Top Ten Most Gary Stu Warrior Cats In Fanfictions

Have you read Starkit's Prophecy? The Story of Prettysilverflowerkit?

You've seen nothing yet.

Some cats in fanfictions�"toms�"are insanely Gary Stu. Here's a list!
The Top Ten
1 Sunshinewhisperer (The Sunshine Prophecies)


Sunshinewhisperer is by far the most Stu cat in world history. EVER. He's more Stuey then Jayfeather and Lionblaze put together. And more pahfect then Firestar.

2 Cometkit (Beautiful Sparkle)

He is definitely second, at LEAST. He wears copper earrings!

3 Vanillastar (Hidden Prophecies)

Vanillastar is pretty Gary Stu. Not by description standards, but by many other facts. Because he's so perfect?

4 Memoryfox (The Sunshine Prophecies)

Such a Stu if you read The Sunshine Prophecies!

Memoryfox. He killed the evil deputy of WishingClan�"Cinnamontwinkle�"with ONE CLAW and she split into millions of pieces. STU ALERT!

5 Coolpaw (Warmth of the Heart)

Coolpaw, Lovekiss's best friend, is a complete Stu. I mean, seriously! His name is COOLpaw for one thing.

6 Violetglitter/violetstar (The Sunshine Prophecies)

An insanely masculine name. He succeeds Starlightstar of WishingClan after he and Cinnamontwinkle die.

7 Faceface (Wild Prophecies of Death)

He's pretty Stu. I mean, he's the mate of Moonshinestar, he is apparently 'awesome on many levels'?

8 Gaysparkle or Mockingbirdheart (Hidden Prophecies)

A tie between Gaysparkle�"who, by the way, is not gay and loves a medicine she-cat named Tranquildream�"or Mockingbirdheart�"the painfully-long-named tom who mentors Moonshimmer.

9 Evilisactuallynice (The Glittering Empress)

Evilisactuallynice - most canon name ever. He's also much nicer than his sister, Niceisactuallyevil...

10 Shadeflood (Shadeflood's Destiny)

Shadeflood is very Stue-y. On many levels. He wins 10th.

The Contenders
11 Stargleam

Stargleam is a SHE-CAT. This is a list about TOMS.

This should be at number 1

12 Liondick (The Stories of LustClan)

I mean, come on, Liondick?

13 Fluffykit (Starkit's Prophecy)

Firekit was forgotten after like one chapter x-D

At two hours old, he was up and fighting, and he'd somehow opened his eyes and learned to speak. He also somehow got a lover named Featherpaw. I feel so sorry for the only sane kit in that litter, Firekit...

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