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41 Cheetahclan

Lives in a meadow or valley with not very many trees but tons of space to run, the Warriors and apprentices are fast and agile and can ponce on their prey from high in the sky like cheetahs. The leaders den is a good sized rock in the middle of the camp and the Warriors is off to the front left near the entrance, the Warriors den is a circle of tall grass and a short tree hanging over the circle. The apprentices den is almost the same as the Warriors, except instead of tall grass, the apprentices have tall bushes. The nursery is made out of rock, as well as the elders den too. The leader is Spottedstar, a golden tabby Tom with a torn ear and Amber eyes. The deputy is Sprintingfoot, a gray-silver tabby Tom with unusual gray eyes. Their medicine cat is Thornfur, a very pale tabby she-cat with black sploches, and green eyes...

U know what I think ima tellin ya to much, it's staring ta get so long!

42 SwiftClan

The quickest clan ever made. They're camp is in a water soaked valley with surrounding forests and streams.

43 BloodSkyClan

A CLAN in the mountains. Leader is Ravenstar, a sleek black she-cat, green eyes. Deputy is hawkface, mottled brown tabby Tom, Amber eyes, fluffy tail. Med is Lilygrass, Gray shecat, cream colored patches, Amber eyes.

44 WhiteClan V 1 Comment
45 Ashclan
46 Mistclan V 2 Comments
47 TearClan

Hi I am the one who posted this and this is my made up clan. The live in the border between a mountain and a pine forest, and they have a big river in the middle of of their camp, and love to swim and climb. Basically like RiverClan and ShadowClan combined. -Firefly of TearClan

My clan was already named this! They live in the border between a mountain and a pine forest. They love to swim and climb. Their closest friends are RiverClan and ShadowClan.-Firefly of TearClan

48 Boneclan

I made this clan up [email protected] of Drawcast

Yeah. Pretty much a Bloodclan. It lives in the pine trees like Shadowclan.

49 WhisperClan
50 MothClan
51 MossClan
52 Snowclan

They live in a forest where it snows a lot. Their leader is Snowstar (me) YAY SNOWCLAN!

Calm and collected. Chilling accuracy.

I think I could join your clan I'm frozenspirit a white she cat with silver paws a blue eyes

Can I be in your clan? I'm Frostedpaw, a white she with golden eyes.

V 1 Comment
53 FeatherClan

FeatherClan: Lives in the trees. Acts like birds. Builds nests in the trees for dens. Lives by EvilClan and LightningClan

V 1 Comment
54 MineClan

Lives underground and In tunnels but knows how to get comfortable in nests on the rocky floor and knows how to find underground prey, will come out to hunt and patrol as well. Very hard to ambush their territory cause it's well hidden - CuriousKitten555

And Steve takes care of them

I'd prefer a different name

(don't take that seriously) - tigerstar908

V 2 Comments
55 SunClan

Warm-hearted and swift in battle. Spiritual

I'll join! My name is Mosspaw, a cream colored she-cat with dark brown tabby patches and blue eyes. I love to hunt, have a very food sense of humor, and all of my closest friends are toms.

Leader is VixenStar, a tabby she-cat with a striped tail and blue eyes, the deputy is PolarBreeze, a white Tom with albino eyes.

56 MeadowClan

Meadowclan is a clan that is in the corner of a valley, the tall grass is perfect for hunting and there's always plenty of fresh kill, the hey also have a small waterfall and a lake called meadowland.

57 RavenClan

Nice name! I am Gorgetail and my deepest desire is to join your Clan. I am a beautiful, strong, and loyal she-cat that everyone loves.

58 StreamClan V 1 Comment
59 CloudClan

I had this idea too! I love this Clan and I think it deserves to be first.

Can I be in Cloudclan? I made a clan that was called Cloudclan once too. My name is Sweetfang and I'm a black she-cat with dark gray paws, tail tip, and ears. I have green eyes and I'm a queen.

60 Foxclan
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