Top Ten Ways Family Guy Is Better Then American Dad

American Dad and Family Guy are Macflaranes most popular cartoons. Yes I know people consider american dad better but family guy is 1000000000 times better. Here are some reasons why

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1 American Dad is less funny

Family Guy was honestly my best show up to about season 5, then after that if just wasn't as funny as it used to be, I do smile at some of it however it doesn't make me laugh like it used to.

Do people outside America like American Dad. Is it like annoyingly patriotic? Many people outside America dislike/hate the patriotism.

I don't really like American Dad. I find Family Guy more entertaining. - cosmo

No its not family guy is not funny anymore american dad is - ihatetrump

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2 Peter is funny while Stan is not

Peter isn't funny! Funnier than Stan though.

Stan is a douche in AD - RockStarr

Than is funny - ihatetrump

Without him, Family guy woulden't be a thing

3 The only likable characters are Roger and Klaus

jeff - ihatetrump

francine - ihatetrump

4 American Dad is basically a ripoff of Family Guy

I don't really see how it can be considered a "ripoff" seeing as how they were both created by the same person. - IronSabbathPriest

5 Family Guy is getting a movie

So? It's reception, not popularity that defines a good show. - SwagFlicks

Just go to the Wikipedia and search thru all the topics and you'll see it

I hope the movie will come soon.

6 Family Guy is more creative

A conservative father and liberl daughter, dumb wife, nerdy son, alien, talking fish, and stoner son in law and a fat stupid fathwr and sexy wife, fat stupid son (a copy of peter), daughter who is bllied by her family, evil baby who is smart, talking dog who is a complete douche, crippled cop friend, rapist friend, and skow talking friend. hich is more creatuve - ihatetrump

With family guys crude humour with sexist,racist an piss taking humour coupled with characters in General family guy to me is way better than American dad. Peter griffin himself being morbidly obese and not too bright portrays a worse American stereotype than even homer simpson. Lol,and other characters like Glenn quagmire and carter pewterschmidt are more likable too ;D Family guy over American dad any day!

7 Family Guy is a classic
8 Family guy made appearances in other shows like Robot Chicken and The Simpsons
9 Family Guy has better episodes
10 Family Guy has smarter jokes

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11 Stan is mean to his family

So is Peter and Lois.

12 Family Guy has better characters

Lois Griffin is way better and more smarter than Francine Smith.

13 American Dad has a wasted plot
14 American Dad sucks

No it doesn't. - RalphBob

I agree that Family Guy is better than American Dad, but American Dad does not suck whatsoever - EpicHorrorMaster

Patrick stewart is in it - ihatetrump

Yes it does

15 American Dad is overrated

Especially Francine, but in a horrible way.

16 American Dad is too violent

Especially Stan Smith. �"�

17 American Dad! only made fun of Trump once, Family Guy did at least five times

Boo! I don't like Donald Trump.

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1. American Dad is basically a ripoff of Family Guy
2. American Dad is less funny
3. Family Guy has better episodes
1. American Dad is less funny
2. Peter is funny while Stan is not
3. The only likable characters are Roger and Klaus


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