Top Ten Warrior Cat Clans that Don't Exist

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41 WaterClan

Similar to RiverClan. They love to swim and eat fish. They are different from RiverClan because they are a little too kind. They give away a lot of their territory. Now they have a Training Hollow, a little place for hunting, and their tiny camp. Though, they have a stream running through their Camp, FULL of fish. The stream's water is very refreshing, too. Though they may have always been way too kind, now they will protect all they have with all they have!

42 AirClan
43 Boneclan

I made this clan up -@BoneClan of Drawcast

Yeah. Pretty much a Bloodclan. It lives in the pine trees like Shadowclan.

44 Flameclan

Brave, curious, loyal, leader would be Courage star( please don't judge) medicine cat would be Morning star.

Long lasting and brave. Very simple.

A fast, lean Clan that lives in a wide open, grassy field. Their name comes from the fires that come often, and their favorite prey is rabbits. Pretty much another verion of WindClan.
I honestly like this name better than FireClan. - tigerstar908

45 WhisperClan
46 MothClan
47 Evilclan

Um, what? How can anyone take this seriously? The name is way too cheesy.

Not the best name.

Lives in the forest. Leader is bloodstar. Beware! They love killing cats.

It's ok I bet a lot or some pepole like it

48 FeatherClan

Cool idea! -to the comment below

Sound optimist. Truthful. OUp-in-the-clouds.

FeatherClan: Lives in the trees. Acts like birds. Builds nests in the trees for dens. Lives by EvilClan and LightningClan

49 WildClan

Very unique Clan. Wild. Open-minded. Fighters. Compassion. Hostility.

WildClan: Lives in a very large territory, graveyard/pine forest/river/farm/cave. Lead by Timber/Shiverstar, a shape shifter (can change in hyena, otter, seal, wolf and eagle) and change her eye colours depending on her mood. - Sugarcutie262

50 MushroomClan

Dang it! I made this clan up!

Do they thrive on mushrooms instead of prey?!

Not a very good Clan nane.

Do they live on Mushroom Island with Minecraft...

51 SunClan

Warm-hearted and swift in battle. Spiritual

I'll join! My name is Mosspaw, a cream colored she-cat with dark brown tabby patches and blue eyes. I love to hunt, have a very food sense of humor, and all of my closest friends are toms.

Leader is VixenStar, a tabby she-cat with a striped tail and blue eyes, the deputy is PolarBreeze, a white Tom with albino eyes.

52 CloudClan

I had this idea too! I love this Clan and I think it deserves to be first.

Can I be in Cloudclan? I made a clan that was called Cloudclan once too. My name is Sweetfang and I'm a black she-cat with dark gray paws, tail tip, and ears. I have green eyes and I'm a queen.

WOW! my friend wanted a clan called this when we were warrior RPing

53 SwiftClan

The quickest clan ever made. They're camp is in a water soaked valley with surrounding forests and streams.

54 BloodSkyClan

A CLAN in the mountains. Leader is Ravenstar, a sleek black she-cat, green eyes. Deputy is hawkface, mottled brown tabby Tom, Amber eyes, fluffy tail. Med is Lilygrass, Gray shecat, cream colored patches, Amber eyes.

55 Emberclan

This sounds so cool right!

Your name is weird TheWarriorCatsGenious not this name by the way I made it up, so keep your mouth shut and be nicer!

TheWarriorCatsGenesis is so stupid that he can't tell the difference between Jayfeather and his stick -3-

Yea TheWarriorCatsGenious if your such a genius how about you tell me all of the warrior cats in thunderclan dead and alive!

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56 WhiteClan V 1 Comment
57 Ashclan
58 Mistclan V 2 Comments
59 TearClan

Hi I am the one who posted this and this is my made up clan. The live in the border between a mountain and a pine forest, and they have a big river in the middle of of their camp, and love to swim and climb. Basically like RiverClan and ShadowClan combined. -Firefly of TearClan

My clan was already named this! They live in the border between a mountain and a pine forest. They love to swim and climb. Their closest friends are RiverClan and ShadowClan.-Firefly of TearClan

60 ReedClan

Hi! My clan was already named this, I have 2 clans, the other also on this list. So ReedClan loves to swim, but also love to climb. They live on a riverbank, and sometimes go underground. So yeah! - Firefly of TearClan

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