Warrior Cat Names That Should Be In the Books

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81 Yarrowclaw

Evil Warrior name, don't you think?

82 Lionpelt
83 Berryfoot
84 Ambersplash
85 Hookfire
86 True Hope

Amazing name one of the ancient cats she's brown with black under belly she's kind sweet shy and loving

V 2 Comments
87 Featherpool V 1 Comment
88 Ivydawn
89 Echostream
90 Dreamflower
91 Softleaf

This is my warrior cat name she's shy and peaceful and she's the medicine cat of thunderclan

92 Lindenheart
93 Honeydew

I sounds very pretty

94 Cheetah Star

She is a beautiful golden spotted cat and is smart fast loyal and used to be cheetah Thailand she I'd nice and has
The power to hear and see from far away

95 Aspenfur
96 Dropstar
97 Lightstar

Please what is the warrior name!

98 Echostar

This name is the name of the cat who started my clan -- Sparkfire, warrior of EchoClan

99 Whisperstar
100 Fadingstar
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