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1 666

What the hell is wrong with any number. I was born on 13th. Were I unlucky for my family? No. I hate the biased view of people. They taunt me regarding my birth date and that makes me sick. I am lucky to be born on this day and it is lucky for me and my family...

Laugh out loud There is a phobia for that

yea worst, whats even worse its part of my username for school, we didn't choose it, I just HAD to have this one! great! (im being sarcastic). - celebfan3000

Discussing number I'm a Christian

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2 pi

First of all, pi is one of the greatest numbers, because it is a basis of digits summarizing the exact circumference of a circle in that scenario, yet it makes more sense than some other numbers that hardly mean much in comparison! And I bet almost all of the people commenting here are math haters who don't realize that math is what you'll need in life and that you wouldn't be born peacefully without math! So, no more disrespect or rudeness, and I wish yu a good day.

Hey, I love this guy, he's nice but erratic.
(I was trying to be humorous, you know. Heck, it's not working. ) - HezarioSeth

I remember on youtube they have this song for it. its called the pi song and it says alllll the numbers over and over again. searchi it up. and be amazed at how annoying it is.

Yes! I've seen this video and it's SO ANNOYING! (despite the fact that Pi is my favorite number. ) - RockFashionista

Agree should be number one.

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3 13

13 is so overrated. And 11 is awesome.

Only because athletes who pick it as their jersey number think it makes them intimidating because it's "unlucky. "

How is 13 overrated? It's considered unlucky almost all over the world. If any number is overrated, it's 7.

I hate 13 but I love 10

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4 21

This stupid joke/video thing drives me mad - jmepa1234

Why do so many people like this stupid number! - Jake09

This. Joke. Drives. Me. So. Mad. How. Is. This. Not. Number. One. - Vic21102

This number is one of the worst numbers in fortnite, 1 is the best!

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5 7,263,525,892,759,623,587,023,641

Seven septillion, two hundred sixty-three sextillion, five hundred twenty-five quintillion, eight hundred ninety-two quadrillion, seven hundred fifty-nine trillion, six hundred twenty-three billion, five hundred eighty-seven million, twenty-three thousand, six hundred forty-one. Whew! Yeah, it's the worst. - Arkadios200

7 septillion, 263 sextillion, 525 quintillion, 892 quadrillion, 759 trillion, 623 billion, 587 million, 23 thousand, 6 hundred and 41

That's a big number - RockStarr

€�This exact number really grinds my gears” - john lennon - Ed98

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6 4

4 is the only number that you have to pick up your pencil to complete the whole number

I can't think of a single instance where one must pick up the pencil to complete writing the number 4. - MaxAurelius

Because number 4 sounds like died is Chinese.
Number 4 is round down even number because it is lesser than 5. - SBS6679D

@Deed four is "si" in Chinese which sounds like death and "shi" in Japanese which also sounds like death - 50

February the 4th is unlucky it's also my birthday it's worst then Friday the 13th

4 is real number of the devil. listen, 1,2,3,5. That sounds so cool. It's like that one friend that you don't invite to the party, but still comes. Stupid Ryan

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7 2

Especially when someone says that they have to go number two

2 is terrible because your not first and if your in a competition getting last is better than getting second such a stupid number - PatrickStar

Two is the worst number... It's horrible when your in second place in someones heart, it's horrible to be second in a competition. Two is just... Horrible.

In Asphat Xtreme I kept Being 2nd Place and Kids rages At Fortnite because Of 2nd Place.

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8 12

I hate this number. "12" is a REAL bad luck. How come everyone likes this number and nobody hates it? It's turning out so bad. What kind of hell these people going on? It really pisses me off when people think this number is a best and luckiest number. This number ruined my life and went horribly catastrophic. Why isn't this #1?

I see why you guys don't hate and overestimating this number, BUT don't be mistaken that is a luckiest number. 12 is rather to be a number of great liar and great hidden villain that tricks you the whole time. This number will lead to an endless controversies. So just DON'T trust this number, it is really dangerous. This number got me something terrible so many times.

Worst and unluckiest number ever in numerology. Every time when I think about this number it drives me really crazy.

I just hate that number. I’d take even 666 and not 12🤮

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9 0

That's the worst score possible in Flappy bird.

Zero is the most powerful. Therefore its one of my favorites. - Curtis_Huber

You don't like Zero Suit Samus? Get off from this list! It should be 11th!

Is it an odd number or an even number
we will NEVER know

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10 69

People are too immature with this number. What in the world does it even mean? - Turkeyasylum

It is a bad, most often inappropriate number.

This number drives me crazy!, It's everywhere, Also for those who don't know, It's means sexual intercourse, That's why people are obsessed with this number.

Oh yeah what a dirty number

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11 1,000,002

1.000.002 is not a a number 1.000002 is a number though

I don't think this is a real number.

1 million and 2

The 2 just pisses me off

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12 16

This number is so obnoxious. I can't stand this stupid swagger of an integer. It should burn in hell.

I meant swaggot not swagger.

16 is awesome! don't mind that noob that called a swagger. - computerfan0

13 1

Poor 1 is so underrated - RockStarr

One is so boring. I hate one.

#1 may mean peeing. Peeing makes you have to go to the bathroom with more urge to go faster. Also, 1 is too overrated, it cannot be evenly distributed around a circle. And it sounds quite lonely.

It breeds arogance.

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14 6

I want to kill this number.

This number looks weird. - Curtis_Huber

I don't hate it I just want it to be higher than 9

I don't like this number. There is no specific way to write it. Do you use the curled top or a straight top? I don't know… - BlueTopazIceVanilla

15 911

This is so bad it saves people's life it should not be on this list

Pure ferrite melts by a temperature of 911 degrees. - S235

911 isn't bad. If it were 911-2001, then that would really suck though, especially since that is a possible 7 digit number (if all possible 7 digit combinations are counted.).

I think it means that guest 911 is god and will save people from guest 666. - mathguy37

Think about it s the 9 11 attack

16 11

I hate 9 and 11 because I always get them mixed up.

I love 11's multiples table

11 Is how many 3s make 33

I really despise this number

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17 457,034,570

My Serial number ends with 0. - SBS6679D

18 999,999

When you try to divide by zero on a very old calculator, it usually keeps infinite looping until it reaches 999,999 or wherever that it runs out of digits.

Any number that could begin with 1 and have only 0s after it weirdly makes my palms and feet hurt so bad that only a massage, forgetting the number (which I can't do) and worsening the pain

Awesome number

Frick this number to heck

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19 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Now that's how much I got in my pocket. - MasterJamezZXQ

Naw quit lying lol

How long does that go? *backs away slowly*

Is it a tenth of googol? I don't know - mathguy37

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20 9

9 stages of hell, 9 Maximum Rides books, it means no in German, and the Beetles song "Revolution Number 9".

9 is cool, it shouldn't be on this list

This was my favorite number in 5th grade because the person I wanted to be friends with was 9 in abc order.

This number is literally odd. I find it slightly symbolic of incompletion (as I see 10 as being complete) the incompletion does not set me off with the rest. its just that 1 off the completed data is what I find like a problem

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21 8

I hate the number 8. It seems to follow me wherever I go

2008 is when the stock market crashed

The number 8 is ruining my life


22 18

This number sucks because you have to say goodbye to your childhood. - PeeledBanana

My favorite number is 18. (Dab)

A bad song by 1D

23 290
24 420

420 blaze it up br

How is this a bad number

Whatcha Smoking?

how rude! - MaxAurelius

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25 6,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666

To much death for all
My favorite number is 11👍🏽

26 123,456,789

0 hates this nuumber


27 googolplex

Father, my teacher says I need to write googleplux in number version. How do you write that? Well son, first you need to write the one, and then you add 000,000,000,000,000,

Two Centuries later as soon as my 1,000 greats later grandson has become 400,000, president,

Then you have to add one more zero and your complete. Don't worry Dad, I finished it when you told me about the first zero.

The googolplex is overrated. And when will you ever need a number this big?

This number is 10^(10^100)

28 e

No function should have its gradient always equal to the relative abscissa. Hate it. But it can be useful. -

E is stupid and confusing. Hate it more than pi, and that's saying something.

I guess this is a number used in math or something. - RiverClanRocks

It's awkward as heck

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29 45

This number has unfavorable associations for me.

My least favorite number.

30 22

I loke this number, THIS IS THE BEST NUMBER EVER

31 14

Hey! I love this number! This list is stupid

Fernando Alonso's number shouldn't be on this list.

Asians don't like this number cause it's death-related

Kate upton loves this number forever

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32 26
33 5

5 is considered an unlucky number. Say 5 three times fast. It sounds like you are saying "Fight, fight, fight! ". Also, 5 is a number that sounds weird if pronounce it with a eh and not a I. I made a clear point.

I don't get it 5 is my favorite number and fight is my favorite word. Whenever I am at a ice hockey game I yell "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT"

TheTopTens, can I ask you something? Why is number 5 a worst number? I really want to know why:-)

Because my friemd likes it

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34 17

This number always looks the proudest. Don't ask me why.

This is my favorite number because it is Halsey's

Because the royalty was always born ther so th answer is 17

35 15

Worst number ever

36 392,492,777,081
37 80,081,355

Boobless on the calculator.

38 318
39 39

Multiple of 13... plus it's so annoying

40 23

My favourite number

41 131,313

How can you like a number that has the number 13 in it three times? - anonymous

42 99,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999


43 19
44 1,480
45 7,890

Yea this one stinks

46 30
47 52
48 103
49 31

This is quite random. - NewYorkCityTopic

50 20

The number of the devil
It is also a very offensive number

That number sucks!

Nope - JPK



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