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21 Silverclan

No, clans cannot be named after colors!

22 JayClan V 1 Comment
23 NightClan

May I join your clan? My name is Clouddapple. I'm a gray she-cat with white paws and spots, emerald green eyes. Thanks, and get back to me as soon as you can, please. But seriously, no pressure. Thank you again!

Sly and calculating. Silent and secretive.

Good name

Sneaky and Wild

NightClan lives in a thick, wet swamp surrounded by cypress trees. The water is dark with moss and algae covering it. Vines, branches, and hanging moss fill the leaves with several marsh areas strewn around the well-hidden camp.

Animals & Prey:
Adult raccoons are usually favored although fish, insects, or small birds are accepted to be edible. Other animals include the occasional deer, lizard, eagle, or larger fish.

Battle Techniques:
Because of the cat's snappish, vicious nature, other Clans usually have NightClan as their target. The warriors first surround the enemy by hiding in the long, bush ferns and use camouflage to then spring out. They attack with great strength and have a keen sense to where their own Clan mates are. Once the raiding Clan is injured, NightClan will waste no time in driving them far into their own territory. Sometimes though, if desperate, the Clan will drive their enemies into another Clan's camp as a ...more

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24 Sky Kingdom

Uh this is weird no offense

This was one of the kingdoms I made a while ago. They all have feathered wings, and they live above the clouds. Most of the cats are white, but some are gray, brown, black, even blue. The king is Thunderstorm, but most call him King Storm, a gray tabby Tom. The Queen is Thistlerain, most call her Queen Rain of course, very light and pale gray she. And.. There are two princesses. The eldest is Whitedew, or princess Dew, light gray tabby she, like her mother. The other princess is Silverfrost, or just Princess Frost, gray she. And last but not least... The med. The med is Littlechervil. Small white tabby Tom.



25 Blizzardclan

I like this one. It's really nice!

26 Mudclan

I don't believe this is a very good name for a Clan.

Lives in a muddy forest. Leader is splashstar. Lives near moonclan and rainclan.

Can I join? I will be a med cat or a warrior.
By the way I'm leaftail

Love the prefix mud! I have a clan called MarshClan. my name is Owlpaw/fur

27 DarkClan

It's already used in the books

Heathertail and Lionblaze

The clan that live in the tunnels under the lake territory's, started by Heatherpaw and Lionpaw.

28 Fartclan

This is uh, original

Hmm... interesting Clan. I have to say that the cats in this Clan would be very serious and demand full respect and loyalty from their warriors.
I am aging their first leader had been Fartstar- A light brown tom with dark brown specks... whom treats all with wisdom.
Kits would have names similar to: Dungkit, Tootkit, Blowkit, Gaskit, Crackit, Puffkit, Cloudkit, Smellkit, etc;.
I believe this Clan would live somewhere in the mountains so that all trespassers would know they have crossed Fartclan's territory with their regal stench.

29 Steamclan

A mixed Clan of hot-heads and calm, collected cats. "Let off steam".

Lives near a river. Leader is poppystar.


30 Splashclan

Easy-going cats. Easily adapt.

Can I join? My name is Swanfeather and I'm a long-furred gray tabby calico she-cat with one blue eye abd one yellow eye.

Lives by a large pond. Deepstar is the leader.

Ok, I LOVE this clan name. May I join your clan? I'm midnightsky and can I plzplzplzplzplzplzplzzz be med cat?! please? Thanks anyway and please answer,
-celestial wolf

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31 Duskclan

The clan I made that was also called DuskClan lives by the sun-drown place, and since the sun sets there it would be dusk - CuriousKitten555

I really like this name, my friend wont let me use this in a little thing because she claims that she made it up!

Lives in the wet land, and the wet forest they love voles, birds and fish. They are loyal and clever but over protective. Can swim, and climb. They would skip gatherings if they could. -nightstorm of duskclan

Leader Duskstar used to be Dusksong, Medicine cat Russetflake, deputy is Talonshard.

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32 Oceanclan

They have seen one and it's a name of a clan I'm pretty sure one cat will probably know what a ocean is like the way they know what fire water thunder shadow sky and wind is
I think it sounds awesome - speed

Uhh. cats don't know what a ocean is dumbo

33 Waffleclan V 3 Comments
34 Matingclan

Eww! Who made this?!

Ew I prefer LoveClan where there's peace

Ewww what

35 Breadwinnersclan


36 Forestclan

They live in a circle of willow trees and usually have black and white fur, tabby fur or reddish brown fur. They live on mice and birds.

Sounds like a strong clan that lives isolated from other clans. Except they're not crowfood eaters and aren't evil like bloodclan... They're thriving among the forest where they will stay put for the generations to come.

Pretty good, but I feel like it could be a bit more creative... like TreeClan or LeafClan or something - tigerstar908

37 MeadowClan

Meadowclan is a clan that is in the corner of a valley, the tall grass is perfect for hunting and there's always plenty of fresh kill, the hey also have a small waterfall and a lake called meadowland.

MeadowClan is actually one of my clans, the found Meadowstar was an ambitous cat from ThunderClan, he wanted nothing more than to be leader and went on a search for the long lost FlowerClan, when he found them, he deicded the live in the marshy area on the island whivh FlowerClan lived. Many of his friends followed him on hid journey so he had maby warriors. Although he was cruel and strong, he did not live long.

38 WillowClan

Go WillowClan!

Willowstar is leader!

My Clan! The leader is NOT 'Willowstar'! The leader is Minnowstar! My five Clans are WillowClan, RainClan, StormClan, IceClan, and FlameClan! Not to be rude, but I LOVE warriors and my Clans so much I can't stand it when other people add cats into Clans with the same name as mine! Sorry!
~ Skyheart
P.S I'm really sorry about that! Forgive me please and be my Clan mate again!

39 Boneclan

I made this clan up -@BoneClan of Drawcast

Yeah. Pretty much a Bloodclan. It lives in the pine trees like Shadowclan.

40 Flameclan

Brave, curious, loyal, leader would be Courage star( please don't judge) medicine cat would be Morning star.

Long lasting and brave. Very simple.

A fast, lean Clan that lives in a wide open, grassy field. Their name comes from the fires that come often, and their favorite prey is rabbits. Pretty much another verion of WindClan.
I honestly like this name better than FireClan. - tigerstar908

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