Warrior Cats Villain Names that are Not Used on the Books


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1 Floraclaw

I see a tabby she-cat that grows dark inside everyday she becomes a rouge and gathers a lot more rouges and makes her own clan naming it DeathClan she becomes the leader Florastar with her deputy VenomFang a black tom with green eyes she does not believe in Starclan and she kills one of the most ledgendary leaders ever Jaystar a light gray tom with light green eyes Jaystar of Windclan proving to the forest that she should be feared. She has her own kit that she names Fangkit,Fangpaw,Fangheart Fangpaw runs away to Thunderclan cause she hates DeathClan she brings her best friend who later becomes her mate SHH Flightpaw,Flightwing she tells Thunderclans leader Lightningstar what her mother is planing "She is planing to take over the forest forcing all Elders to fight for her! " Lightningstar takes charge and kills Florastar leaving all the rouges to be rouges again and taking VenomFang into Thunderclan for that Flightpaw and Fangpaw get they're warrior names Fangheart and Flightwing. - Marshmellow

Short Story
Floraclaw- Cream tabby with jade green eyes, and many scars from battle.
Clan: Strongclan
Sibling(s): Rosethorn & Ratheart
Parent(s): Spottedeye & Moonclaw
"P-p-ple-ase d-d-on-'t-t h-h-your-t-t m-m-me." Florakit stared into the bloodthirsty eyes of Crowstar.
"Pathetic. We only keep the strong." Crowstar sneered Florakit, circling her as he went.
"Ple-ease Cr-row-sta-r-r! Wh-ha-t am-m I-I go-n-na do-o? " Florakit pleaded, trying to cath the eye of Rosekit, Ratkit, or her parents. But they turned their backs.
"I don't need weakings in my camp! " Crowstar sliced Florakit's neck with his forepaw in one mighty blow. "Now leave my camp or else! This place has no room for the weak! "
"Rosekit? Ratkit? Mum? Dad? " Florakit desperately turned to her family, but they were leaving.
"Go. Now."
Florakit took one last look at the camp, and fled.
"One day I'll get my revenge," she promised herself silently. "One ...more

2 DeathHeart
3 Warth

A brown kittypet who leaves his twolegs joining Shadowclan once he's deputy MudFang he kills the leader Gorsestar he becomes MudStar The Rough. He destroys Shadowclan only the strongest survive 1.HeatherTail:Light gray she-cat with light green eyes 2.JadeDawn:Brown tom with yellow eyes 3.VenomPaw (Mudstars apprentice at the time and then becomes VenomWing):Light gray tom with light blue eyes and scar on forehead 4.Sweetheart:Looks like SweetPaw she-cat with blue eyes and moon mark on chest. - Marshmellow

4 JungleClaw

A brown tom with green eyes he follows his evil father the leader of WindClan Hailstar The Strong. He becomes deputy and soon falls in love with a Sand colored she-cat named SandFur. They have one kit that they name 1.Brichkit,Brichpaw,Brichfang
When Brichfang becomes a warrior JungleClaw is becoming JungleStar The Heart Of Fury BrichFang kills his evil father and then is kicked out of WindClan. - Marshmellow

5 FuryHeart
6 GorseFang
7 GrayScar
8 BrackenPelt

This already exists, sorry :(

9 DragonFang
10 EvilHeart

The Newcomers

? Foxgaze

A dark ginger she cat, with yellow eyes, and unnaturally long claws.

? Badgergaze

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11 Hazepaw

I'm making a fan fic and in it a current apprentice hazepaw will be a villain

12 Bloodfang
13 Wolf

Wolf is a light gray, muscular she-cat who is deaf. She has long silver fur and a bushy tail, and that is why she looks slightly like a wolf. She was rejected from her clan because of her disability' and leads a circle of Hawks to the camp for revenge. During the attack, a hawk attacks her brother, Feathertuft. Wolf leaps up, saving him from the bird's grasp. She has a harsh punishment for what she did to her clan, but eventually she is forgiven and becomes a warrior, Wolfpelt. The End!

I’m counfused is this a wolf or a cat - fire fox

14 Bleedingkit

Wow looks like this Kit has bad parents!

Warrior name is Bleedingclaw

He is super evil - Rosewhisker

15 Blackleaf

When I think of the name Blackleaf, I think of a black and a withered brown tabby tom that has these dark green eyes!

Jet black tom with menacing red eyes.

16 Darkface

A black with dark gray striped LeafClan tom and he kills Stonestar, the leader, and takes over, rogues he gathered up drive out the LeafClan cats and Darkface with the help of his friend, Darktail, and mate, Scarshadow, kill almost all the LeafClan elders and kits. Darkface and Scarshadow (drak gray she-cat that gives other cats disgusting scars) have two kits, Bloodkit (black she-cat) and Wolfkit (gray she-cat). Bloodkit hated her the new Clan, named FangClan, but Wolfkit wasn't sure if she wanted to be with her parents or her sister. Bloodkit and (decidedly) Wolfkit went to FireClan and told Lightningstar what Darkface was going to do, wipe out all the Clans in the forest, river, and moor area. Lightningstar led FireClan on an attack on FangClan and killed all the wretched rogues, taking Bloodkit and Wolfkit into FireClan and changing their names to Bloodkit to Brightkit and Wolfkit to Rosekit, they became Brightwing and Rosecloud. Brightwing mated with Duskstripe and Rosecloud had ...more - Swiftdawn

17 Duskfrost
18 Cryingface

A Blueish gray cat with blue eyes and no tail
They have no litter mates and KittyPet perants. They where bullied for being a cry baby and that’s how the got the name. They are a rouge and is planning to destroy the clans. This cat is up for adoption!

19 Whitefoot
20 Fanghook
21 Badgerclaw

He gets his name from his super sharp claws, which he uses to rip enemy’s to shreds.

22 Heartshredder
23 Hatepelt
24 Lightningpelt

A pale yellow she cat with neon yellow eyes

25 Cloudsky
26 Shadowheart
27 Ice
28 Terrorstar

Black Maine Coone tom with evil amber eyes.

He brings murderers into his Clan and uses them to kill EVERY cat he cat.

29 Brookshadow

A normalise one!

30 Foxclaw
31 Clawhaze

I imagine a gray tabby tom with piecing amber eyes and one claw lost from his left front paw.
Mother- Sandheart
Father- Smokeleaf
No littermates
BFF- Duskfrost
Short story
A ripple of pain pushed its way through Clawkit’s body. His eyes closed with the aching pain that shot from his paw. But he still fought on. The amber body was now sneakily moving with silent paw steps across the litter of twigs, eyes fixed on Clawkit’s throat. Then it leaped. He rolled swiftly out of the way, and the Fox only managed to tear a shallow scar on his cheek. A shudder of relief took over Clawkit. But his mind got back into the game. Then something leaped on his back.
“Clawkit wake up! ”
A voice ringed through his ears. Oh no, not that cat.
“Hollykit I was having a good dream go away,” Clawkit grumbled, whiskers twitching with annoyance.
*10 moons later*
“From this day on you will now be known as Clawhaze! ” Emberstar meowed, with a yowl that echoed around ...more

32 Frostyfoot

Imagine a white she cat with sky blue eyes.

33 Deathclaw
34 Frostheart
35 Darkpelt
36 Sleektail
37 Zeroheart
38 Badgerheart
39 Blackheart

I'm picturing a vengeful, former-medicine cat who betrayed her clan to be with her mate (who is from another clan.) Her mate turned his back on her so she flipped into an unattainable rage and fed him death berries. Ultimately, she died of starvation after she managed to slip away from her clan, which until recently, was keeping their own medicine cat as their prisoner, because she was caught mistreating her apprentice both verbally and physically. Blackheart never learned to hunt or fight, so she lived about a quarter moon before ultimately died of starvation.

~ Swanfeather

40 Spidernet
41 Ravenfrost
42 Maplegaze
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