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1 Moonclan

I really like the name of this clan. It sounds majestic and so cool! I named my clan after this one.
- Maddie

I would like this clan the best, but my name is MoonWisker so, it would be weird if I was in moon clan

Sounds so majestical, and its pretty and sounds like "u no mess with me"

This is my oc clan's ancestors! yay - Cloudwhisker

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2 Frostclan

Cool name! But my clan doesn't like winter so...

Has a nice sound

My clan is called frostclan fite me-

3 Sunclan

I persoaly like DawnClan...

My clan is Doveclan but Sunclan is the second best! I would choose it if I didn't have Doveclan, and I didn't do it, but whoever keeps deleting Cyberclan has the right idea, why would you do that? That is a horrible name for a clan, no offense - Swiftdawn

This is a really nice name I think it should be used in the books like maybe the cats live on the moor so there's only sunshine ☀️


4 Thornclan

It be painful to try to step on em

So using this as a clan name

Ooh! Sounds like they would be sharp, and tough to work with. I like it!

- Thistlewave


5 Seaclan

I am totally in opinion of the sea! Cats and seas are my favorite things and they go really well together.

I believe Seaclan has a nice sounding name, I could imagine a patrol of warriors and a new apprentice sitting on the edge of a rocky clif above the sea! Majestic!

Imagine SeaClan’s warriors just lounging around under palm trees on the beach. Move over, Sunningrocks!

6 Smokeclan

I ike this I'll be honest it reminds me of shadow clan in a way because to me its sneaky and slightly dark

Smokeclan has a nice ring to it and could symbolize many things

7 Aquaclan
8 Nightclan

I like this better than sun clan

Oof my clan now

9 DawnClan

Out of all of these dawnclan is my has to my favorite. I think I might use this for my story

I really like this name and I used it in a story I'm writing

It reminds me of friendly cats that are fast and smart. The love watching the sunrise, that is why they wake up so early it's dark out, to see the sunrise! They usually have beautiful golden pelts. Hey! I already have my other clan names, and I need one more! Yayy this one TOTALLY!

10 Mossclan

My clan is moss clan

The Newcomers

? BlossomingClan

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11 Cloudclan

I'll join Cloudtail's Clan. Should be fun. Now if you'll excuse I'm going to hold in a poop that's trying to give me lessons on what giving birth through your butt feels like.

Cloudtail's Clan is calling... - panicdownthedisco

This is my most favorite clan AND me and by best friend's oc clan name! - Cloudwhisker


12 Riverclan

River clan is real it's in the books

Riverclan is the best! Not sunclan. That's almost as wrong as skyclan

13 Stonefur

Stonefur is a cat a.k.a Mistyfoot and Stonefur that name aready exists I do like the name but sorry it already exists also sorry again I can’t help myself I am a book and Warrior cat nerd.

14 Bushclan
15 Shadowclan

Of course because they are like Shadows

But Shadowclan is a real clan though! - Cloudwhisker

Shadow is boss peps

Even if they evil but not their falt its just there leaders always suck and the cats don't want to disobey them so screw you if you don't like them
Ps sorr I don't have emojes

16 Lightningclan

I like this name. I used to dislike it because of its similarities to Thunderclan. However I think now that it sounds like these cats are quick and powerful striking down opponents with swift blows

When do role play I always want it

Its ok

17 Windclan

This clan is real!

18 Oceanclan
19 Cyberclan

Think about it. Warrior cats + technology pushed to the absolute LIMIT how cool is that

I hate this name

Not my type of name. heh..

Lol. A clan where cyberbullying takes place! Racistpaw: I bullied this black cat the other day on social media. *Texts*
iPhonepaw: O.O... I am black... Well guess what? Your ginger so hah! *Texts back*
iPhonepaw: Hold on... Phonechargers calling me. Got to go. Bye ginger! We'll text later!
Note: this was not meant to offend anyone at all. It was pure roleplay. I am not stereotypical or racist.

20 Stormclan

It sounds like its not really creativw

21 Flametail
22 Mistyfoot

This isn’t a clan name?

23 WillowClan

A clan full of willow trees... It's a beautiful name I think personally

It's a wonderful name for a clan, majestic and elegant


24 Snowclan

I love it! sounds like a snowy field with their dens made out of snow and ice like igloo's!

I think that's really cool, kind of like Iceclan though - Cloudwhisker

25 Bloodclan

Bloodclan is my life


26 HollyClan

I feel so awesome for holly leaf!

This is awesome!

I feel so proud of myself. MY RETARDED-AWFUL-OC-CLAN MADE IT TO 15! I had a heart attack when I saw this, practically..

I used this in my first fanfiction(in a notebook that TOU CANNOT READ). I was so bad back then, my eyes bled when I read this, practically. I might reuse the name, though, in another one. THIS CLAN WAS NOT MADE BY HOLLYLEAF!

27 Mistclan


28 ABClan

We need two c’s in this name or it’s just Ab Clan plus cats don’t know what the alphabet is... not my type but you can get creative.

29 Featherclan

It's horrible..

Its nice! beautifal name!

-Ashen/Kawaiinight from tfm

30 RidgeClan

Nice I love it

31 EmberClan
32 CreekClan

I think it's a lovely name

33 Thunderclan

These clans are already there the four clans.

34 Darkclan

Super cool. I mean, it was mentioned in "The Dark River ",right?

That's one of my OC clan names! :D

35 Silverclan


36 CloverClan

I honestly think Cloverclan is interesting. Sounds lucky too

37 BayClan

It sounds so nice! like a bay filled with fishing cats and stuff

38 Lakeclan

I'm deciding whether to use this for a book I am writing and I need your opinion - Lilyfiretiger

39 Meadowclan
40 AirClan

Sort of like a cross between WindClan and The Tribe Of Rushing Water.

41 Herbclan

Sounds like they love herbs

42 Poisenclan

Um no

43 DewClan

Wow it sounds super duper cool

44 Ashclan
45 TidalClan

Great name, eh?

46 HollowClan
47 Troutclan
48 LarkClan
49 BrookClan
50 SongClan

Lol, cats that sing all day?

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