Top Ten Tips to Make a Good Warrior Cats OC

These are tips to make a good warrior cats OC. Hope these tips help

The Top Ten

1 Don't use unnatural cat fur/eye color (green, purple etc)
2 Don't use star as a prefix

Cats know what a star is, but naming them Starkit might turn them to a mary sue because it's like naming a cat after StarClan - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

3 Don't use things cats don't know (galaxy, neon etc) as a prefix or suffix

Tigerstar's original name was actually Hammerclaw, but it was changed for this reason.

Whoa hammerclaw?!

4 Give them some flaws

Indeed. Just for fun, I'm writing a super-edition called "Emberflight's Choice", and avoid making Emberflight too perfect. She gets into conflict with her mentor, Foxblaze, resulting in hatred for each other. As an apprentice, Emberflight ('paw' at the time) was a bit foolish, with an attitude. Many terrible things happen because of her mistakes, and she no longer feels she has a place in the Clan. Many begin to despise her, making her feel alone. She decides to leave. She says goodbye to her sister (Ravenfrost) one night, and leaves, without informing any other Clanmember. She struggles as a rogue to survive, facing rats, other loners, and dogs. She sees a strange black tom with a red BloodClan collar cornered by three large dogs. She leaps in to help, but the dogs continue to advance on the two cats. Finally, they are able to fight them off, sending the dogs retreating into the shadows of the alley. The fluffy BloodClan cat tells her that he could've handled that himself, and she ...more - Emberflight_of_StormClan

5 Don't make him/her involved in more than 3 prophecies
6 Don't use the word beautiful, pretty, perfect etc as a prefix or suffix
7 A cat with a power is fine, but too much power will turn them to a mary sue

1 or 2 powers are fine, but more than that will make them too OP - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

8 Give him/her a name that matches their personality/physical look
9 Sometimes a simple name (Leafpelt, Lionclaw etc) can be as good as complicated names (Hawkthunder, Darkfire etc)
10 Don't make him/her have a super long name (Butterflysparkle, Marigoldpetal etc)

The Contenders

11 Don't give him/her accessories (collars, earrings, bracelets etc)
12 Don't Make Weird Suffixes Like Grayscale or Margoildpath

Just be simple

13 Give them a few scars/injuries, but don't go overboard.
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