Warrior Cat Names That Should Be In the Books

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81 Razorstar
82 Bluegem
83 Snowfield
84 Honeypetal
85 Moonbreeze
86 Hazelcloud
87 Boltstrike
88 Silverheart
89 Sunfeather
90 Ashflame
91 Poppyflower
92 Swifttail
93 Snowspots
94 Creamfrost
95 Roseshade
96 Tigerfoot

I still like the prefix tiger.

97 Cottontail

If warrior cats know what apples are, they have to know what cotton is.

98 Cloverpool

I like the name Cloverkit and I imagined her to be green with a white belly or
Brown. Brown is more realistic.

99 Ravenwing

Ravenpaw's would-be warrior name. Beautiful.

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100 Yarrowclaw

Evil Warrior name, don't you think?

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