Top 10 Things to Tell Sword Art Online Haters

With the anticipated second Sword Art Online movie project in place, it brings up one issue that the franchise still faces. Why do the Sword Art Online haters have to make the fans feel bad and ruin the series for them? This is a list of what to say to the haters in the WITHOUT BEING TOO MUCH OF A RAGING FAN. So think carefully about what you say before adding it to this list if you don't want more haters.

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1 Go watch something better instead of bashing the fans for liking something hate.

I did put SAO II on my most hated anime list, mainly because I think it didn't live up to my expectations. The story was predictable and the plot twist was bland. But that's just my opinion. Good points of the show, though, were the animation and awesome fights, but I need more depth than that. I did enjoy the first season of SAO, though. I like to just put my opinion out there. It's good for the soul, and I don't like bashing fans. If you like the anime, then that's cool with me as long as you even like anime in the first place.
- Mcgillacuddy

I watched SAO because I was generally curious. Even Season 2 had me a little curious. In the end I hated both of them. How will I know if I like something if I don't watch it? - RoseRedFlower

Wow, what a hypocrite - PrinceOfFire

I like this point

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2 Not everyone hates it.

Sorry ModernSpongeBobSucks, I have got nothing against Sword Art Online. But I don't think this is a very good idea to make a list. Don't take it offensively please. I am a big fan of Led Zeppelin. And I know there are many Led Zeppelin haters on toptens. But I won't say anything to them. At first WonkeyDude98 and I had some issues. Well, it was all about comments. But then things got solved. He still doesn't like Led Zeppelin. And I still like Led Zeppelin. But now we don't argue. And I found that he likes some songs that I also like. Actually it's the thing that you can hate. Not the fans you'd want to hate. Again nothing offensive here. I am just expressing my experiences - zxm

I don't care if people like it. If you like something, that's cool. You can like whatever. However, don't start spamming me with messages or acting like a troll because I don't like it. - RoseRedFlower

Yeah, fans need to learn that people who disagree with them are just EXPRESSING THEIR OPINION, not badgering them to change their minds. - alphadan12

That doesn't matter,for everything,theirs a fandom and a Hatedom - Nateawesomeness

3 Don't make the fans feel bad.

I can't make fans feel anything. They decide what they can feel. They can ignore my remarks. It should also be noticed that I only try to express my opinion. It's never to offend anyone. I've had people try to make me feel bad for liking Ouran Highschool Host Club. So? I don't care what they say. They have their opinion and I have mine. - RoseRedFlower

The haters can hate what they want. On feeling bad of the existence of haters depends on the fans themselves. It's not the haters' fault - MLPFan

I have seen so much terrible treatment over YouTube, some of the haters are just straight up horrible. - Coreylordo

Don't make the haters feel bad - TwilightKitsune

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4 Hating is a waste of time.

Like I said, hating is when you hate something for no good reason or a poor reason. If you have solid reasons for why you don't like SAO, that doesn't make you a hater. You're someone with an opinion. You can't just point fingers and call people haters because they don't like what you like. That's just being childish. - RoseRedFlower

Waste of time? But what if I hate the thing from the start because it was bad then I wasted my time for USING IT not HATING IT - PrinceOfFire

By that logic, loving is a waste of time - TwilightKitsune

How? - 906389

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5 Go read the light novels instead.

I didn't need to read Harry Potter to enjoy the movies. I watched the first two movies before I started reading the books. I didn't need to read the light novel for Strawberry Panic in order to like the anime. It's how you translate it into anime that makes me want to read it. I have no interest in reading the light novels because the anime presented it in a negative way. The reason I read Kaichou Wa Maid Sama was because the anime was good. Why should I read crap (Twilight) when the movie was bad? - RoseRedFlower

Anime is a separate entity. If you can't hold people's interest in the show, then their is literally no point in telling them to spend their money on stuff that they probably won't like.
It overall sounds like your giving up, and saying "Ah yeah the show sucks but the graphic novel is good as good"
Contrary to popular belief, reading a manga won't make you like an anime more. Deal with it.

Yese, you finnally told me to go read Chapter 16.5 - YourWaifuSucks

6 I respect your opinion but don't shove it in my face

Thanks for respecting my opinion. I respect yours too. Don't shove it in my face and make a list of ridiculous claims to 'haters'. - RoseRedFlower

Sometimes I see a guy say it's bad, someone else says "That's your opinion, mate" then the hater just continues on saying it's bad, the jerk. - Coreylordo

That could be said by a hater - Nateawesomeness

You too my fan - PrinceOfFire

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7 Go hate somewhere else instead of being a prick to the fans.

Wow, how original. It sounds like your last desperate attempt to defend SAO. How about instead of making blunt claims about why SAO is good, you give a list of good reasons as to why SAO is good. - RoseRedFlower

The fans are being pricks,their butthurt - Nateawesomeness

8 Nobody wants haters.

Haters can be funny. Watch some dumb tweets and you can find them hilarious. Some can be annoying but there's a difference between a hater and someone who has legit reasons as to why they don't like it. - RoseRedFlower

Some of the most hilarious things I've read on the web are hate comments. - alphadan12

You could say this about anything - samanime

There could be hater of anything. I won't hate them. At least I won't say it in open. - zxm

I can laugh at some haters of the stuff I like. Some of them are laughable - MLPFan

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9 Some of your reasons for hating it are overly exaggerated

First, give me an example. Second, people do have reasons as to why they don't like SAO. Even the creator himself was saying that SAO has problems. How can we be exaggerating? - RoseRedFlower

Ok let me explain why everything after aincrad is insulted: kirito is not that amazing of protagonist yes he does good but yet he never really tries to get his harem stopped after being in an established relationship He also seems like a Gary stue by being super overpowered (in the game at least) with nothing to show how he did this is why I admire Goku because it's shown how he becomes so powerful that's the problem I don't hate this anime it's just overrated - samanime

My main problem with it is that it started becoming a semiharem based series. I haven't seen anything past the first episode after death gun but I'm thinking of getting back into it once again... - HeavyDonkeyKong

I'll admit Phantom Bullet wasn't the greatest thing in the world, but Mother's Rosario is amazing. You should at least watch that. - Absolite

Ecce Homo Qui Est Faba - PrinceOfFire

10 You only hate it because it's popular.

Oh yay! This argument! How classy! How impossible to argue against! How intelligently thought out! How not idiotic! Totally not a backup plan to just throw at people who actually have good reasons for hating sword art online!

Wow, what a strong argument. I think overrated is what I would use instead. I love tons of different anime that are popular. Soul Eater, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, FMA, etc. You can't just use the argument of popularity to validate the plot holes of SAO. - RoseRedFlower

If an anime this bad came out and no-one liked it, I wouldn't hate it this much, because it wouldn't be EVERYWHERE. Honestly, this is the worst anime I have ever seen.

To say this is proof that you are outwitted. - izayaorihara

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11 It's better than some certain anime.

So? You can't just say that one thing is bad and then say at least it's not this. I think the Asterisk War is worse than SAO, that doesn't make SAO look better. I think that KissXSis is worse than SAO, that still doesn't make it better. I think that Future Diary is better than SAO, that doesn't excuse the problems with Future Diary. - RoseRedFlower

Be specific because I know free is better then boku no piccolo but doesn't mean I should like free - samanime

Just because bokunopico no pico exists doesn't mean this isn't bad - Nateawesomeness

There is school days - ikerevievs

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12 At least it's not School Days

Haha, yeah. People may hate SAO, but there are worse anime out there. Like, have you even heard of Tenshi Drop? Trust me, it's garbage

13 You do realize there are worse anime than this.

This was already mentioned. It was titled: It's better than some certain anime. - RoseRedFlower

That's where you're wrong kiddo

Boku no poco and dragon ball gt come to mind here. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Boku no poco - PeeledBanana

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14 Don't hate it just because other people say it's bad

Seriously, most people only hate on SAO because their friends or family or favourite anime YouTubers say it sucks. It's become so popular to hate on SAO that people who haven't even seen it hate on it. You need to decide for yourself whether you like SAO or not (and if you already have, that's fine). For example, I started watching SAO under the impression that it would suck and that I was just wasting my time, but I personally really liked it

15 Go get a life

I have a life. I won't be too specific since I like my privacy but I do. - RoseRedFlower

Well, personally, I'd call going into the real world more life-like than overpraising an otherwise mediocre anime and writing a whole bunch of fanfics.

16 I'm Triggered

We can tell - EpicJake

Yep. - alphadan12


17 There are some saving points for the anime.

This I will agree with because the opening and animation is amazing BUT there are still problems like all anime - samanime

True. I love the song Crossing Field and the animation is pretty. Plus, Agil is best girl. - RoseRedFlower

18 And who do you think you are to tell me what is good and what isn't? If I feel like talking about SAO that means that I'm gonna talk about it, now piss off!

I never said: "You should hate SAO! It's an abomination of mankind! " I gave reasons as to why I didn't like SAO. You sound overly defensive about it. Maybe you should calm down and take some time to relax. This is anime. We're supposed to enjoy it with people who do. Not get overly upset when someone else doesn't like it. - RoseRedFlower

Yeah, most hardcore fans of something have a thing where they tend to get emotional about criticism and respond to it by throwing a fit. - alphadan12

19 Hate on Sugou, not Kirito.

Honestly, they're both not very good. Sugou is a generic villain that was given a creepy personality because he's evil. Kirito is a dull character who never changes throughout the story. He keeps talking about how he's a 'lone gamer' but he teams up so many times in the Aincrad Arc! Not only that but he praised Kayaba for never running away but Sugou did. Kayaba killed thousands of people, that's why he never ran away. Also, way to say you shouldn't hate SAO but it's okay to hate this guy! Kind of seems a bit hypocritical. - RoseRedFlower

Okay, whoever disliked that is definitely triggered

Ones a rapist the other is a generic male lead - PrinceOfFire

They both suck. Kirito is a boring generic kid with no personality besides just being "the good guy". The show refused to make him look bad, and just makes him this godlike figure with no weakness.
Sogou is a generic Villain with nothing redeeming. He's just an over-the-top criminalistic villain that no one would realistically trust or side with. You are supposed to hate him, and nothing else.
And this argument is stupid anyway. Why would you dislike one character in place of another? If you dislike a character, you can dislike another character just fine. It's not up to someone on a top ten list.

20 Watch Log Horizon instead

Yes! Log Horizon and.hack//sign are really good! You should watch it! - RoseRedFlower

21 Listen to the soundtrack

I liked the soundtrack. However, that doesn't make SAO perfect. I liked the soundtrack to Suicide Squad but that movie had problems too. - RoseRedFlower

That music that played when kirito fought the gleam eyes though... - HeavyDonkeyKong

Just because something has a good soundtrack doesn't make it good. - 906389

Yeah because everything else in the show is complete garbage.

22 Why not you worry about your favorite anime and I'll worry about yours?

Sorry, but this whole list is a joke.

Okay I'm guessing this should have said: Why not worry about your favorite anime and I'll worry about mine?
Honestly, if you can't re-check your question, to make sure it makes sense, get off the internet and read a dictionary. - RoseRedFlower

Wait what? - PeeledBanana


23 I completely agree with you.
24 You're right. This anime is garbage.

Sword Art Online IS total garbage! Seriously, go watch Log Horizon, it's better and has less mary sues and gary stus

25 Why do you even care?

Hater who watches Ordinal Scale trailer: Why is this franchise still around?
Me: Why do you care? If you don't like this franchise even after season 2, then don't bother anymore and move on. - Coreylordo

26 SAO is a great anime. Reasons.

Okay, don't see my opinion as rage but, I think SAO has reasons to its amazing story. 1. It's very tearful. I watched season 1 and by the end of the season, I was crying to tears (People around me thought I was crazy...). 2. The cliffhangers make people hang onto the edge of their seats. I had to hold my heart as it raged for me to watch more SAO. It wanted to find all the scary, dramatic, and romantic parts. 3. It is magical. The anime makes you die when it becomes sad but then, a happy (-ish) end comes. Now please don't tell me this is rage fan opinion. It isn't. Anyways, yeah. that it? You just said SAO is great and added the word reasons. You didn't actually give out reasons. You just said it. You know, I'm starting to wonder what the purpose of this list is. - RoseRedFlower

27 Go eat dog poop

This is a very reasonable response


28 I'll have my opinions, and you'll have yours. However, that doesn't mean you can ridicule people for having different opinions than you do.
29 Hate isn't Great

Hey it rhymes! If you have such problem with 'hate' ignore it. Ever heard the saying don't feed the trolls? - RoseRedFlower

"That's pretty much almost like saying the Holocaust or terrorism is amazing."
Look a triggered person

Hate is AMAZING.

"Hate is AMAZING."

That's pretty much almost like saying the Holocaust or terrorism is amazing.

30 Quit shaming the fans!

You mean te fans that say stupid stuff like what's on this list?

The fans don't bother me. It's not like I get all raged when I see SAO fanart or cosplay. I like looking at that stuff even if it's from SAO. - RoseRedFlower

31 It actually gets better in the second season
32 Get bent.

They've probably already did so with Boku no Pico figurines. - Skullkid755

What does that mean?

Wow, an insult that ten year old Bart Simpson uses. Classic. - RoseRedFlower


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33 Because you're a donkey!

Donkeys are clever then

No I'm a karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon. You come and go, you come and go~! - RoseRedFlower

34 You are awesome
35 Respect other people's opinion. Your opinion isn't the only one that matters.
36 Haters gonna hate

Don't worry about those haters.They just probably watched better anime than SAO.It's their opinion.Not us fans.So we should just ignore them.

37 There are far worse anime

Boku no Pico, School Days, Bakugan. enough said. - FrozenHatingPokefan

38 Stop generalizing the entire fanbase.
39 Please be more rational.

It's one thing to start an intelligent discussion on why they don't like SAO, but it's another to attack directly and/or generalize the fans.

Ad Homenims will not improve your argument. - alphadan12

40 Shut up ugly brat

Shut up, immature child - izayaorihara

41 Bite Me!
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