Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Sound Weird When Pronounced Backwards

These are Warrior names that would sound weird (or cool) when pronounced backwards. Tribe names and ancient names are included (I know this list is weird and random).

The Top Ten

1 Faeldettops (Spottedleaf)
2 Stis Noreh Erehw Kcor Deggaj (Jagged Rock Where Heron Sits)

Haha this made me crack up

3 Mrotsyllib (Billystorm)

Still better than billystorm

4 Stopsynwat (Tawnyspots)
5 Gnafwolley (Yellowfang)
6 Rewolfylloh (Hollyflower)
7 Wodahs Nekorb (Broken Shadow)
8 Ratserif (Firestar)

It fits Firestar

Leader of FontClan: Ratpaw, from this moment on until you become Clan leader you will be known as...

Rat serif. What’s not to like?

9 Senots Detniop eht fo Rellet (Teller of the Pointed Stones)
10 Ezeerbtfiws (Swiftbreeze)

All of these names seem like Animal Jam names

The Contenders

11 Liatflah (Halftail)
12 Ratsnekorb (Brokenstar)
13 Sevael Nellaf (Fallen Leaves)
14 Noomyevrah (Harveymoon)
15 Edahselpam (Mapleshade)
16 Ezalbnoil (Lionblaze)
17 Wapgrilrats (Starlingpaw)
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