Top 10 Things You Would Do If My Little Pony Gets Cancelled but Re-Airs Later

If this show gets cancelled but it comes back later, this is what you might do just because you hate this.

The Top Ten

1 Kill Lauren Faust

Wow, you want kill Lauren over a cartoon you dislike? - RoseWeasley

2 Commit suicide
3 Call that day the worst day of your life
4 Throw a party for the bronies
5 Protest against Hasbro
6 Wish you become president and make this show illegal to watch
7 Start world war 3
8 Play your favorite music
9 Kill the one who made this list
10 Laugh at a Bronie

First learn to spell brony. - RoseWeasley

The Contenders

11 Deal with it
12 Write Lauren Faust on the death note
13 Throw tantrums
14 Kill a brony
15 Show one of the older cartoons.
16 Show gen 3.5
17 Show the 80s movie
18 Sing "My Little Pony skinny and bony"
19 Get Kidz Bop to record a soundtrack
20 Tell them its supposed to be for little girls not you.
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