Top Ten Warrior Cat Couples That Don't Exist


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21 Daisy and Cloudtail V 1 Comment
22 Witherfrost and Laurelshine
23 Rising Moon and Burning Flame

I loved this as soon as I saw it. I see Rising Moon as a whiteish blue she cat with some pale gray spots over her eye. Burning Flame would be a dark orange tom with reddish orange stripes down his back.

24 Echocloud and Rowanflame
25 Mistycloud and Firefeather V 3 Comments
26 Sorrrelfrost and Hailblaze

Awesome. Sounds like a forbidden couple. Maybe Hailblaze is a medicine cat?

27 Redleap and Acornstar V 1 Comment
28 Foxfang and Smalltalon
29 Silverstar and Moonshadow V 1 Comment
30 Mistymoon and Crowstar
31 Mapledawn and Wingedheart
32 Gingersplash and Troutstream

I know that one of these cats it actually real, but this sounds like a really good couple. I picture Gingersplash as a white cat with ginger spots all over and pretty green eyes. And Troutstream is a all gray cat with blue eyes. And this would be a forbidden love since Troutstream is from Riverclan and Gingersplash is from Thunderclan. BEST.COUPLE.EVER!

33 Airflame and Sugarfang
34 Dawnstar and Nightstrike
35 Breezystar and Heatherwhisp

Breezystar? These names sound like a five year old made them.

36 Sunfeather and Stormstrike
37 Honeyflower and Alderclaw
38 Oakstrike and Duskheart
39 Starstar and Sharpbutt

What sort of leader would have a warrior receive a name like Sharpbutt? - RisingMoon

Are you kidding me? The immaturity here. - Talljake

Thank you.Now I'm traumatized forever. - cassiabez

40 Featherblaze and Duskwhisker V 1 Comment
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