Top 10 Things Firestar Shouldn't Have Done

Firestar is awesome, wise, brave, and SUPA SWAG! But he was extremely stupid. List things here that Firestar has done that was stupid and give me proof ;) GOOD LUCK! PS This is from The Sight and under

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1 Firestar letting so many KITTYPETS in the Clan

I hate millie

Firestar sucks one way or another

Firestar shouldn't have let Spottedleaf stalk him in his dreams. He should've just stuck with Sandstorm! Also, he let so many kitty pets into the clan! I know he was a kittypet but seriously! WHYY?! I totally agree with Blackstar on that! YOU WEEAK

Firestar sucks
He's too nice
And lame
Idc what people say without him there wouldn't be the books but he still is the worst leader ever

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2 Didn't make Brambleclaw's a temporary dep like Leopardstar did with Hawkfrost

Yeah! I love Firestar, but why not a temporary dep?

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3 Loved Spottedleaf

I'm sorry, but there is WAY too much forbidden love. It's just annoying. It's like, why Thunderclan be always breaking the code. I know they didn't get together, but he didn't seem to care that it was wrong. - Lilycat14192

Was this UNNECESSARY! I mean they talked only one time than she died and he is all like oh no Spottedleaf thought we talked only once and I only love your beauty and sweet sent I will forever be sad that you died and annoy the people which reads the books to death because the Erins can't write love and I am gonna still love you doesn't matter that I and Sandstorm while we haven't even shared tounges

Come on! Without Spottedleaf Firestar and Sandstorm would've been MUUCH closer in Firestar's Quest - Torren33

WHAT this is a popular but fake shipping like its revealed that spotted... poop loves firestar but he doesent what the heck do you have to prove it to me like he was 6 months old when he joined the clan while spotted leaf? FOUR damn YEARS OLD that's like a kid falling in love with his friends mom what spottedleaf like yeah he grows and all but like age IS something to think about. Also 3 tiny chats not a fing clue given by Erin that the love each other plus I've always thought I knew y she kinda loved him because uv da profecy given to her in blue stars profecy come on grow out of the spotted x fire it doesent even exist who's with me? -Ghostheart

4 Told Bluestar about Tigerclaw

If Bluestar just didn't know she would've not been as shocked (I hope) when Tigerclaw attacked her. - Torren33

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5 Worried about Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit

Hollykit is my favorite but she did kill ashfur but ashfur was getting to jelly with bramble law was with squirrelflight but why would she do that it's insane


6 Mentored Bramblepaw

Honestly Firestar worried about Bramblepaw and that's one of the reasons Tawnypaw left ThunderClan! - Torren33

7 He should've added something to the warrior code

Remember Firestar's main quote: "it doesn't matter who they were born from, it depends on loyalty to their Clan." Yeah say that to StarClan. - Torren33

8 Led LionClan
9 He should've saved Spottedleaf

He didn't have time so it wasn't rly Firepaw's fault, but if he loved Spottedleaf, why not protect her? - Torren33

10 He got caught in the fox trap

I hate firestar but a newborn kit wouldn't think "stay away from that." Because in dawn berrynose was almost an apprentice but he got his tail cut off in one and firestar might not have know where he was going

Even a NEWBORN KIT would know "stay away from that" - Torren33

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11 Taken the land back from ShadowClan
12 He Killed Scourge

I love Scourge, he shouldn't have killed him - WoofWolf

13 Tried to lead like all the clans
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1. Firestar letting so many KITTYPETS in the Clan
2. Didn't make Brambleclaw's a temporary dep like Leopardstar did with Hawkfrost
3. Told Bluestar about Tigerclaw


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