Top Ten Warrior Cats Name Prefixes that Don't Exist


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1 Swan

I like this one. But I also think henna should be a prefix it's a plant

It goes well with a lot of suffixes - Oliveleaf

I'm surprised this isn't really used in the books; it's beautiful and fits with -feather, -wing, -flight etc. - Bluefang of DawnClan

I made a cat named Swanstrike(strike is real, like Dawnstrike, Tallstar's mentor! )

2 Blaze

I like Blazing- better, but this is good too - Blossomfrost

I think this name would be something like Blazeclaw - Falconflight

It's a suffix. Maybe Blazepool? Blazefire? Blazesong? - Leafshade

3 Eagle

Doesn't this already exist as a prefix? - Blossomfrost

SPOILERS: In a Vision Of Shadows Blossomfall has 4 kits and one of the is named Eaglekit I believe - PalestrokeOfSkyClan

4 Ferret

See the Alleigances for WIndClan in Bramblestar's Storm...there's already a Ferretclaw - Blossomfrost

5 Frozen

Her medicine cat name would be Frozenlily, and she is a pure white she cat black spots and blue eyes.

Frozen Pool! - Leafshade

My evil warrior cat is named Frozenstar! Her warrior name was Frozenclaw.

6 Heart

Heartheart lol - Leafshade

Heart-? Heartkit? Okay...this is weird. What would the warrior name be, Heartpassion? - Blossomfrost

7 Velvet

I like this one cause it reminds me of cake! 🎂

8 Scarlet
9 Midnight

This one has my vote, though it would be tricky to find matching suffixes... - Blossomfrost

Midnight glacier. White Tom with black fur tips. Blue eyes.

Love it! - Leafshade

10 Glacier

I think GlacierStreak would be a good name, wouldn’t, you?
I just sounds nice.

Light grey she-cat with electric blue eyes and a
black stripe on her back.
Clan: RiverClan
Mother: Snowyrain
Father: Boulderfang
Brother(s): Emberkit, SpikeyTail
Sister(s): Willowkit, Nightwater
Mate: Flamehawk
Kits: Gazingdawn, Dracostar, Honeywing

Hope u like it - PalestrokeOfSkyClan

The Newcomers

? Star

STARSTAR (I’m Owner put this on for laughs)

? Tulip

Like my OCs Tulippaw and Tulipsong. I feel like this exists. If it does, tell me!

The Contenders

11 Pickle

I ran out of ideas lol - Oliveleaf

Yeees I love the name Pickleclaw! - Leafshade

12 Eclipse

They don't know what an Eclipse is...

I imagine a large tortoiseshell tom, with copper brown eyes. His name, Eclipsepelt.

13 Fallen

Did we forget about Fallen Leaves? Well, I guess his period of time is before Warriors were around, oh well! - Swiftdawn

I’m the creator of this one, and it would probably be used in a name like Fallenstar (leader) Fallenleaf (med cat) Fallenfoot (warrior) or Fallenspirit.

14 Desert
15 Pool

Only cat that has this is Poolcloud, the ShadowClan queen. Mother to Wolfstep and Foxheart.

16 Water

A prefix I've heard it. I have some OCs: Waterfall, Waterpool, Warershade, Waterstorm, Waterflame - Leafshade

17 Turtle

Turtle Tail - Leafshade

R.I.P. Turtle tail we will remember you - Mookitty

18 Shade

Shadeflower, have I heard that from warrior cats?

That's an OC Shadeflower. I love the prefix shade but it's a thing. Remember Shadepelt from The New Prophecy? - Leafshade

19 Fox

I think this one is used. Actually, yes it is. It's used on Foxheart.

Foxheart, Foxleap - Leafshade

20 Fawn

It’s already used with Fawnleap A SkyClan Medince Cat!

21 Flower

Flowerbreeze- Light rusty ginger color like a rose and short haired fur

Flowerstar of shadowclan it is a prefix in warriors

Please tell me if it’s already a prefix
Flowertail White with red, orange, yellow, brown, gray, silver tail (Overload of colors lol)
Flowerfrost White shecat with light silver markings with Light blue eyes almost white
Flowerwing Silver shecat with white and gray markings and Light blue eyes almost white
Flowerheart White shecat with yellow spots and rare purple eyes
Flowerblaze White shecat with yellow muzzle and red patterns and Red Eyes

22 Tree

Yes. I have Treesong the old brown
tom, Treestar the SunClan leader, and Treeblaze the brave tom

23 Iris
24 Moon

RIP Moon Shadow!
Moon Shadow has Moon as a prefix. - Swiftdawn

Um, Moonflower? But my favorite prefix anyways. Love Moonshine, Moonbreeze, Moonlight, Moonstar, Moonstream, etc. - Leafshade

I know there are some that aren’t supposed to be used, but maybe for a really old StarClan cat named Moon fur?

Um, Bluestars Prohecy. Bluestars mother is moonflower. It’s not really meant to be used anyway but I guess it’s still a cool prefix.

25 Sun

Name - Sunfish
Book - Crookedstar's Promise
Rank - Warrior
Kits - Grasskit and Vixenkit
Mate - Beetlenose
So yes, this is already a Warrior prefix, but I do love it! - Swiftdawn

From book- Bluestars Prohecy
Rank- Deputy/leader
Kits- (I don't know)
Mate- (I don't know)
Know In copied one but whatever lol

26 Lilac

Nice - Blossomfrost

27 Forest

Forestpond sound like a cool name!

Forestbrook, Forestfire are cool - Leafshade

28 Wolf

This has already been used in Yellowfang’s Secret Wolfstep, brother to Foxheart? Ring a bell? - PalestrokeOfSkyClan

29 Pond

Maybe this is used

30 Sea

Oceanheart is one of my Darkclan elders. She has a faded blue pelt and eyes. There is also Seakit, the undiscovered brother of Oceanheart. (His med. Cat name was later revealed to be 'Seashade'.)

31 Rue

Wow, I actually came up with something that's okay. - Whitesplash

Like the Hunger Games? My name for her would be Rueflower, in honor of Katniss buried her in flowers. - Swiftdawn

32 Hidden

There is no warrior cat name with the prefix ‘hidden’ but u should check out
Top Ten Warrior Cat names That do not Exist
Hiddenflame is on it and I think it’s good

33 Tundra
34 Spring

(like jumping)

35 Ocean

IK for da cats it's da Sun-drown place, but I made a cat named Oceansong..

36 Splash
37 Beech
38 Lavender
39 Rune
40 Hydrangea

To me I would have her or him as an white cat with black spots. It's his or hers eyes would be an green with blue in it. An very strong cat as that...

41 Frog

I'm pretty sure it has been used, but it's very rare.

Frogmist is my favorite warrior made up name, a fan fiction character of mine - Leafshade

42 Bear

I am SO sorry if this is used, but I am the creator of this

43 Dog

I have OCs Dogear, Dogwhosker, Dogleap, Dogstep, Dogshade, Dognose, Dogpelt, and Dogstep. I love this name! Also Dogflight and Dogtail - Leafshade

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