Top Ten Ways You Know You Are Addicted to Minecraft

The Top Ten

1 You call Diet Coke "Pocket Edition"
2 When you see a bully, you think you can just go to Peaceful mode.
3 When touring a factory, you ask "Where is all the redstone?"
4 You are amazed that the sun is a circle.
5 You call soccer "Multiplayer."
6 You buy seeds at a gardening store, then yell when you find you cannot use them on Minecraft.
7 When the doctor asks how healthy you have been over the last six months, you reply "9.5 hearts."
8 You name your son Herobrine or Steve.

Now this is actully funny. - Mumbizz01

9 You shove pigs into your car, thinking it will go faster.
10 Your afraid to go outside at night

The Contenders

11 You think if you fall into lava you will respawn.

Why would you fall into lava and live again?!

Like yes in Minecraft

12 When you're hungry you say "My hunger bar is almost empty!"

I have done that a lot of times

Yea I'am addicted

Great idea! Crazy enough to work. 😅

13 You punch trees expecting it to drop a wood block
14 You are too afraid to make eye contact with people because you think they are an Enderman
15 You say, where is my armor?
16 The first thing you search up on the internet is "Minecraft"

That's what happen to me

17 You search on youtube and everything you start with is "MINECRAFT"
18 Punching trees when on a campout
19 You wonder where the A button is to open the door

When I was really tired I actually did that

20 You place cake on the floor and punch it
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