Top Ten Warrior Cat Names That Don't Make Sense


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41 Dungmouth

Did this cat eat dung and now smells like dung?



so wrong


42 Onekit

I feel bad for Longtail and Smallear.



And to think this is Onestar's kit name. "Hmm... There is one kit. Let's name him Onekit! " And to think that Longtail's bame was Longkit. And Longpaw!

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43 Alienpelt

Again Creepy

Is this cat green or something, they have absolutely no idea what an alien even is.
I'm seeing a bright green cat with one cyborg eye.

44 Fourfeet
45 Angrycheetah
46 Foxheart

Why the heck would they name a cat Foxheart? I mean, it's used as an offense and all. What were the Erin's thinking?

Well that name suits her really well
Foxheart it's one of the most annoying cats I've seen. - cassiabez

Umm...That's an insult name. Just like Frostheart, Lemonheart and Mouseheart.

I almost named my oc this,until I loked at how stupid my oc looked

47 ShimmeryHappinesskit

I laughed for two minutes straight.

This name doesn't exist.

Longess... name...ever! *pants*

48 Halffoot

The poor cat who had half his foot bitten or clawed off. (Sob)

Wow, this sure makes sense! ( said with sarcasm, of course)

Was this cat born with only half a foot? Poor cat.

This actually does make sense! No joke!

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49 Jingleheart

Is it just me or does this remind you of one of Santa's elves?

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...

It sounds like she is a happy-all-the-time cat. So I think it's a good name.

I like this name but, warrior cats don't know was the word jingle means. I think.

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50 Oceanflight

Cats don't even know what the ocean is so; sun drown place flight?

Ocean and flight are just about opposites.

It's a really pretty name, if you think about it, but doesn't make sense.

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51 Waterpelt

It sounds like he's a cat that can change into water, and cat can't do that.

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52 Swantooth

Swans don't have teeth and neither do other birds.

Some ducks have teeth, but swans don't

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53 Flamesplash

He would be pale ginger with a dark orange splotch on his forehead - AnonymousChick

Flame is fire, splash refers to water. Two totally different things.

AnonymousChick I'm the Anonymouscat and I forgot my password so I might not be doing much around here

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54 Brightshade

Bright and shade are complete opposites - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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55 Snakefoot

I feel like satin is behind me :>

Snakes don't have feet

Ok fine but...

56 Jellosnout

It sounds like snout is squishy. ( I can't stop laughing over my own comment. )

Why does everybody insult Leafstar? Okay, I know she made like FOUR stupid names but there's no need to insult her! I think daylight warriors (notice how I didn't say kitty-warriors) is a really good idea cause you know what? Without the daylight warriors SkyClan would be done for! But yes, Jellosnout is INCREDIBLY stupid.

Only Leafstar could make a name like this. JELLO?

Jellosnout man, I hope this name doesn't really exist.

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57 Twistedeye

What is this?! Bright hearts BROTHER? No offense to bright heart I love her and she is my favorite

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58 Zebrarock

Just because them know what lions are doesn't mean they know what zebras are.

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock.

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59 Racketmoon

Can't have 'moon' in your name.

the Moon

I am done just...just...*walks out of room slams door behind* THEY SAID RACKET MOON WHAT THE HECK WHAT NOOB MADE THIS NAME UP I AM JUST DONE! ψ(`∇')ψヽ(`"')ノ*walks back in room sits down* glad I got that it of me...sorry I is so sad people don't...get warriors I is my life and they said racket moon - WolfClawWarriorCats

60 Marbleclaw

I kinda like this one. It actually does make sense.

He has pretty claws.

Do cats know what marbles are?

Guys! they hAVE NO IDEA WHAT marble is

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