Top Ten Best Things That Would Happen to a Day at School


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61 You get free cake for lunch

Yum! I mean, who doesn't love cake?! - MLPFan

Only eat it if you know it's not made by the cafteteria cooks. - FennikenFan9

62 The U.S. military force accidentally blows up your school to smithereens

Well, when you're not in the school. then it would be awesome but no if you're in there

Dude you would get killed are you crazy and it might damage though town of your weren't at school

63 Bully gets beaten

He had it coming

I've beaten up bullies

64 Going home early

Happens to Me Once a Month

Happens to me in my exams

This happened to me once - MLPFan

65 A fight breaks out

I love watching fights, but I hate being in fights. Weird.

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66 The school orders pizza from pizza hut

They do that in my school of the Homeroom class who has the fewest or no people absent every 6 weeks

Domino's sucks. I wish they would've brought in Pizza Hut once in a while... - benhos

Domino's does NOT suck! What are you talking about? By the way, Pizza Hut is good too. :-)

That happens to us in our academics team

Our school has these in the canteen

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67 Free chocolate

In my primary school we got chocolate every week for the last 7 weeks of Year 6 - RockStarr

We get free icecreams after the final examinations

68 Jackie Evancho visits and sings

But then every girl would put on earphones than are much too glittery for your eyes, and listen to Justin Beiber, the boys will run off to the gym rippin' off their shirts because there's no supervision. You're just left listening to bliss. - FennikenFan9

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69 Getting to play your favorite video game at school for this rest of the year

Sonic Adventure 2 all day every day

How about replacing PE with DDR? - Entranced98

70 A zombie apocalypse happens and you and your best friends acquire guns and fight

That would be best if it happened in a physics period

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71 Fhritp guy does the announcements
72 Seeing your crush nude

There are so many perverted items on this list. A lot! Just stop it already! - cosmo

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73 You walk in the bathroom while a hot girl has her pants and underwear down

Ugh Some Pervert Just Put This Here

How dare you speak of science you pervert

Even though I can be a horndog at times, this is just a little too far - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Science2311 added this on here

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74 Your crush strips to her underwear and dances sexy

WHAT THE $&@#! How could this possibly happen at school?

75 Go home in a Bugatti

I saw a spoiled student (not disclosing names) go into school, on her birthday, IN A LIMO!

I saw someone go home in a limo once.

Driving class with free supplies of any car youwant

76 Going home on an optare solo SR
77 Everyone acknowledging your existence and speaks to you
78 All the mean people in the school become nice

That would be awesome.

I love how this one is 100 - tent2

79 You are forced to play Super Smash Bros Brawl

Yay I want this to happen!

80 School gets closed forever
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