Top Ten Warrior Cats Name Prefixes that Don't Exist


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1 Swan

Yesss this ones cute.

Swansong is my OC - Lavamoon

Swanwing would be a pretty name.

Yayy! I love this prefix! That's why I use it as my username

~ Swanfeather

2 Blaze

Blazeheart? Maybe.

I had a Blazefire in my book...

...I feel this is cool...just too, uh, strong. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

It's a suffix. Maybe Blazepool? Blazefire? Blazesong? - Leafshade

3 Eagle

SPOILERS: In a Vision Of Shadows Blossomfall has 4 kits and one of the is named Eaglekit I believe - PalestrokeOfSkyClan

Doesn't this already exist as a prefix? - Blossomfrost

4 Frozen

Tooo good to be true

I like the name Frozenstream

Oh god this one is a butey

Frozen Pool! - Leafshade

5 Ferret

I also think in Omen of the Stars there is a Ferretpaw.

See the Alleigances for WIndClan in Bramblestar's Storm...there's already a Ferretclaw - Blossomfrost

6 Heart

Their warrior name will be Heartbeat

Ooh ooh and her warrior name is Heartwish or Heartdawn! - Firemist

Heartheart lol - Leafshade

Heart-? Heartkit? Okay...this is weird. What would the warrior name be, Heartpassion? - Blossomfrost

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7 Velvet

I need to remember this one! - SnowyOwl

This would make a great rouge or loner or even possible could be Velvetkit->Velvetpaw-> or Velvetmoon or something!

I like this one cause it reminds me of cake! 🎂

8 Scarlet

This one's cool. I named my OC Scarletpelt.

9 Midnight

I have an OC called Midnightstream

My friends Of that is a wolf is named midnight

Maybe for an Ancient, Midnight Breeze or something. - Firemist

Midnight glacier. White Tom with black fur tips. Blue eyes.

10 Glacier

Glacier is beautiful! Ill use this for one of my OC's. Definitely!

Glaciershine...a pale silver and white she with even paler blue eyes. - Firemist

I think GlacierStreak would be a good name, wouldn’t, you?
I just sounds nice.

Light grey she-cat with electric blue eyes and a
black stripe on her back.
Clan: RiverClan
Mother: Snowyrain
Father: Boulderfang
Brother(s): Emberkit, SpikeyTail
Sister(s): Willowkit, Nightwater
Mate: Flamehawk
Kits: Gazingdawn, Dracostar, Honeywing

Hope u like it - PalestrokeOfSkyClan

The Contenders

11 Faded

I love this, it’s so beautiful. Glacier is pretty as well. Faded is just very unique. Love it. Good job to who ever made this one. And glacier too.

Maybe Fadedpool? - TheCrystalWolf

Fadedlight would be a pretty name

Or just Fade - SnowyOwl

12 Fallen

Fallen Leaves... but still it is good - Leafshade

Did we forget about Fallen Leaves? Well, I guess his period of time is before Warriors were around, oh well! - Swiftdawn

I’m the creator of this one, and it would probably be used in a name like Fallenstar (leader) Fallenleaf (med cat) Fallenfoot (warrior) or Fallenspirit.

13 Star

Excuse me? If, say Star Pelt is about to become leader... Starstar? Um, NO.

No, that would be offensive to StarClan - RoseWeasley

Stargleam the purple cat
Was a very purple cat
And if you ever saw her...
You would even say she's fat!
And all the other cats
Used to laugh and call her names
They never let poor Stargleam
Join in any kitty games
Then one foggy gathering, Bluestar came to say
"Stargleam, with your fur so bright, won't you lead the gathering tonight? "
Then all the kitties loved her
And they shouted out with glee
"Stargleam the purple cat..."
"You'll go down in history! " - TheCrystalWolf

Wait this one already exist! because of Starflower one of clearsky's mates!

14 Pickle

Yeees I love the name Pickleclaw! - Leafshade

I ran out of ideas lol - Oliveleaf

15 Crimson

I like this - Lavamoon

I feel like this should have been used but I don't think it has been.

Crimsonflame is nice. - Firemist

I have an OC with the name Crimson and her name is Crimsonsky. I can see this happening!

16 Wolf

Sounds good to me

There's also Wolfheart - SnowyOwl

Love the name Wolfsong, though - TheCrystalWolf

This has already been used in Yellowfang’s Secret Wolfstep, brother to Foxheart? Ring a bell? - PalestrokeOfSkyClan

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17 Hurricane

Hurricaneclaw- grey male with unusual fighting skills (uses his claws) - Lavamoon

But do cats know what a hurricane is?

I agree with this comment

A white fluffy tom that has green eyes. He is of Oakclan and is a softy

18 Forest

I love it, a warrior name could totally be forestfire
light brown tom with dark brown underbelly and bright amber eyes

Forestleaf sounds good. - Firemist

Forestbrook, Forestfire are cool - Leafshade

Forestpond sound like a cool name!

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19 Eclipse

I have a rogue called Eclipse

They don't know what an Eclipse is...

I imagine a large tortoiseshell tom, with copper brown eyes. His name, Eclipsepelt.

20 Iris

I'm making an OC with that prefix

Irisfern or Irisleaf sound good. - Firemist

21 Silent

How about Silentbreeze? I imagine a deaf medicine cat. - Firemist

This would be Silentsong, a silver tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes.

I love this prefix! I have an OC named silentsplash - Brokenwing

I've got a mute pale calico character with this prefix. Her name is SilentHeart, and she's very fluffy! ~Nightwatcher

22 Pool

This is a fantastic suffix... not so much as a prefix. But it exsists. Look at the alligences in Bluestar's Prophecy. Poolcloud? - Leafshade

Only cat that has this is Poolcloud, the ShadowClan queen. Mother to Wolfstep and Foxheart.

23 Water

I like the name Waterlily. A graceful, elegant, silvery white she cat with water blue eyes. Ancestor is Silverstream.

My OC is Waterstorm and I came up with the names Watershine and Watersplash and a lot more! - Firemist

A prefix I've heard it. I have some OCs: Waterfall, Waterpool, Warershade, Waterstorm, Waterflame - Leafshade

24 Turtle

This is a GREAT prefix! I don't really like Turtle Tail though... ldk why.

R.I.P turtle tail, you were the best, but slate was better than you. sorry - gymnastsofa

Turtle Tail - Leafshade

R.I.P. Turtle tail we will remember you - Mookitty

25 Tundra
26 Lavender

It's sick.

Lavenderblue hahaa...Anyway I think her warrior name would be Lavenderfrost. - Firemist

27 Dog

The only problem here is that the cats think dogs are "bad..." but they think the same way about foxes and badgers, so I guess its fine. - TheCrystalWolf

I've thought as this as a prefix... SnoopDog... And for bear... BearHug. -memes for life-

I have OCs Dogear, Dogwhosker, Dogleap, Dogstep, Dogshade, Dognose, Dogpelt, and Dogstep. I love this name! Also Dogflight and Dogtail - Leafshade

28 Rainbow

Kind of Marysue but sure
Rainbowwhisker (White shecat with ginger paws and muzzle with One yellow eye with one blue eye)

I like this! I have two cats in my fan fiction with this prefix: warrior Rainbowcloud of LavaClan and medicine cat Rainbowfish of IslandClan - Leafshade

29 Sprig

Sprigwhisker-a grey male with small whiskers - Lavamoon

NOT SPRING. Sprig, like a small stem. I have Sprigtail of Forestclan. - SnowyOwl

30 Bubble

Silverish grey male who likes bubbles I'm making an OC with this name

Bubbleflight is one of my OC - Lavamoon

31 Desert

Yes this is good - Leafshade

What would he be called, Desertsand? You could also use this as a terrible suffix, Drydesert or something. - Firemist

32 Shade

Shadeflower, have I heard that from warrior cats?

That's an OC Shadeflower. I love the prefix shade but it's a thing. Remember Shadepelt from The New Prophecy? - Leafshade

33 Fox

Foxheart, Foxleap - Leafshade

I think this one is used. Actually, yes it is. It's used on Foxheart.

34 Sea

Seadusk or something. Anyway, they call the sea/ocean the Sun-drown place. - Firemist

Oceanheart is one of my Darkclan elders. She has a faded blue pelt and eyes. There is also Seakit, the undiscovered brother of Oceanheart. (His med. Cat name was later revealed to be 'Seashade'.)

35 Fawn

There is a Fawnstep... - Frogjaw1996

It’s already used with Fawnleap A SkyClan Medince Cat!

Fawnlight- swift brown Japanese bobtail she-cat with white underbelly and bob-like tail
Parents: deceased
Mate:Brokenshadow- brown speckled tabby male
Rank: Samurai kunoichi
Clan: Brezzeclan

"Fawnlight,is that u? WHERE HAVE U BEEN ALL THIS TIME?" meowed Brokenshadow his voice seasoned with concern."Oh no worries, Brokenshadow. I was out with the hunting patrol when we came across an old friend from Moonclan and we lost track of time when we were catching up."Fawnlight meowed her voice, muffled as she dropped a very plump grouse at his feet. His jaw fell and his mouth watered as he looked at the size of the prey. Fawnlight's two kits Slashkit and Cobaltkit tumbled out of the nursery into her almost knocking her over. "Fawnlight,you came back!" They mewed in unison as they tackled their mother with tounge licks and nuzzles.She lets out a happy purr as the kits tumbled around her. Fawnlight and Brokenshadow ...more - Lavamoon

36 Flower

Flowerbreeze- Light rusty ginger color like a rose and short haired fur

There’s a Flowerstem. - Firemist

Flowerstar of shadowclan it is a prefix in warriors

Please tell me if it’s already a prefix
Flowertail White with red, orange, yellow, brown, gray, silver tail (Overload of colors lol)
Flowerfrost White shecat with light silver markings with Light blue eyes almost white
Flowerwing Silver shecat with white and gray markings and Light blue eyes almost white
Flowerheart White shecat with yellow spots and rare purple eyes
Flowerblaze White shecat with yellow muzzle and red patterns and Red Eyes

37 Rue

Pretty! Flower names are nice.

Like the Hunger Games? My name for her would be Rueflower, in honor of Katniss buried her in flowers. - Swiftdawn

Wow, I actually came up with something that's okay. - Whitesplash

RU PAUL THE CAT - Brendon_Urie

38 Tree

Tree the Skyclan mediator - SnowyOwl

Yes. I have Treesong the old brown
tom, Treestar the SunClan leader, and Treeblaze the brave tom

39 Spring

Or maybe like a spring that is fresh water coming out of the ground they might see those from time to time - Leafshade

(like jumping)

40 Moon

Moonflower and Moon Shadow. - TheCrystalWolf

RIP Moon Shadow!
Moon Shadow has Moon as a prefix. - Swiftdawn

Um, Moonflower? But my favorite prefix anyways. Love Moonshine, Moonbreeze, Moonlight, Moonstar, Moonstream, etc. - Leafshade

I know there are some that aren’t supposed to be used, but maybe for a really old StarClan cat named Moon fur?

41 Sun

From book- Bluestars Prohecy
Rank- Deputy/leader
Kits- (I don't know)
Mate- (I don't know)
Know In copied one but whatever lol

Name - Sunfish
Book - Crookedstar's Promise
Rank - Warrior
Kits - Grasskit and Vixenkit
Mate - Beetlenose
So yes, this is already a Warrior prefix, but I do love it! - Swiftdawn

There are so many warriors with this name! Remember Sunstar, previously Sunfall, leader of ThunderClan before Bluestar? Then there's Sunstrike, a warrior of RiverClan in Power of Three and Omen of The Stars? She was Ivypool's friend kind of at gatherings and she went to the dark forest like Ivypool, Birchfall, Blossomfall, Antpelt, Hollowflight, etc. THIS IS A PREFIX! - Leafshade

42 Rune

Um, will you stop judging? Geez...

What? Like would she be called Runesong or Runevoice or something? - Firemist

43 Hydrangea


To me I would have her or him as an white cat with black spots. It's his or hers eyes would be an green with blue in it. An very strong cat as that...

44 Tulip

Like my OCs Tulippaw and Tulipsong. I feel like this exists. If it does, tell me!

It was used once,and only once.It was Brindleface’s daughter,in the same litter as Ferncloud and Ashfur. She also had a brother named Elderkit.Both of them died. I think Daffodil would be a good prefix,same with Pansy.And I’ve only seen Tansy used once, as an ancient Skyclan cat around the time skyclan left..Brook is a good prefix too,you know,like,brook where small fish swim.And Rook is a good prefix,and it was only used once,as Goosefeather and Moonflower’s father.Frost is pretty rare too,same with Black,and Green. - Silvercloud

45 River

Riverclaw, Riverheart, Riversplash, Riverdawn, River of falling sun (tribe name) - Brendon_Urie

46 Dragon

I mean, it is a forbidden name and the cats wouldn't really know what a dragon is but it's a cool name!
Dragonheart (my OC), Dragonsoul, Dragonwing, Dragonclaw, Dragonflight, Dragonfire, Dragonstrike.. Etc.. - Dracat

47 Lilac

I like lilacheart

Nice - Blossomfrost

LOL LILACHEART IS MY SECOND favorite OC! - gymnastsofa

48 Pond

Maybe this is used

49 Hidden

I have this as Hiddenface (a very shy she-cat who rarely likes to be seen) - Lavamoon

There is no warrior cat name with the prefix ‘hidden’ but u should check out
Top Ten Warrior Cat names That do not Exist
Hiddenflame is on it and I think it’s good

50 Ocean

IK for da cats it's da Sun-drown place, but I made a cat named Oceansong..

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