Top Ten Tips to Make a Good Warrior Cats OC

These are tips to make a good warrior cats OC. Hope these tips help

The Top Ten

1 Don't use unnatural cat fur/eye color (green, purple etc)

Ikr! I mean, unless they are making a completely new clan where like, ALL cats are rainbow or something...

I've seen ocs that have pink and green hair and I'm like what the frick dude

2 Don't use star as a prefix

Star is for only,Starstar doesn't even make a mouse tail length of sense.Also,it is disrespectful toward Star clan.

3 Give them some flaws

Indeed. Just for fun, I'm writing a super-edition called "Emberflight's Choice", and avoid making Emberflight too perfect. She gets into conflict with her mentor, Foxblaze, resulting in hatred for each other. As an apprentice, Emberflight ('paw' at the time) was a bit foolish, with an attitude. Many terrible things happen because of her mistakes, and she no longer feels she has a place in the Clan. Many begin to despise her, making her feel alone. She decides to leave. She says goodbye to her sister (Ravenfrost) one night, and leaves, without informing any other Clanmember. She struggles as a rogue to survive, facing rats, other loners, and dogs. She sees a strange black tom with a red BloodClan collar cornered by three large dogs. She leaps in to help, but the dogs continue to advance on the two cats. Finally, they are able to fight them off, sending the dogs retreating into the shadows of the alley. The fluffy BloodClan cat tells her that he could've handled that himself, and she ...more - Emberflight_of_StormClan

4 Don't use things cats don't know (galaxy, neon etc) as a prefix or suffix

Tigerstar's original name was actually Hammerclaw, but it was changed for this reason.

Whoa hammerclaw?!

5 Don't make him/her involved in more than 3 prophecies
6 Don't use the word beautiful, pretty, perfect etc as a prefix or suffix
7 Sometimes a simple name (Leafpelt, Lionclaw etc) can be as good as complicated names (Hawkthunder, Darkfire etc)

Though sometimes this can be pulled off, such as Ambermoon, or Goldenflower, just don't make it something are opposites, like Softslash or Snowrain.

8 A cat with a power is fine, but too much power will turn them to a mary sue
9 Give him/her a name that matches their personality/physical look
10 Don't make him/her have a super long name (Butterflysparkle, Marigoldpetal etc)

The Contenders

11 Don't give him/her accessories (collars, earrings, bracelets etc)
12 Be original

Like a comment from before said, don't copy a main character even a character that wasn't important

13 Don't make them overpowered

It's so funny when a tiny kit can take on a full trown badger

14 Don't Make Weird Suffixes Like Grayscale or Margoildpath

Just be simple

15 Give them a few scars/injuries, but don't go overboard.
16 Don't use moon, sun, or other symbolic things for the cats

Moon should never be used.My friend(I am looking at yoshi,that green dino! )even uses it.But the moon is very symbolic to the clans.The moon shines as a full moon at gatherings,there is the moonstone or moonpool,etc.Unless this isn't the case,just don't.Also,a cresent moon on the forehead won't ever happen,unless it is a birthmark,but even then,What Are The Chances? Now we come to sun-.Just don't.There isn't any way that a cat will look like a miniature cat like sun.Unless someone paints it neon yellow,which is cruel.Also,the sun up close is actually red,and if cats ever were to know that(they won't,sadly.then I would never see another sunstar,which is too common for me),then it would be more unreasonably used.Instead of sun,use fire or flame.Instead of moon,use night,or(if there is no shadow clan)shadow.When Erin hunter(wait,the erins)used moon,they admitted it was a mistake of theirs.Hope this helps!

17 Don’t copy a canon character from the books

If your’re trying to make an original character, then don’t make seem like to much of the cats, if you want make it a mix of a few cats, Or just make you’re own original character. For example, My oc, let’s say, Flamelight she is a mix between Hollyleaf And Mapleshade, but I’m not gonna make her to much like them, and let it go overboard am I, just use a few traits from the characters, and stop to make you’re own

18 Don’t make them the leader unless they have real leadership qualities

Ok, I am making a fan fiction about how my clan Oakclan was made and one of the characters ens up being leader. But this cat does possess leadership quality’s. This also goes for active leaders. Don’t make them suck at their job and make the protagonist do the leading.

19 Never give them powers
20 Be creative

Be creative and seek advice

Natural pelts work wonders, unatural pelts cause well trouble. Purple cats don't exist so stop making your cats purple if anything make a really gray purple so it looks more natural. Lavender eyes are okay but red eyes don't exist, it makes the character to edgy. Powers can be added if the prophecy calls for it, but no magic, its to unrealistic. Maybe something like can read minds or can put a thought into a cat's head, mind manipulation crap. Scars and injuries are great to add! It makes your character look tough and can even give them disadvantages. Your cats skills should not be all 10/10, your character needs specific skills their good at, if they're a medicine cat then make them bad at fighting and really good at medicine stuffs. Leaders cannot be young cats, its to unreasonable for a previous leader to choose a newly made warrior as the deputy. My cats are all older than 30 moons and leaders are typically older than 70 moons. hope this helps&

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