Top 10 Things That Should Happen to TheTopTens In 2016

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1 It shuts down

On the top tens I get to make list. It may be a pain in the neck at time when some users want to try to start drama with me, but I'm here to make exciting list that like and to stay as long as I want. - SapphireGrim

Man, you really hate TheTopTens that much...

If you hate this website, then just leave! Jeez, your complaining is exhausting.

If u really hate it so much so why are u on the site? - Righteous

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2 It gets hacked

That wouldn't be good. Our accounts could get hacked along with the site. - SapphireGrim

Only trolls do that and trolls are already hated - Nateawesomeness

3 Some TopTenners lose their accounts

What is it with you and this unexplainable hatred for every user on this site? - RockFashionista

You probably think me in general,because it's obvious she thinks I'm the worst user - Nateawesomeness

4 People stop going on it

While you go on it. You're being a hypocrite.

You're certainly helping the cause by going on it, aren't ye? - Puga

I have a major problem : you still on here. Please stop complaining and go away. I'm sick of it. - JaysTop10List

5 Justin Bieber buys this website and removes all lists and comments about him

I don't think Justin would want to buy this site. - SapphireGrim

And another list with Justin Bieber on it. - RockFashionista

Why Bieber is on every list - Righteous

No, he would be the worst admin ever - Nateawesomeness

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6 The ability to disable comments on your own lists get added

You can't accept other people's conflicting opinions? How sad of you.

The first five...are you insane?

Who would do that?! - Nateawesomeness

Just shut up Kiana stop being mean to Puga.

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7 The ability to delete your account get added

I'd like to change my username for sure, but definitely not delete my entire account! - RockFashionista

8 Apple buys it and then decides to shut it down

Okay. We get it. You hate this website as well as everyone and everything on it. If you hate it so much, I suggest not coming on anymore. - RockFashionista

9 Comment addition dates are added

Sometimes your opinions change, and your comments can get very contradictory. This is needed.

10 Less trolls come

How am I a troll if I like to express myself? Gosh you people...

That Will Include You. - 12cc

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11 You can see who likes/dislikes your comments

This is the most abusive toptens list ever made

12 Metal music lists are removed

I doubt this would happen. It's actually one of the most popular lists here.

13 The Terms of Use get scrapped

I decided to add good things to the list because I don't hate TheTopTens like Kiana does

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