Top 10 Types of Students Teachers Hate

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1 The slow workers
2 The ones who won't stop talking

Literally half of the kids in my grade. But I think teachers hate that one overly cocky jerk face kid. There's a guy like that in three of my main classes and hearing him do what he's not supposed to be doing is just plain aggravating. - Anonymousxcxc

I'm not a teacher but they're annoying as heck. - LemonComputer

Stop chatting in your damn lessons and learn. Stop making the teacher pause the lesson. >:( - LemonComputer

3 The kids who fart/burp all the time
4 The fat kids
5 The ones who barely talk

What if they're highly intelligent, hard-working and enjoy the class, but just too shy to speak up? Hating them in that case would be wicked. - Entranced98

My 7th grade social studies class and 8th grade math class are like this. - DynastiSugarPop

6 The victims of bullies

It's usually not the kids' fault a few others with too much time on their hands decide to pick on them. No wonder modern education is becoming more and more corrupt by the day. - Entranced98

And people wonder why victims don't often fight back, because they are the ones always getting in trouble instead of the bully. - Rue

Most of the time in schools, the victims get blamed for bullying - TwilightKitsune

Some teachers are as bad as the bullies. The thing is, they have no understanding of what the victims go through and I honestly don't think they care.
In my school, the female teachers concentrated on the intelligent boys and the male teachers focused attention on the pretty girls. Being in neither category, I didn't stand a chance. I was a plump, plain-looking girl with glasses, very little confidence and no academic prowess. I hated school, school hated me. Thankfully, it didn't ruin me (unlike some weaker kids I knew) and I've changed a lot in many ways since those days. The only thing school taught me was to rise above everything and never let anything grind you down.
As I said in a previous comment on another list; school is only pleasant for the popular and educated students. I'm glad those days are behind me. - Britgirl

7 The non-straight kids
8 The ones who have low grades
9 The depressed kids

Teachers seriously don't need to make these issues worse. Lots of kids today are very unfortunately going through upsetting situations like deaths and incurable illnesses in their families, parents divorcing, bullying from classmates and too much exam pressure. Many are even suffering from clinical depression. Please, teachers, don't make the lives of severely depressed children hell, otherwise they might not even be alive to see you again tomorrow. - Entranced98

School is literally how I developed severe depression. - Rue

10 The "ugly" ones

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11 The ones who use Wikipedia

What? My teacher lets us use Wikipedia.

All teachers hate wikipedia

12 The quiet ones
13 Mr. Excuses
14 The bully

Yes mine to yeah autism MHS just spread the word to end in t about that unacceptable/unokay

My high school special ed teacher ABSOLUTELY HATED bullying and would yell and scream at any kid in her class who was "just joking around"

15 The racist ones
16 The ones that listen to music
17 The ones that come to class unprepared
18 The ones that are too kind.
19 The lazy ones
20 The ones that act immature
21 The sleepy ones
22 The ones that eat in class
23 The ones that are always on the computer
24 The ones who "waste" school supplies

I got in trouble with my high school special ed teacher for drawing random pictures due to extreme boredom

25 Ones who read comic books

I got in trouble for reading a comic book in 5th grade

26 The ones who are 5 seconds late
27 The ones who act immature
28 The slackers

Ones who procrastinate then do their work at the very last minute

29 The swearers
30 The one that roasts others
31 The comedian

I was technically the class clown at my high school, but the special ed teachers don't like it.

32 The prankster
33 The multitasker
34 The complainer
35 The ones that are another race

Racist teachers do exist in schools. I had one. She was a special ed teacher in my high school. I CONSTANTLY get in trouble with her for no reason and stupid reasons, and I was the only Asian kid in her class.

36 Back talkers
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