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Thank you for voting the mark of the beast! Totally deserves first.

What the hell is wrong with any number. I was born on 13th. Were I unlucky for my family? No. I hate the biased view of people. They taunt me regarding my birth date and that makes me sick. I am lucky to be born on this day and it is lucky for me and my family...

This is the devils number
I should love this number because I’m a demon at heart

Laugh out loud There is a phobia for that


Because it's an annoying number thing and I dislike that number!

Such a stranger number, because it supposdly never ends. I'm asking myself how is it possilbe?

First of all, pi is one of the greatest numbers, because it is a basis of digits summarizing the exact circumference of a circle in that scenario, yet it makes more sense than some other numbers that hardly mean much in comparison! And I bet almost all of the people commenting here are math haters who don't realize that math is what you'll need in life and that you wouldn't be born peacefully without math! So, no more disrespect or rudeness, and I wish yu a good day.

Hey, I love this guy, he's nice but erratic.
(I was trying to be humorous, you know. Heck, it's not working. )


This stupid joke/video thing drives me mad

Why do so many people like this stupid number!

This. Joke. Drives. Me. So. Mad. How. Is. This. Not. Number. One.

I hate this number with a burning passion! If I was in a room with 21 and Hitler, and I had a gun with two bullets, I would shoot 21 twice.


47 is the best number and 13 is the stupidest number ever and I can't even look at it for 1 second and I pre my pants

It's called the world's unluckiest number for a reason. It links to, Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table. Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day too (which is as of 1/4/2020, the next is on 13/11/2020)

I love the number thirteen and it is often considered bad luck and that's why it's my favorite number

13 is unlucky because there are 12 months in a year and 12 zodieack signs and other things that don't have 13


I might sound dumb, but is this number actually bad? Or is it just random?

Seven septillion, two hundred sixty-three sextillion, five hundred twenty-five quintillion, eight hundred ninety-two quadrillion, seven hundred fifty-nine trillion, six hundred twenty-three billion, five hundred eighty-seven million, twenty-three thousand, six hundred forty-one. Whew! Yeah, it's the worst.

7 septillion, 263 sextillion, 525 quintillion, 892 quadrillion, 759 trillion, 623 billion, 587 million, 23 thousand, 6 hundred and 41

Random numbers can't be good or bad.


People are too immature with this number. What in the world does it even mean?

It means a person is on one's crotch while the other is on theirs.

This number drives me crazy!, It's everywhere, Also for those who don't know, It's means sexual intercourse, That's why people are obsessed with this number.

It is a bad, most often inappropriate number.


47 is the best number and 13 is the stupidest number I just can't even look at it for 1 milliseconds I hope it has been rotting like food in hell forever and ever and it better not come back to life.

An unlucky number for Chinese/Japanese, It literally means death in Chinese ("si")/Japanese ("shi").

My neighbour chose a cat to take home out of 4 cats, the cat scratched his eye out! Of course they put the cat down afterwards

I hate the number 4 so much. it's a disgusting number. I can't even look at it for too long because it makes me want to throw up. why does it even exist? there aren't a lot of things that I despise more than this damn number. I hope it rots in hell forever.


That's the worst score possible in Flappy bird.

You don't like Zero Suit Samus? Get off from this list! It should be 11th!

Whats wrong with 0, it is neutral.

Why is 0 here? It's the base number for everything.


Cause ya know Four gon screech ya.
I was making it a little more pizazz.

Especially when someone says that they have to go number two

2 is terrible because your not first and if your in a competition getting last is better than getting second such a stupid number

Two is the worst number... It's horrible when your in second place in someones heart, it's horrible to be second in a competition. Two is just... Horrible.


It’s awful for the September 11 attacks, but at least it’s the police number.

This is so bad it saves people's life it should not be on this list

Pure ferrite melts by a temperature of 911 degrees.

Think about it s the 9 11 attack

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It real bad. Wow I'm like. Why why does there have to be a two there... Why

1.000.002 is not a a number 1.000002 is a number though

I don't think this is a real number.

The 2 just pisses me off


In swedish the way 6 is pronounced is the same as if you were to replace 'I' in with 'e'. So it's essentially the number immature sickos use when tricking others

Remove this off right now. This is my favorite number

I want to kill this number.

I don't hate it I just want it to be higher than 9


I hate this number, all my pothead friends going on about this number is so annoying.

A number associated with marijuana culture. Also the date Hitler was born and Columbine and Deepwater Horizon happened.

Whatcha Smoking?

420 blaze it up br


Poor 1 is so underrated

One is so boring. I hate one.

#1 may mean peeing. Peeing makes you have to go to the bathroom with more urge to go faster. Also, 1 is too overrated, it cannot be evenly distributed around a circle. And it sounds quite lonely.

Aw, come on folks. Everyone should know that One is the Loneliest number.


This number is worst and the most unluckiest number in numerology.

I hate this number. "12" is a REAL bad luck. How come everyone likes this number and nobody hates it? It's turning out so bad. What kind of hell these people going on? It really pisses me off when people think this number is a best and luckiest number. This number ruined my life and went horribly catastrophic. Why isn't this #1?

I see why you guys don't hate and overestimating this number, BUT don't be mistaken that is a luckiest number. 12 is rather to be a number of great liar and great hidden villain that tricks you the whole time. This number will lead to an endless controversies. So just DON'T trust this number, it is really dangerous. This number got me something terrible so many times.

This number is terrible because people makes “12-year-old” jokes


Because 6, 66, and 666 are three of the worst numbers ever!

This numbers is gay

This is my favorite number

To much death for all
My favorite number is 11👍🏽


Because it ends with 0!

My Serial number ends with 0.


This number sucks because you have to say goodbye to your childhood.

My favorite number is 18. (Dab)

A bad song by 1D


Listen to Revolution 9 by the beatles and you will vote for this. Trust me.

This number is the most oddest and very unsatisfying number

9 stages of hell, 9 Maximum Rides books, it means no in German, and the Beetles song "Revolution Number 9".

9 is cool, it shouldn't be on this list


I love 11's multiples table

I really despise this number

11 Is how many 3s make 33

I'm 11 and I'm proud! :P


When you try to divide by zero on a very old calculator, it usually keeps infinite looping until it reaches 999,999 or wherever that it runs out of digits.

Any number that could begin with 1 and have only 0s after it weirdly makes my palms and feet hurt so bad that only a massage, forgetting the number (which I can't do) and worsening the pain

Awesome number

Frick this number to heck


Father, my teacher says I need to write googleplux in number version. How do you write that? Well son, first you need to write the one, and then you add 000,000,000,000,000,

Two Centuries later as soon as my 1,000 greats later grandson has become 400,000, president,

Then you have to add one more zero and your complete. Don't worry Dad, I finished it when you told me about the first zero.

The googolplex is overrated. And when will you ever need a number this big?

This number is 10^(10^100)


Now that's how much I got in my pocket.

For those wondering, this is defined as one trestrigintillion.

For anyone wondering, this is defined as one tretrigintillion.

How long does that go? *backs away slowly*


I don't know whether this is Satan's number or 666

This could actually be the real mark of the beast.


I hate 2,9,0

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