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21 popularmmos

I agree if sky's fans saw him sky would get no more views but I don't think he is to underrated

He has 2000000 subs and is super famous not underrated

He needs more SUBS... Cause he's just to awesome

Closing in on 12 million has unique content and one of the few youtuber still doing Minecraft rn

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22 Graser10

Fraser is so nice and has given so many people a start. Also I'm pretty sure he's paying for Rusher's trip to pax prime or something.

The cube is so overrated. Graser10 is the most overrated out of all of them and some how is he is on this list. - hype

He is nice to all his fellow YouTubers - Mitchobro24

overrated - hype

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23 iancoullahan1

He isn't appreciated enough, he deserves more subs than popularmmos and deserves more way more views

Iancoullahan1 makes amazing roleplays and series, He isn'

He's been around since 2011 and I've been watching his videos since late 2012, Why the hell does popularmmos have more subs? Ethangamertv has more subs, is cringy, uploads less content, is a kid, just plays games and doesn't make skits, started in 2013 and still has around 5 times more subs than iancoullahan. RIDICULOUS!

Come on. Half of the YouTubers listed are extremely popular. This guy? He is the definition of underrated Minecraft YouTubers.

24 GoodTimesWithScar

Scar is the best Minecraft builder ever. He is disabled which makes him even better. He has great detail and is just amazing.

25 LDShadowLady

SH IS THE BEST. I love her pranks. I still can't believe she is at the bottom she should be on the top ten

Lizard is the best she inspired me to want to make my own YouTube channel

She's funny and she also is underrated which is not fair bacause she makes a lot of good videos

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26 Pigrider2

He is a pretty good YouTuber! He makes lots of funny kids jokes! he is perfect for kids! Sabresdfan20148 is better though! If you want to see what place he is in, just go to the search button at the bottom of this page! Thanks!

27 venturian

I love this you tuber a lot altho I like more of his gmod episodes than his Minecraft 1

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28 TheAlterPlace

What a baller

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29 StacyPlays

Stacy is creative and loves books. Her videos are great and funny. Stacy works so hard for her subs and yet she never complains about how little subs she has or never hurts anyone. People like you tubers who cuss but I don't like that at all. Stacy NEVER curses. She bleeps out bad words that Joey Graceffa makes and doesn't even say the word hell because she's afraid it's going to upset someone. If you are reading this now, SUBSCRIBE TO HER NOW!...Really...subscribe...Also...Page and Molly love you! Go rescue a dog!

Stacy is really creative and posts a wide variety of content. I love her channel! She deserves to be higher ranked since she has to deal with Joey Graceffa being so rude to her all the time.

This is so sad she should be on top ten who ever made this list is wrong u should remove stacyplays and put her at the top of the list

Stacy is so kind and nice to everyone! She is also highly educated as well.

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30 Einshine and FrediSaal Animations

Although Einshine doesn't make as much Minecraft videos as he did before, he's hilarious. FrediSaal makes really good animations, he's also animated parodys for Einshine. FrediSaal also makes animations of video games such as Mirror's Edge, Titanfall, etc.

31 Blitzwinger

The best ever. Funny, nice and makes you feel like you are playing along.

It took about 4 years just to get 1 mil subs that's saying something

He is awesomeness and more to come

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32 Rendog
33 Aphmau

Aphmau is too underrated. She puts so much effort into all of her series and not many people notice her until they watch skys videos like me!

She is the most underrated Minecrafter and she just got 1 million and she's been out longer then sky has when he used to make GOOD videos!

Aphmau should be all the way at the top and she reached 1 million subs from over 4 years! Or probs even longer then that

Aphmau puts so much work into her videos and they have great stories! Such as Emerald Secret. It doesn’t matter f people say she is a Mary Sue because she has great ideas and deserves millions of subs!

34 ItsFunneh
35 Derpiest_Turtle
36 SSundee

I love Ssundee! But, with around 5 Million subs, (at the time of this post) I don't think he's exactly underrated.

He has never said a cuss word in his whole career!

I LOVE YOU SSUNDEE YOU SHOULD BE AT THE TOP OF BEST MINECRFT YouTubeRS your so funny and your sky factory is amazing also can you get to crazycraft2,0 faster

37 ACTennisAC
38 AntVenom

His channel went downfall ever since sky came and I hated that

39 ThatMumboJumbo

Yes yes yes he is sooo underrated even if he has 500k subs he is never even thought about I was in his first 100 subs when jumbo was still there._.

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40 TheOnlyBentley

He is on of the most knowledgeable You tubers with 99999x the knowledge as Sky so boo yaa

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