Top Ten Reasons Why the Wii U Sucks

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1 Not enough good games

Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Pikmin 3, Mario 3D World, Super Mario Maker, Smash for Wii U, And so many more - Randomator

There was plenty. - iliekpiez

It had some good games
star fox 0 - GleamingShadow

People who hate the Wii u. Need to get a freezing life. No one ups for you.they are lazy, an I personally have a black wii u and I love it. Or splatoon doesn't work, that is no reason why you should instantly shout it out as a bad console. You complain a bit too much, and that is really the only console I really love. Keep your own thoughts to your own selves. I love all the Wii you games maybe except for legend of Zelda, but you need to learn how many games there are, How many minutes, how many hours, and how many days it took Nintendo to produce All these games by hand. You should appreciate what Nintendo made. Nintendo is not lazy, like atari who's company spiraled into oblivion years A go from poor sales, and bankruptcy

2 Terrible hardware

Examples could be short battery life, shuts off all the time, updates to much, its slow, it really doesn't have much in each update yet it takes an hour to update and the updates take up all the battery life so that sucks, and much more - YOSHIA2121

Its alright. - B1ueNew

Yeah Wii u hardware too weak and lower

To whom this was written by, what are your examples?

3 Short battery life

The controllers battery life is like 3 hours. (Sarcasm) oh wow Nintendo. That's awesome.. ,you go Nintendo. Yeah... -_-

Mine lasts for 2 hours before it goes to blinking red but good thing you can sync the wiimote and use that although it must be a wiimote plus

I charge mine for 15 minutes and after about 1 minute it's already low on battery

I tried to run Loadiine GX2 I got the best games ever in this cable But APPERANTLY Wii U screw up everything and it give me error all the time.

4 Bad controllers

Not really - Randomator

Not really - iliekpiez

No. - B1ueNew

Even when I was a kid I hated the controllers.

5 The Wii U is the same as the Wii

Xbox One is the same as Xbox 360... But you don't complain at all. - B1ueNew

That’s like saying the SNES is the same as the NES or the DS is the same as the 3DS - Randomator

And.. - iliekpiez

The Wii U is just the Wii with steroids. Yeah Nintendo is making money by playing safe. Nintendo should not even play safe at all. - Chaotixhero

6 Stupid gimmicks

Here are a few things you missed while stating your point. 1. "Nintendo only focuses on getting money from kids, not delivering good games to fans." A few facts I would like to state. The now dead president of Nintendo halved his paycheck to help keep the Wii U alive. If Nintendo wanted to make money from kids, why aren't there 40-50 main series Pokemon games? One more thing, have you even seen the game Earthbound (Mother)? The story line is simple, but amazing. 2. "Their innovations are nothing but stupid gimmicks, that add nothing to the game, like the dolls, or having to look at your lap for a map, which is extremely unhelpful..." If you're talking about Amiibo, you don't have to buy them. They are if you want a small bit of extra content, as well as a little figurine too look at. Just like Sony and Microsoft, they both have things that really weren't necessary, but almost FORCED you to buy it. Take for example, the PlayStation Move thing. It was a total ripoff of ...more

Nintendo only focuses on getting money from kids, not delivering good games to fans.
All their innovations are nothing but stupid gimmicks, that add nothing to the game, like the dolls, or having to look at your lap for a map, which is extremely unhelpful...

What Stupid Gimmicks?

7 Bad sales

Affects the console apparently. - iliekpiez

It doesn't mean its bad - B1ueNew

Out of all the consoles Nintendo made, this is the one with the weakest sales? - Chaotixhero

Bad Sales, Who Cares? , Transformers Age Of Extinction Made Over 1 Billion Dollars But Did That Mean It Was Good? - VideoGamefan5

8 No new Metroid games

Does it really matter? I agree that nintendo shouldn't of skipped the series in this console though.

Well metroid is prime 4 is coming for the switch

9 It cannot plays DVDs and Blu rays

Just use Netflix or Hulu. Not that hard. - B1ueNew

There's netflix and hulu however - B1ueNew

There are other ways to get around people might own a actual dvd player, disc drive on computer, other systems were watching dvd's work

Most people have netflix anyway

10 No popular games

The wii u doesn't have such good exlusives, but their okay. Why no one buys a wii u? The wii u doesn't have good popoular games like Call of Duty bo3, Grand Theft Auto V, skyrim, and more good games who are available at xbox one and playstation4.

Do you even know how popular Smash bros and Mario Kart 8 were?

But Minecraft is on the Wii U

Wrong there are so many popular games like MK8, SSB4, and more.

The Contenders
11 No Zelda

Breath of the wild? - B1ueNew

Wind waker - iliekpiez

By now, if they release Zelda Wii U for Wii U, they should also release it for NX for higher sales. Apparently, it is the most expensive game they have ever made, so they probably want it to be profitable. But if they released it earlier this year, it could've saved the Wii U.

What about the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being released soon? My friend is dying of happiness.

12 No third party support

At least we have exclusive unlike Xbox One - B1ueNew

It has Mass effect 3, Assassin's creed 3, and Deus Ex and A few lego games - B1ueNew

As much as I like Nitnendo, I have to say that this was a major flaw with the Wii U. The lack of third-party games made the Wii U doomed from the start

Yeah Wii u haveno third party support...poor Nintendo

13 Eats/Scratches up the discs

That happens to a lot of consoles - B1ueNew

I have heard stories that people have put a game in their Wii U and it didn't come out. Finally, when they take apart the console to get it out, it is all scratched up. Never happens with Wii.


14 Updates every single day

Nope - Randomator

Not anymore since nintendo's support for it died. - B1ueNew

No their aren't - YOSHIA2121

Ok, I Have To Admit It Gets Annoying But Still - VideoGamefan5

15 It's not HD

Yes it is, you can't argue with the fact that it is. It's not an opinion, it's a fact.

Or is it just me, I always see the animations not smooth. I have my Wii U T.V. to 1080 but it's still not HD. What am I HD-blind?

It's HD If you have the HD Cable attached to it. idiot

The Wii u is like a Wii using HD av cables
yeah the graphics improve a bit but compared to a PS3 using a HDMI cable the Wii u isn't real HD yet

16 It took years to make actual good games for.

Super mario 3d world and donkey kong tropical freeze was released 2013 that was one year since the wii u got released not "several"

17 Barely any streaming services

it sucks

It's got Amazon Video, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. That's it. No NFL Sunday ticket, no Crackle, no Crunchyroll (you have to go into Wii mode just to download it, and it only goes up to 480p), no Twitch (even though Nintendo has a good relationship with them, which feels like a betrayal), it can't even play DVDs or Blu Rays (which I could deal with that if they had more streaming options to make up for that). We're at a day and age where game consoles are more than just game consoles, and even modern computers now have streaming options (Microsoft store for Windows and Xbox, iTunes for iDevices), yet the Wii U insists on being only a game console. Nothing more.

Yeah! Wii u have only streaming services...booo streaming services have lack of movie titles that you want to watch but it doesn't available

18 The name

Wii U. Wii, but with an U.

Because of that, everyone thought it was an expansion to the Wii. And it's part of the reason why it failed so much. - MaxPap

19 It treats SSB4 as the best thing ever

Its not the best but better than other games like Call of Duty

Of course they are going to treat their own game as the best

Call of Duty sucks

not really

20 Horribly built

Keeps freezing and jittering

21 It breaks every 2 seconds

One second it works the next it breaks! Yeha! Waist of money to buy

22 Cannot read discs after months

Bought Minecraft Wii U Edition, (now got ps4) edition, then I got Madden NFL 13, and, after playing it, I insterted Minecraft disc. 'Invalid disc' 'The disc cannot be read, it might be dirty'. Bunch of liars, I cleaned it, and nothing. TERRIBLE CONSOLE.

23 It is aimed at kids

Bruh its because of the marketing I think if it was good like the switch and it added adults and teenagers instead of kids like the switch people would not call kid to someone who love the wii u

24 The internet explorer doesn't let you scroll or zoom on some sites.
25 Made ripoffs of Wii games
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