Best Types of Vehicles

There are some really awesome vehicles that lots of people like.

The Top Ten

1 Planes

Planes are awesome because you go up to the sky and a really good view.

2 Cars

You can choose where you go, protects you from weather and gives you an ability to comfortably travel hundreds of miles. - MrVixen

They have got comfortable seats and a great loud radio.

3 Trains

Trains are the best I always like watching them go by - trains45

They are so different to any other vehicles. So relaxing and beautiful views.

This should be number one!

4 Bikes

Bikes are so fun to ride on the road and a nice thing to do on a hot day.

5 Go-Karts

I live go karting they are the best kind of fun

I always wanted a go-kart. - nintendofan126

People say go-karts are really fun. They have great tracks and they go quite dast.

6 Motorbike

I'm in two minds; I'd love to ride pillion on a powerful motorbike, along a long open road, but I'd also love to do the same thing in a midnight-blue '67 Mustang with cream leather interior, whist listening to all my favourite Southern-Rock songs. - Britgirl

They are so fast and great to watch.

7 Boats

Boats are really exciting and are really peaceful on the water.

A cool vehicle to use on water.☺🛥

8 Bus

Buses are pretty cool I remember riding the bus in school every year - trains45

Buses are so relaxing and lots of people to talk to.

9 Scooter

Scooters are a nice thing to ride on and you only need a foot to push.

10 Ferry

The Contenders

11 Helicopters

Helicopters are pretty cool, be cool to ride one - trains45

Apache-35? Imagine people seeing you in that - Unnamed Google User Remade

Easily the best... it has missiles!

They are equal to tanks in battle but can also fly over minefields. They are used by almost all developed countries. They do not need a runway to start. They are faster than sports cars because they can legally travel faster than 100 mph.

12 Van
13 Campervan

Only need one vehicle and you don't need to be really busy.

14 Jumbo Jet
15 Trucks
16 Canoe
17 Dirt Bikes
18 Space Shuttle
19 Supercar

Fastest cars and electrical cars can do awesome trickas

20 Hovercraft
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