Top Ten Things That Shouldn't Have Happened In Warrior Cats

Things in the warrior cats universe would have been better without these events! Also has things that could have been done better.

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1 Twolegs shouldn't have destroyed the forest

Makes me hate humans more than I already do. But we're here to change things, so I ain't gonna be depressing no more.

I miss the old territories... So many memories were made there

I still prefer the Old Territories. - Minecraftcrazy530

I prefer the old territories because I loved Sunningrocks. Plus, I almost cried when the Clans left - HollyleafOfThunderClan

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2 Tigerstar should have died and one of his sisters live

Without tigerstar lots of deaths wouldn't have occurred. Also, his sister that lived would have been awesome!

I hate Tigerstar too but I think he should'nt have died instead of his sisters. I mean, I wish both of them alive. It can't have only good cats in warrior cats, right?

Tigerstar should have been the one of Leopardfoot's kits to die, and both of his sisters living.

I totally agree, Tigerstar caused a whole list of deaths, and I especially hate him for these deaths:




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3 Hollyleaf dying

She made some bad decisions, but she is a great cat. She even forgave her mother after all the terrible things Leafpool did. (Breaking the code, lying, etc)

She did many bad things, but I loved her so much! She deserved to live again, with her friends, brothers, mother and just her clan in general!

Hollyleaf should've never died. I wish it was Lionblaze or Ivypool instead

Stupid Ivypoop! She almost died. I wish Ivypoop died, not Hollyleaf.

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4 Yellowfang should have stopped meeting Raggedstar

Then brokenstar wouldn't have been born! Yay!

Yellowfang and Raggedstar are an OK couple, they should have just been friends, not mates. Then Brokenstar/tail wouldn't have come along! Yay!

Yeah, but it's like saying Tigerstar shouldn't have been born. Then, where would the plot be?
- Lightningstar

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5 Tigerstar shouldn't have brought blood clan into the forest

If it didn't happen then Tigerstar would have lived, though. - Kaitlyntunn

That was his biggest mistake and downfall.

He brought bloodclan to the forest. And that's how he died! He caused many deaths with that! Including my baby whitestorm! :(
Anyways scourge took one of firestar's lives.i'm not a big fan of firestar, but it was still sad!

BloodClan should have never come into the forest

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6 If hollyleaf hadn't announced the truth at the gathering

She should not have. But, I know Squirrelflight had to tell Ashfur. It was the only way to save their lives. Afterward, she could have at least told them she lied to save them.

I really hated her than. She made leafpool SUFFER! Leafpool is my favorite character!

Hollyleaf overloaded :3 literally with secrets she was... To... I don't know how to put this... Obedient to the warrior code to have that many secrets and leafpool understood so... Ya know shake it off for my second favorite. Character - Catsarah123

Dude, you killed Ashfur, who was going to tell the truth, to announce the truth ANYWAY! Why?! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I love Hollyleaf so much! She loved the code, and couldn't live with lying to the clans anymore!

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7 If Crookedstar had appointed SOMEONE else deputy

But Withought leopardstar there would be no misty star, and I love misty star!

Then lepordstar wouldn't be leader. She's the worst leader that's not EVIL

Like his daughter! Before she was pregnant I mean... Leopardstar sucks. She turned down graystripe and never let him go to gatherings! Graystripe saved mistyfoot's kits! But leopardfur wouldn't allow it

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8 If Cinderheart/Cinderpelt thing had been easier

Yeah... What happens when cinderheart dies? Does she become cinderpelt or something? And if she does... Would that make her cinderpelt or cinderheart?

Cinderpelt should have gone to StarClan at her death, not gone into Cinderheart. I'm glad Cinderheart is her own warrior now though, not thinking she wasn't mean to be a warrior.

How about Cinderpelt goes to StarClan and Cinderheart is her own cat. How's that idea?

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9 Firestar loving Spottedleaf

Spottedleaf is like double Firestar's age and barely talked to him before his death. And now she stalks him in his dream! Seriously...I can imagine how irritated Sandstorm was!

People say that Sandstorm stole Firestar from her although obviously Spottedleaf is trying to steal Firestar away from her

One of the absolute WORST SHIPS it was just annoying and didn't had anything a good relationship needs
Sandstorm was heartbroken because of that

All it basically was was
Firestar: hi
Spottedleaf: hi. Take this herbs to Ravenpaw, but first(leans over to touch his nose with her own)
And then the dumb love story. - HollyleafOfThunderClan

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10 Thunderclan shouldn't have turned Mapleshade out

Agreed. They shouldn't have turned her out. Considering pretty much everyone was in a forbidden relationship, forcing Mapleshade to suffer when others had done so much worse was terrible. That stupid leader was being so biased, too. "My feelings are hurt because of my son, so I'm gonna kick this helpless she-cat out. Yup, I'm a leader."

That started the evil chain!

They should have let Mapleshade and her innocent kits stay. I hate Ravenwing! Go the the Dark Forest Ravenwing! Then Mapleshade wouldn't have been evil!

They basically ruined Mapleshade's entire life because of Ravenwing's stupid prophecy! I hate you, Ravenwing! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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The Newcomers

? Breezepelt doesn't die

He should have! He really should have!

? A cat called maggot tail

Imagin being called maggot kit? A mother must hate there kit if she gave it that name!
Mother: oh! I hate kits, I'm just going to call you maggot kit!
Maggot kit: starts crying
Mother: oh maggot kit! Stop yelling! *walks off to get death berries*

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11 Firestar died

I HATE SCOURGE now I like firestar cause he killed scrouge TIGERSTAR IS STILL awesome! - Wolfpelt

Actally I like that this happened. It was sad at first but now I realize that he's a player.i liked him as a warrior more than a leader. Plus bramblestar would never be leader and I love him!

Firestar shouldn't have died but truth is, he led Thunderclan for long enough. It was the right time for him to go


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12 Silverstream's death

Then there would be now Millie, and I love Millie. Silverstream was a sweet cat, she had a sad death, but it was best for everyone.

13 SkyClan getting kicked out

YES! I read dawn of the clans first and I was so sad when I realised there was no sky clan!

SkyClan is better in the gorge, that's just the way that is.


14 If Bluestar's prophecy didn't exist

I can't imagine that. Bluestar's Prophecy is my favorite (and only) Super Edition.

The actual prophecy, not the book. Then she wouldn't have to give up her KITS!

Mosskit wouldn't have died, and neither would Stonefur when Riverclan became Tigerclan.

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15 The tree falling on thunder clan camp

1 death, 1 injure and a destroyed camp... A lot of destruction for one little tree!

That was sad! Longtail shouldn't have died and Briarlight shouldn't have been paralyzed! She teaches a lot of courage this the tree we are talking about?

That should not have happened. Then Briarlight would have had a better future.

16 Mapleshade going to the dark forest

She doesn't deserve to go to the dark forest

She so deserves to be, after betraying her Clan! I feel sorry for her kits, and her kits only!

17 Cinderpelt loving Firestar

There's almost no platonic relationships in warrior cats so it annoyed me when I found out Cinderpelt loved Firestar. No offense to CinderXFire lovers.

Cinderpelt never loved Firestar. I don't want to be rude, but ACTUALLY READ THE BOOKS.

18 Mapleshades kits being thrown out.

I mean, three kits. Any three kits could have been trouble. But no. Some three specific kits right now, why not those three! Innocent little kits, kicked out. They didn't do evil! Ravenwing is as bad as tigerclaw, kicking out halfbloods. Yeesh. -dawnheart

19 Blossomfall going to the Dark Forest

Wait, what? Blossomfall didn't go to the Dark Forest. This was confirmed in Dovewing's Silence. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Blossomfall didn't deserve to go there! At least she finally realized her loyalties lay with ThunderClan.

20 The name Maggottail

What horrible cat named him? Imagine naming your child Maggot. - Emberflight_of_StormClan


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