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21 Onefeet

One is non-plural, feet is plural.

Did this person skip grammar school to make a living off of making warrior cat names that make no sense...?

There is no agreement between these two nouns.

Onefeet doesn't make sense It should be Onefoot... OH! That's why this name is on the weird warrior cat names.

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22 Billystorm

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING LEAFSTAR?! Is she CRAZY?! I guess she hasn't learned about PROPER names. Really Firestar you forgot to teach her about that?

It's not his fault his mate named him after a goat. It's foresters fault for bringing him to this agony

At least this one actually exists compare to the 100000 others on this list

Well Leafstar was a Kittypet that explain the bad names she gives to the cats of her Clan. - cassiabez

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23 Electricbook

Wow. Just... Wow. This is the most ridiculous name I've ever heard. I mean, warrior cats Don't even know what a book or electricity is!

I don't think warrior cats know what electric or books are. - Minecraftcrazy530

Electricbook? Really? First of all, how does a cat know what electricity is, let alone a book? Also books aren't electric (unless you're reading on an e reader or something)

What on earth 🌏 is that

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24 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more.

Lol I can't stop laughing right now...I think tiger star is...I feel like for some reason he is misunderstood I mean in his head he probably felt like he would make them all stronger and there would be less fighting and more team work but all he did was really hurt more cats - WolfClawWarriorCats

Wow, a tiger made out of stars

Or a star made out of tigers

Ohhh I love Tigerstar. Some people are just into the heros or
" the good guys "
Totally love da villains.

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25 Fishleg

Was this person naming their cat after a character in How to Train Your Dragon?

Me and my friend made a clan filled with weird cats. This is one of the results

When you decide to trust river clan for a new leg.

What's the matter!
What's the matter of giving a warrior the name 'Fishtail' - cassiabez

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26 Fartfang V 2 Comments
27 Semicircle
28 Littlecloud

Little cloud is a real character. He's one of the best medicine cats, actually.

Well there are some clouds that can be small - cassiabez

Insult him and I'll send foxy to chase you down

You are insulting my mentor! Remind me to feed you deathberries next time you need our help!
- Flametail

I can hear what you say! Thanks for the defense, Flametail.
Let's go pick some deathberries. StarClan will be angry with you. Since we are good cats we won't feed you deathberries. StarClan will punish you!
- Littlecloud
P.S. Stop insulting cats from other Clans! Squirrelflight, Poppyfrost and so many others deserve your respect! Rogues and kittypets like you have no right!

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29 Starcloud

Sounds like a black cat with white splashes and blue eyes.

Wait, that means that if they were to ever become a leader they would be Starstar. :T Okay...

Did you head the entire list?

A Warrior cat can't have a prefix of 'star'.

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30 Ravenbutt

This one is mean.

When will someone put an original name on this list... - cassiabez

What kind of name is that?!?

I feel bad for this warrior,and good for all them she-cats

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31 Dumbbutt

I have Foxy and Mangle's number- I'm calling them now... Foxy's pet cat is Scourge, and Mangle's is Tigerstar.

A mother who knows her kit is retarded is is very honest.

Poor Dumbbutt, his parents are horrible.

Call foxy grandpa and Scorge

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32 Onewhisker

I love this cat

IKR Did onewhisker have one whisker? I mean seriously

This is a real character. And, by the way, Onewhisker, or Onestar, I should say, is a great cat. He protects his clan, and stayed by Tallstars side until Tallstars died. Best cat ever.

He got the Preffix "One"For being the only one of his litter
He got the Suffix "Whisker"For having a brown-colored whisker. - cassiabez

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33 Angelwing

Don't you dare insult this name. Or I WILL get Foxy and Mangle.

Warrior cats don't know what an angel is, you guys


I don't think Cats know what Angels are but
Many people drawn Angels with wings so that makes a bit of sense. - cassiabez

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35 Nettlesplash

I think it should be named pinesplash instead wouldn't it be spelled needle

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36 Pawpaw

I HEART THIS NAME! Not. I heart it so much I want to rip my eyeballs out

Worst name ever. Makes no sense.

Your moms names u paw u pawpaw

PawPaw young Apprentice of ClanClan
Her mentor it's SnowSnow
Mother it's BrightBright
Father it's RedRed
Older Sister it's MoonMoon
Older Brother it's NightNight
Young Sister it's KitKit
The Leader of ClanClan,StarStar.Decided that when she become a Warrior,
Her Warrior name Will be SilverSilver. - cassiabez

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37 Bigeye

Honestly what, If you are going to make an oc make try to find a proper name

It sound's like your a big eyed anime

It's meant to be names that don't make sense and this fits it purrfectly purr purr


38 Dungmouth

Did this cat eat dung and now smells like dung?



so wrong


39 Three-eye

I have Foxy on speed dial.

*looks down sadly*



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40 Onekit

I feel bad for Longtail and Smallear.



And to think this is Onestar's kit name. "Hmm... There is one kit. Let's name him Onekit! " And to think that Longtail's bame was Longkit. And Longpaw!

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