Top Ten Things Wrong With Warrior Cats

I LOVE the Warrior Cats series. It's a very good series, but there are things wrong with it. Here are some of them. I'm sorry if this list is kinda inacurrate

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1 Erin Hunter not giving Hollyleaf a power just because they couldn't think of a power for her

Right? I mean there’s so many things to do! I mean she could have a power where she can blind her enemies, see perfectly in the dark, turn invisible, the possibilities are endless! Instead they gave Dovewing the power of being a max-level Mary Sue.

To be honest, Dovewing wasn't that bad. When Hollyleaf hid in the tunnels after the other cats think she died, Dovewing could become but the third cat. Then, Hollyleaf could become the fourth cat all along, instead of Firestar. Firestar is in many prophecies, which is utter nonsense.

Powers? As in Draikinator's video on the topic, Hollyleaf would be awesome with the power to know a cat's true intentions/when they're lying,


I mean duh!
Hollyleaf deserved it way more than Dovewing(a lot of offense). I also agree with second place, but this is more like it. I don't rlly care about dovewing, but this is about Hollyleaf, people! At least Ivypool did something. Dovewing just pretended to fight off beavers. Hollyleaf would've actually used her powers!

I'm not even a huge Hollyleaf fan, but still. Even if this was an interesting twist in the story, it's awful that the only reason she was not one of the three was because the Erins couldn't come up with a cool power with her. Like, come on!

2 ThunderClan always being the hero while other clans especially ShadowClan are always the enemies

This is something I really agree with. When Bramblestar was checking on the other Clans in Bramblestar's Storm, ShadowClan had said they didn't need ThunderClan coming in, thinking they would help or " save " everyone. ShadowClan didn't need ThunderClan's interference. I think it was right of them to say that. ThunderClan brought back WindClan and saved ShadowClan from the nearby rogues and badgers, even though I don't think this should've been included in the way it was. For RiverClan fans who agree with this, they can say Crookedstar was the one who sheltered the ThunderClan cats after the fire destroyed the forest. At one of the Gatherings in when Bluestar was still in distress for choosing the deputy position over Mistystar and Stonefur, she reminded WindClan for the dept they owed for bringing them back to their home. WindClan angrily questioned if they should be ran by ThunderClan just for bringing them back again. This is when RiverClan and ShadowClan form a small alliance with ...more

Thunderclan always gets all the attention and is always the hero. And Shadowclan is always the enemy. It’s so unfair I think the clans should take turns being the hero. It’s always about thunderclan being the hero and all. And in secrets of the clans in the thunderclan section it states that thunderclan is the clan of DESTINY. That’s so annoying. And I think the other clans shouldn’t have a bad reputation.

Seriously. I. Hate. This. ShadowClan is my favorite Clan. Why should ThunderClan have all the advantages over them? Firestar basically made a Clan of kittypets. He's in almost every prophecy. Don't even get me started with Lionblaze. Out of every cat ever created in the books, Lionblaze is the one I hate the most. ShadowClan (And WindClan and RiverClan) should've had at least one book for themselves. ~Mistyrain

Ok, people listen up! #1 ThunderClan wins ALMOST every fight. #2 ThunderClan has the Mary Sues and Gary Stu ( aka Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Dovewing. I MEAN COME ON!? NEVER GETTING INJURED IN BATTLE WHAT THE HECK? ) #3 Firestar. I have no more words for that kittypet. #4 Nearly every book is based on them der der der. I love everything that's not super overpowered. Blackstar was an amazing leader! So was Rowanstar and Tigerstar ( Not the bad guy ) My second is RiverClan. You gotta admit. Mistystar is obviously awesome. #5 THUNDERCLAN IS TOO NICE

3 Dovewing being the third cat when she did almost nothing

I see the ones below this and think wow most of those are ridiculously stupid better vote for a less stupid one. For example 14 because the injury that scourge inflicted on firestar wasn't as fatal as the injury inflicted to tiger star it mentions IN THE BOOK that firestar dodged the blow that had taken all of tiger stars lives. Sorry for the hate but this is plain stupid. Now another example is 9 Sorry your argument actually goes against science! Cats can have many different colour pigments and patterns also there may be dormant genes so ya broke the myth. This last one the no gay couples one isn't stupid but let's think your right there should be gay couples it would add more plot and is just rude to ignore them as these cats are sentient cats from what in know are only sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Though these are sentient cats and I agree there should be gay couples. Now look at the others with a new understanding really the farther down you go the worse it gets. Sorry ...more

Dovewing just obsessed over this guy she liked. Every other cat in the entire kriffing SERIES actually did something. (Excluding Silverstream and Spottedleaf)

All she did was whine! “Poor me, I’m in a relationship with Tigerheart that breaks the warrior code in so many ways, while my sisters risking her life for the clans every night and I have to yell at her about it! Life’s so hard!” Her power did almost NOTHING! But everyone goes “Oh, Dovewing, what could we do without you?” All she did was waste her powers on spying on Tigerheart!

Let's be real, she's just thrown in for more unnecessary token romance and drama...

4 Firestar being part of almost every prophecy

Firestar is a fat, lazy Gary Stu. He walks in camp, and all of a sudden he's everyone's hero. And he has three she-cats going after him. Not that he can control that, but he hurts Sandstorm's feelings when he mopes about missing Spottedleaf. I felt so bad for Sandstorm when Firestar kept mentioning Spottedleaf in front of her.
Firestar sucks.

He is so overrated and weak and soft and stop me before I go on a rant

He is a kittypet with no clan blood broke the warrior code is to soft and is way to nice!

I hate this so much WHY is Firestar so important. WHY did he have to be part of everyone?! He can hardly fight!

Formula for when the series gets too boring: Battle, prophecy, Firestar wins.

5 Ashfur being accepted by StarClan

Ashfur should've gone to the dark forest of mapleshade did.
He attempted to kill his leader, Hollyleaf, jayfeather and lionblaze

Thistleclaw is a pedophile. He was romantically interested in Spottedleaf when she was a young apprentice and manipulated her. He was the reason why she turned from a warrior apprentice to a med. cat apprentice

Ashfur tries to kill four cats, yet is in StarClan. Thistleclaw kills no one yet is in the dark forest.

Ashfur is a villain and should be treated like one. That means no StarClan for him!

6 Erin Hunter brought back Hollyleaf just to kill her in the next book

This pissed me off so hard when I found out (through spoilers) that I actually refused to read the rest of the books. Why give her all of that development just to kill her off again? Lazy writing?

What was that for I thought it was going to be better. But once you think about it what did she every come back in the first place and Hawkfrost that kills her why not Tigerstar

Let's bring back a good character only to kill her two books later! Yay!...

I smashed the book against the wall. It doesn't make sense

7 Too many forbidden couples

Some are good, like BluexOak, and LeafxCrow, but most are just annoying. I’m starting to think the Erin’s just use it as a filler. DovexTiger is awful and toxic, and now Rootspring and Bristlefrost are in love? I know Rootspring was in love with Bristlefrost, but Bristlefrost never liked him back, or had a single thought about liking him, but know she’s in love with him? I mean, what?

The forbidden couple is an annoying trope in general. What makes it even worse is how cats never get any sort of punishment for it. A good example is Leafpool. She ruined the lives of other cats, and what happens? Nothing! And that's just one example. It happens too many times to count. It's almost like the writers are running out of ideas so they grip onto the same thing over and over.

- this is very, very repetitive. when I read a new warriors book, I often sense a possible future relationship, a very repetitive plot, cats from other clans with cats from other clans together. There might not even be a definitive sign, but you just know something forbidden or "special" is to happen ( says the repeating plot and character development and " last book problem resolved " kind of thing). So,...have alll the kits you want cats, "totally not forbidden and not known of" - sorry for long text, had to be quite honest

There were so many good points in this list but I feel like this is the most repetitive one.

8 Spottedleaf stalking Firestar even though she's dead

It’s creepy, I mean spottedleafs like 40 moons old and Firepaw is just six moons when it starts, clearly Thistleclaw gave her some lessons.

I disagree. Yeah come at me haters. I actually love Spottedleaf and think she’s one of the bravest cats throughout the series. She died fighting for other cats both times even though she was a medicine cat and probably knew nothing about fighting. As for her “stalking” Firestar, let me remind you that Firestar was always HAPPY when he saw her in dreams. I wouldn’t call that “stalking”. It’s two cats meeting each other willingly.

She probably mastrubates to Firestar in the after-afterlife since there's no one around to catch her

Exactly. Spottedleaf sucks, and Sandstorm did something useful.

9 Impossible genes

You guys are worrying about impossible genes when these are literally cats who can speak like a day after birth and worship the stars? Huh.

Yep. I've seen a ton of these of the Wikia. One of them being Shellheart ( dappled gray tom ) X Rainflower ( pale gray she-cat ) apparently equals Crookedstar ( light brown tabby tom ) and Oakheart ( reddish brown tom ) There is also Larksong ( tortoiseshell she-cat ) X Flamenose ( ginger tom ) equals Featherwhisker ( gray tom ) There's Skystar ( pale gray tom ) X Storm ( gray tabby she-cat ) equals Thunderstar ( ginger tom with a white splash ) There's Stagleap ( dark brown tom ) X Wrenflight ( brown she-cat ) which equals Ashfoot ( gray tom ) There's Mistmouse ( brown she-cat ) X Hareflight ( brown tabby tom ) equals Ryestalk ( gray tabby she-cat ) Dawn Mist ( Yellow-and-ginger tabby she-cat ) X Moss Tail ( dark brown tom ) equals Drizzle ( gray-and-white she-kit ) This might come from the mother's or father's parents ( So sorry if I keep saying Dovewing and Ivypool's father might be Ashfur because I checked and it's confirmed that their father is Birchfall )

They should've studied biology, or at least read a couple books about cats.

10 Cats being able to talk within days of birth

I think that cats in the WarriorCats series can that and open their eyes so quickly, is because cats have shorter lives than humans, 1 moon for a cat is like 1 year for humans in terms of life span. This for some reason does not apply to Mistystar, though.

It does make sense cause cats meow like a day after birth.
Meow, Meow!
Milk, Milk!

If cats could talk if would take ages for them to learn how to talk.

It's a FICTION book so cats CAN talk within days of birth.

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11 So many cats in thunderclan

If you look in the allegiances, you'll see like 50 cats in thunderclan, 20 cats in riverclan, 15 cats in shadowclan and 10 cats in windclan.

Yes, I mean there must be like 40 or so now, I'm hoping for a huge purge in The Raging Storm because its getting ridiculous and I don't think the authors can keep track of them, let alone the readers.

I agree soooooo much.

Yes, I mean there’s like 30 warriors in thunder clan and like 9 in the others so it’s totally not fair

12 Names that don't make sense

Personally, I think there are a lot of repetitive possibilities with names (hey, I have an OC named Stormstorm). Mumblefoot? Harveymoon? My personal favorite...Daisytoe. "Oh wow! A daisy near my foot! IT MUST BE A SIGN."

Billystorm is a great name, you do know that a Billy Club is a deadly weapon, don't you

It’s a book. Just like in real life, names don’t make sense

Like people have the name jack, but it doesn’t make sense

And twigbranch’s name does make sense. It represents her growth from a twig to a branch.

I mean Twigbranch?! Who thought that was a good idea?!

13 The warrior code itself

It can be extremely stupid, as well as the medicine cat code can be. I mean, how many cats have broken the mates rule at this point?

Many apprentices did not travel to the moonstone

Oh! Let’s keep separate all the clans so every clan can INBREED inside Itself and everyone can be related to everyone.

Yes, let's all get diseases from mating with cousins and relatives for YEARS and eventually mating your littermate (Yes, I'm looking at you, Willowpelt and Patchpelt)

It's gross

The cats will eventually all die from genetic mutations

14 Mapleshade going to the dark forest

Um...what...? You think she should have gone to StarClan? Listen, she even wanted to go to the Dark Forest...

Yes, and ASHFUR gets to starclan, what type of nonsense is this?

She did murder 2 cats and tried to murder another sooo

Mapleshade: Dark forest
Ashfur: Starclan

15 A very repetitive plot

I feel like I'm reading the same plot in every new arc!

One day in _________ Clan...
Tom: I love you!
She-cat: But I can never be with you *knows she'll end up with him anyway*
She-cat+Tom: *touch noses*
Moons later...
Tom: Hmm I say we give them to your clan:(
She-cat: Nuu can't leave u! :'(
She-cat: *has kits*
Tom: *goes back to _____Clan*
Kit 1: Mommy where's my dad?!
She-cat: *depressed.

16 StarClan is biased

Mapleshade: Had a harsh life, and killed cats out of fury. I mean, her kits drowned, her mate rejected her, her Clan rejected her, and she had nowhere to go.
StarClan: Whelp, lol, Dark Forest for you! See ya!

Ashfart: Went insane due to getting dumped by Squirrelflight, and attempted to murder her family, also helped plot to kill Firestar.
StarClan: Welcome to StarClan!

Mapleshade: goes insane because her clan turns against her, her kits die, her “mate” not only says it’s her fault, but has already become mates with someone else, and she goes mad from grief, then kills the cats she blames for her kits deaths.
Starclan: “You’ll never be welcomed here after all that you’ve done! Burn in hell!”

Ashfur: goes crazy because his crush doesn’t like him back, proceeds to try to burn her and her sisters kits alive, as well as plot with two of the most evil cats in the history of Warriors and kill his leader.
Starclan: “Oh, it’s not your fault you loved too much little Ashy!”

There’s a logical reason behind Thistleclaw going to the Dark Forest, but what about Mapleshade? Her mate replaced her, her kits died in front of her, her Clanmates betrayed her. She killed one cat and caused the blindness and eventual death of one. And she gets sent to the Dark Forest.
I mean, multiple signs point to insanity/schizophrenia!
If Ashfur tried to kill four cats ‘out of love’, then Mapleshade did too. The only reason she killed Ravenwing and Frecklewish was because she ‘saw’ her kits begging her to avenge them. It fhat’s not love, I don’t know what is!
Mapleshade was a depressed, insane mom avenging her children. Ashfur was a depressed, insane loser who was so angry that his girlfriend for two weeks dumped him, he decided to murder her family.

17 No gay couples

They can't exactly have "gay couples", at least not in Clans because...the main reason why a lot of cats even got together is to have kits. That, and because cats are not humans. They don't have a complex mind like humans do.

This may sound controversial, but reproduction is a part of nature and animals IN nature, plus it's seen as a good thing when a couple has kits. Kits = more Clan members.

Maybe there is a gay couple in a Clan, but they wouldn't really mention it because it barely affects the plot (unless there's a conflict that results from it, which would make sense). Maybe they would mention two cats touching noses or twining their tails, but not much else. Warriors likes focusing on a lot of (forbidden) romance, which is pretty dumb now that they've done it so much to the point of cliche, but that's a "conflict" because it's "forbidden".

If this whole "no gay couples" thing is only due to people and their "shipping", that's a bit of a ...more

Well, the Erin's couldn't make a gay couple because the book series is worldwide and they couldn't make it because some countries don't allow gay marriage and people might get offended. Though, Ravenpaw and Barley are obviously together and Tallstar and Jake.
But they couldn't make any official gay couples as I said before.

1. Tallstar x Jake & Ravenpaw x Barley are considered to be canon.
2. Even if they weren't, it still wouldn't be bad.

There are two gay couples, but no lesbian ones. I think we need some more.

That's good to me.

18 Tigerstar losing all his lives when scourge killed him, yet firestar only loses one.

Tigerstar did get his 9 lives. read the Ultimate guide! Scourge's blow litary ripped his throat open! The blow Firestar got was different

I just voted for this so I can set things straight... Tigerstar never got his nine lives from Starclan. He didn't actually randomly lose every single life when scourge killed him.

Ummm... how does this make sense? Tigerstar is more powerful than Firestar by a mile and Scourge kills him in one blow. Firestar then dies to Scourge and cheats death some how. Then kills Scourge because suprise attack. What the heck Erin’s make a more logical plot Line! -Stormshard

It is like they WANTED tigerstar dead

19 Snowkit dies just to move Speckletail to the elders' den

Whey even have snowkit then?

That was depressing

20 Names like FeatherFeather are possible

It makes absolutely no sense at all! None! Also, names like StormStorm, StarStar, ClawClaw, WingWing, LeafLeaf, and CloudCloud are possible.

Featherfeather, storm storm, berryberry, clawclaw,starstar, leafleaf, cloudcloud, breezebreeze, there. That’s what I know.


21 Spottedleaf having a gross crush on Firepaw

Think about it: Spottedleaf was about 4 years old/49 moons when she died, meaning she had been (If my reasoning correct) somewhere around 45 or 44 moons when Firepaw arrived. FIREPAW WAS 6 MOONS OLD AT THE TIME. Firepaw had just barely reached sexual maturity, whereas Spottedleaf would have likely retired to the elder's den in a year or so. THIS IS LITERAL PEDOPHILIA. The Erins are just horrible with relationships like that; revolting age gaps, love after very few interactions, incest (e.g. Graystripe's parents), etc. It's absolutely disgusting.


not sure how anyone sane can ship them

That’s not pedo cats are adults after 6 months

22 Graystripe still thinks Mistystar is his daughter, who's actually his cousin in law that is older than him

Dude graystripe. Mistystar was a warrior when you were a kit

23 Why is there even a Dark Forest

Sending cats to dark forest makes everything even worse

So right

Yeah more DarkForest cats WANT to be in DarkForest!

24 WAY too many books, not enough story!

Man, it got repetative. Too many cats, too much drama, no sense. If u want a good read, try wings o fire. Same style of writing, but a more interesting and better thought out story.

The first few books were great, but the Erin’s are just repeating the same old storyline over and over. Quit adding extra pointless books! And yes, read Wings of Fire! It is a great story! #Glorybringerrules

This may be the reason immma stop reading warriors.

25 The Warrior Code is broken so many times

Person who made the warrior code=Rock, an evil 😈 cat who uses the Clans to cause pointless deaths, and for Mapleshade haters, she didn’t start the chain. Rock did.

Cat 1: I'm gonna go marry this hawt cat from another Clan even though the law says not to. DERP
Cat 2: I LOVE you BABEH! *chases after cat 1*
Cat 1: We'll live happily ever after! Yay!

I totally agree and Thunderclan has BROKEN the Warrior Code more times than I can remember. Why can't most cats follow the rules of the forest. I still don't und understand why did their ancestors even lay out the laws in the first place if every warrior we now has broken it! I can list numerous cats that have broken the Warrior Code:


Those are some rule-braking cats though I bet there's more out there.

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