Top 10 Things Firestar Shouldn't Have Done

Firestar is awesome, wise, brave, and SUPA SWAG! But he was extremely stupid. List things here that Firestar has done that was stupid and give me proof ;) GOOD LUCK! PS This is from The Sight and under

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1 Firestar letting so many KITTYPETS in the Clan

4 WORDS: DIE IN A HOLE - BloodFang



Firestar sucks one way or another

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2 Loved Spottedleaf

I'm sorry, but there is WAY too much forbidden love. It's just annoying. It's like, why Thunderclan be always breaking the code. I know they didn't get together, but he didn't seem to care that it was wrong. - Lilycat14192

Ahem... he is mates with Sandstorm... if he is mates with Sandstorm... WHY THE HECC IS HE FALLING FOR HIS AUNT-IN-LAW?! WTHECK FIRESTAR?!?! Sandstorm and Firestar have the most DEVELOPED relationship in the series! I mean, Spottedleaf: In the book for like two seconds and only talks to Firestar ONCE- IS A DEVELOPED RELATIONSHIP?! Spottedxfire is almost as bad as Ashfur x Scourge. AND ASHFUR AND SCOURGE didn't EVEN KNOW EACHOTHER! Besides, med cat romances are boring if it's not DEVELOPED. HECK- EVEN I DO DEVELOPMENT IN RELATIONSHIPS IN MY FANFICS- and I HATE doing details vs. just going straight to my drama!

Same lilycat, I hate spottedleaf.

Was this UNNECESSARY! I mean they talked only one time than she died and he is all like oh no Spottedleaf thought we talked only once and I only love your beauty and sweet sent I will forever be sad that you died and annoy the people which reads the books to death because the Erins can't write love and I am gonna still love you doesn't matter that I and Sandstorm while we haven't even shared tounges

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3 Didn't make Brambleclaw's a temporary dep like Leopardstar did with Hawkfrost

Yeah! I love Firestar, but why not a temporary dep?

Come on! Graystripe is too coool not to be dep again! - Torren33

4 Told Bluestar about Tigerclaw

If Bluestar just didn't know she would've not been as shocked (I hope) when Tigerclaw attacked her. - Torren33

I think that would've been necessary because bluestar never BELIEVED Fireheart/Firepaw/Firestar/Rusty. So why is this on the list?

5 Worried about Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit

Hollykit is my favorite but she did kill ashfur but ashfur was getting to jelly with bramble law was with squirrelflight but why would she do that it's insane


6 Mentored Bramblepaw

Honestly Firestar worried about Bramblepaw and that's one of the reasons Tawnypaw left ThunderClan! - Torren33

7 He should've added something to the warrior code

Remember Firestar's main quote: "it doesn't matter who they were born from, it depends on loyalty to their Clan." Yeah say that to StarClan. - Torren33

He should’ve added something like, ‘When kitty pets enter the clan, the need to choose a new mate (if they had one) or (if they are a kit) change their name. You can’t have a kit growing up with a name like Ms Fuzzypants or Mr Sugarlips. A warrior can’t have a na,e like that. Ever. If a she cat has kits in a clan, the kits stay there and (if the mother leaves) if nursed by another queen.

8 Led LionClan

What? Firestar was just trying to help get rid of Scourge. Plus, lionclan was only temporary. They didn't stay like that for the rest of the books. So what if they have to work together once? If I was in firestar's paws, I would do the same!

Poor Leopardstar, she should've led it. She deserved it. Or maybe Tallstar because he the best. I was so sad when he *WARNING SPOILER! * died. - Torren33

9 He should've saved Spottedleaf

He didn't have time so it wasn't rly Firepaw's fault, but if he loved Spottedleaf, why not protect her? - Torren33

10 He got caught in the fox trap

I hate firestar but a newborn kit wouldn't think "stay away from that." Because in dawn berrynose was almost an apprentice but he got his tail cut off in one and firestar might not have know where he was going

Even a NEWBORN KIT would know "stay away from that" - Torren33

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? Let Scourge kill Tigerstar

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11 He Killed Scourge

I love Scourge, he shouldn't have killed him - WoofWolf

Well, because the quote for family’s is “Family Is Forever”, means that he shouldn’t have killed him. He was his family. And “No One Is Left Behind” hm, tell that to StarClan too, leaving dead cats behind! Anyway, Firestar killed his family. But he didn’t know. STILL your FAULT, FIRESTAR!

12 Let himself die.


Wa he died this is really sad I love him.

13 Taken the land back from ShadowClan
14 Tried to lead like all the clans
15 Let Leafpaw wander around borders while mothwing was there too.

She only walked around border’s. Then what do ya know? She gets in mothwing’s buisness and ask’s: “is your father TigerStar? ” Then get’s Brambleclaw worried sick. He doesn’t want to be related to a guy that threats Brambleclaw’s leader.

16 Let Ivypool go train in the Dark Forest

Ivypool, is Firestars granddaughter. So. firestar. Keep your grandchild away from ThunderClan borders. Keep her in camp. Back to the story. When Ivypool left- she met Mapleshade. (thanks clawface for killing spottedleaf by the way) then. IVYPOOL IS JEALOUS OF HER SISTER! She just wanted to be as strong as her sister. DoveWing hater’s. Go sink in a toilet. Your just jealous of her loyalty and bravery and Power!

Ivypool is not firestar’s grandchild. Still he shouldn’t have let her go. I messed up on the story.

17 Be scourge’s kin

Urr... you don’t get to choose who you’re related to. If this is talking about how the Erins made them related, then that’s on them, NOT fire. Also, post below me, how does this relate to a popular fan ship? AshxScourge has nothing to do with Firestar being related to him. Also, if fanfics scare you, why are you complaining about it? Fanfic reading / creating is optional in the Warriors fandom. And what’s wrong with the odd gay / crazy Warriors ship? Yeah, sure, AshXScourge might be popular, but that doesn’t mean people should complain about it IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS.

Because, ASHFUR X SCOURGE SUCKS, FANFICTION SCARES ME T^T, AND SCOURGE IS A BAD BAD MAN... HE KILLED A GANGSTER! by the way: BLACK STAR’S TO WHITE AND NERDY ", OUR GANGSTERS ARE: “LeopardStar, FireStar, And TallStar! ” Congratulations gangsters! “They see me mowing, my front lawn thinking I’m to white and nerdy! ” ~from BlackStar the nerd

18 Chosen Brambleclaw as deputy.

He was ded inside

19 Let Greystripe meet with Silverstream

I don’t mind Greyxsilver, it’s just that he knew what was going on and didn’t tell anyone, despite having more than a close friend in another clan is forbidden by StarClan. Fire knew but didn’t tell anyone, not even his med. cat or leader, who warriors usually trust. Overall, I think this was a mistake on Firestar’s part. I don’t hate him or anything, but that was kinda... stupid, really... even if Grey is his best friend...

20 Been more stern with Cinderpaw (Cinderpelt)

If Firestar was more stern with her about going to the thunder path then she’d be a happy skillful warrior

21 Told bluestar almost everything he knew about other ClanMates.

Firestar just HAD to tell about tigerclaw and Darkstripe talking about killing RAVENPAW! Couldn’t he mind his own buisness? That was tigerclaw’s and Darkstripe’s buisness, not his. Even though Ravenpaw was Firepaw’s/firestars best friend... he shouldn’t have told.

22 Took WindClan home.

I hate mud claw, why bring tallstar and jerk claw home? They deserve to be tooken away. Later In the books, WindClan is caught stealing prey from ThunderClan. Why fireheart/firestar. Just why bring jerk claw home? Firestar caught them running on Rc with Tc prey. Talk jerk allowed his warriors to steal from firestar’s clan. Stupid star.

23 Letting GrayStripe go to Rc

Fireheart/firestar lets GrayStripe go into Silverstream’s Camp. She died already GrayStripe! And ummm, all I’m trying to say is, don’t let GrayStripe go, EVER AGAIN!

24 Being leader

Firestar shouldn’t have been leader, Whitestorm should’ve been leader himself. Firestar needed help from a warrior! (Whitestorm) and firestar was always doubted, why just- just-just I’m done, I’m to sad. DappleTail died in MoonRise, brightheart and cloudtail are missing, the forest is being destroyed. Tc, Sc, Wc, And Rc will be in memory.

25 Let Rc stay home

He was trying to persuade LeapordStar to come with him and TallStar to find a new home. When She declines, almost all of ThunderClan’s apps died. Two kits died. And GrayStripe was stolen by twolegs. Then. Hawkfrost threating’s Firestar because he was chasing Sasha off ThunderClan territory. He and his mother walked across the River. Then, tawnypelt gets a fit that BlackStar gave up on every single cat in the forest. He was leaving with Tallstar and Firestar as well. Stupid LeapordStar doesn’t care about leaving as long as they have prey In the river. the monster’s are gonna reach ya soon, Leapordfart.

26 Let Bluestar chase off the dogs

Bluestar did die because of the position fireheart put her, she was fighting the dogs with fireheart. Then a shi’zoo came and knocked her off balance and she landed in the river after she killed a Doberman Pincher. Oakheart saved her as well, here is what he said: “it’s like running through the forest, let your paws do the work. Raise your chin, let the water carry you up. That’s it! Keep going! ” She got to swim for a bit, fireheart jumped in because she ended up drowning. Fireheart: “bluestar! Raise your chin! ” She didn’t, fireheart needed help. “StoneFur! Mistyfoot! ” They splashed in and carried their mother up. She ended up dieing after when they carried bluestar up. Bluestar: “StoneFur? Mistyfoot? Forgive me for giving you up, I was deputy. And-and I needed to give you up unless, well. Ya had a sister. Mosskit. She died in the snow. I’m very proud of you, forgive me.” StoneFur exchanged a look at his sister, then looked back at his mother. “We ...more

27 Left Smudge

Why would FireStar leave his best friend for a few rag-tag cats in the forest? Just why? It's selfish and disgusting. All he wanted was fame and to become stronger and crap, when he LEAVES HIS BEST FRIEND for brand-new best friends.

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