes, users like SelfDestruct were 100% genuine - styLIShT

9 Creating an Irrelevant List
10 Sending Hate Mail to Other Users

I have received so many of these! Why? What have I ever done to you? - Britgirl

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11 Acting Prejudiced
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1. Hating on Other Users
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3. Not Respecting People's Opinions


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