Top Ten Warrior Cat Clans that Don't Exist

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41 FeatherClan

Cool idea! -to the comment below

Sound optimist. Truthful. OUp-in-the-clouds.

FeatherClan: Lives in the trees. Acts like birds. Builds nests in the trees for dens. Lives by EvilClan and LightningClan

42 WildClan

Very unique Clan. Wild. Open-minded. Fighters. Compassion. Hostility.

WildClan: Lives in a very large territory, graveyard/pine forest/river/farm/cave. Lead by Timber/Shiverstar, a shape shifter (can change in hyena, otter, seal, wolf and eagle) and change her eye colours depending on her mood. - Sugarcutie262

43 MushroomClan

Dang it! I made this clan up!

Do they thrive on mushrooms instead of prey?!

Not a very good Clan nane.

Do they live on Mushroom Island with Minecraft...

44 Cheetahclan

Lives in a meadow or valley with not very many trees but tons of space to run, the Warriors and apprentices are fast and agile and can ponce on their prey from high in the sky like cheetahs. The leaders den is a good sized rock in the middle of the camp and the Warriors is off to the front left near the entrance, the Warriors den is a circle of tall grass and a short tree hanging over the circle. The apprentices den is almost the same as the Warriors, except instead of tall grass, the apprentices have tall bushes. The nursery is made out of rock, as well as the elders den too. The leader is Spottedstar, a golden tabby Tom with a torn ear and Amber eyes. The deputy is Sprintingfoot, a gray-silver tabby Tom with unusual gray eyes. Their medicine cat is Thornfur, a very pale tabby she-cat with black sploches, and green eyes...

U know what I think ima tellin ya to much, it's staring ta get so long!

45 RavenClan

Nice name! I am Gorgetail and my deepest desire is to join your Clan. I am a beautiful, strong, and loyal she-cat that everyone loves.

Yeah right

46 SwiftClan

The quickest clan ever made. They're camp is in a water soaked valley with surrounding forests and streams.

47 BloodSkyClan

A CLAN in the mountains. Leader is Ravenstar, a sleek black she-cat, green eyes. Deputy is hawkface, mottled brown tabby Tom, Amber eyes, fluffy tail. Med is Lilygrass, Gray shecat, cream colored patches, Amber eyes.

48 WhiteClan V 1 Comment
49 Ashclan
50 Mistclan V 2 Comments
51 TearClan

Hi I am the one who posted this and this is my made up clan. The live in the border between a mountain and a pine forest, and they have a big river in the middle of of their camp, and love to swim and climb. Basically like RiverClan and ShadowClan combined. -Firefly of TearClan

My clan was already named this! They live in the border between a mountain and a pine forest. They love to swim and climb. Their closest friends are RiverClan and ShadowClan.-Firefly of TearClan

52 Boneclan

I made this clan up -@BoneClan of Drawcast

Yeah. Pretty much a Bloodclan. It lives in the pine trees like Shadowclan.

53 Lightclan

So,I like making false clans and one of them is called Lightclan,they�'re swift runners and good hunters,their leader is named Lightstar

Home of the swift and clever! Please vote for it! 😉

54 Stoneclan

They live off a huge rocky cliff with small caves on top. There is lush, green forests in the front and a thriving lake in the back. They eat hawks, crows, and other types of large birds. The cats of this clan have incredible strength in leaping from rock to rock so they are very experienced in climbing and jumping. Most of them are dark grey, grey, white, pale grey or sometimes brown or black. Ancient StoneClan had carved the figure of White Stones, who was one of the Ancient elders. Along with this the cats use hidden attacks from the ridged rocks to escape or suprise their foes. Enemies with CreekClan and once allied with PebbleClan.

Strong and brave.

55 LakeClan

They live by a huge lake surrounding willow and pines. There's pine cones, wildflowers, and vines scattered throughout the place. They use swimming to their advantage like RiverClan, and catch an assortment of fish such as trout, bass, and other fish.
LakeClan trains kits to use the water the time they are born.
LakeClan lives by nothing more than the warrior code.

56 graytabbytomwithwhitepawsandunderbellyClan


57 GrayClan

The cats live on a small, dull moor with grey, dark grey, Dappled grey, pale grey, white cats

58 WhisperClan
59 MossClan
60 PetalClan
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