Top Ten Wonder Weapons In Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 and 2 Zombies


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1 Vondervaffle

This is my all time favorite wonder weapon. I love the sound it makes and the design. And I always get a stupid grin on my face when I pull this baby out of the mystery box on Shi No Numa. - 13profittbr

This weapon is garbage it has the longest reload time of any wonder weapon and it can only kill a minimum of ten zombies if your playing on remastered version which is the best so it is crap congrate on round 132 but in fact it is terrible

Sick gun got me to round 100 on solo, nothing better that the original wonder weapon. it's just such a classic and no Call of Duty zombie game is complete without it

I agree best one yet a little op

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2 Sliquifier

How come this isn't first it's like the waffe on steroids it can kill an unlimited amount of zombies and has a faster reload the only flaw about this weapon is the fact that it takes a second to make the zombie explode so when your cornered it isn't the best.

The wonder waffle can only take 10 zombies even with pack a punch (black ops), silquifieir can take the entire round of zombies it's a one hit kill till round 100 I wish it was in a better map. I don't really care for die rise

First of all people get to round 200 with this thing and second of all it has a lot of damage

The only reason why Die Rise can even be PLAYED. Just don't lose it to the elevator. - Doge_Inu

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3 Thundergun

How is this not number 1?!?! This has to be one of the best wonder weapons of all time! Don't get me wrong the top 3 wonder weapons on this list are amazing but why is this "wonder weapon of wonder weapons" number 5?!?!

Really? #6? This should be #1! If your trapped pull the trigger your still alive!

A wonder weapon in my opinion will save you from tough situations. With this gun you are invincible. When you get to high rounds, use other weapons to kill zombies and use the thundergun to save your life.

Should be #1. that's all I'm saying

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4 Secret Staffs (Origins)

Ice is great and all, but I always die with it since the frozen zombies corner me and can still attack. Fire sucks since it misses a lot, and doesn't always kill the zombie. Wind, while extremely powerful, suffers from a low ammo count. I prefer the Lightning Staff (Mostly its upgraded form, Kimat's Bite.), because it has an amazing ammo count, the best fire rate, great accuracy, can hit many zombies at once with even the normal shot, has a great charge if you use it properly, and it STUNS the zombies, something barely any other staff can accomplish. This thing plus Electric Cherry is incredible. =D

Crapperwaffe is rubbish. It only kills about 10 zombies each bullet the ice staff should be number 1 best staff ever. You can slow them down like the winters howl or can charge it up for a blizzard which kills all zombies it touches and you can stand inside it like it's a shield

Kinda glad they have a drop off, or they would be number 1

Although they are hard to make they are beast at sending zombies back to hell. My favourite is the fire staff because its fire babyšŸ"„WHOO!

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5 Blundergat/Acidgat

This thing is a beast. Especially with electric cherry. It's good that there's bout 3 very version of it. The only thing wrong with it is the magazine clip,2 bullets is not working. Its basically an Olympia on steroids

I love this wonder weapon because of 3 things. #1 is the ammo is great #2 is that you can easily get out of tricky situations and out of corners when trapped by zombies #3 is how easy it is to build but it also isn't too easy.

Wonder waffle sucks how is it number one?

The Blundergat is by far the best wonder weapon ever created in zombies for one, it can turn into 2 variations either a good penetrating shotgun or it can turn into the overpowered acidgat which is technically a raygun combined with gernade bullets combined with a monkey-bomb into = The Blundergat and finally once shot the bullets stick to zombies and the other zombies run to the bullets. WHAT OTHER WONDER WEAPON DOES THAT!?!?! as shown this should be #1

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6 Paralyzer

The paralyzer is great but it takes to much time to actually shoot it and its for newbie who sit on the roof of the bank and kill zombies and you can't pack-a-punch it

Great weapon and never has to charge if you use it in bursts.


Gets boring

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7 Winter's Howl

Shoots snowflakes instead of blizzards and it just sucks five is a bad map and on any other map why would you want it

Love this gun and the design is beautiful

For some one to even say this is a good weapon it makes me cry ery tim it like an ice cream gun

This sucks badly why is it on here mate? this thing is incapable of killing. Probably close up to the war machine or smr even.

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8 Apothicon Servant

Kai Lewis- I personally believe that this gun is the best wonder weapon in zombies Call of Duty history, it can kill a whole train of zombies on any round and can get you out of tricky situations, its like the thunder gun upgraded and the only downfall about this gun is that it takes until about round 15 to get

Why is this not number 1? It's the thunder guy on steroids. If you get trapped you can shoot this litteraly anywhere near you, and your saved instantly. It's easy to make, you just have to go through the game normally pretty much. Upgraded, it's a beast. AMAZING when pack a punched (I'm not sure if they patched that or not). It also has infinite damage. People male it WAY past 100 using this gun. It's also not too slow to run with, making it easy to train. MAKE THIS NUMBER 1. Only problem is most of the people here are noobs and don't know this guns true power. It is literally a best.

Best weapon in the game! It has infinite damage and will always save your life as long as you aren't being stupid.

The apothicans servants is a destroyer of zombies at all rounds. Can kill up to 27 zombies in shadows and even more in revalations. Plus with gobblegums it's almost impossible to run out of ammo

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9 Ray Gun Mark II

Great gun. Awesome for clearing out zombies in a flash. Only downside to this gun is that it can chew through ammo quickly.

I wouldn't say the top 8 but id say its worse than the mark 1 though.

Hands down best gun

It's pretty useful and quinvineint

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10 Storm Bow

Can help a strong boss faster also help revive your teammate when there is a group of zombies

Can kill a whole train best bow for camping.


I prefer the wolf bow, but I respect how over powered this thing is. One of the best wonder weapons. (at least better than the waffe and thunder gun ;))

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11 Baby Gun

Who ever made this list is the worst zombie player and this is clearly based on his thoughts getting to round a hundred thirty is grate but the people are truly in the zombie community you will no your facts.

This weapon should be #1 it is so good and kills everything plus whats not fun a bout running into babys

Wow this is amazing infinite damage and better ammo than the thundergun and wunderwaffe.

12 Zap Gun

This is the best gun in all of zombies better than the wunderwaffe

Good and I agree it is better than the wunderwaffe. kills tons of zombies and is high up next to other wonder weapons. the only bad thing is that its only on moon which is one of my least favorite maps.

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13 Hell's Retriever

This is considered a wonder item but it is great though but mainly when you upgrade it then it is a one hit forever when fully charged so this is great and is basically the only reason why I play mob of the dead.

Friggen AMAZEBALLS Got 2 wave 142 with only this for the last 5 rounds

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14 GKZ-45 Mk3

It's literally a Ray Gun Mark 3 that can make black holes... OP

15 Scavenger

Great gun, kills a lot of zombies and I personally think it should be high on the list.

Come on guys, it's a sniper that shoots explosives. It can't get much better than that

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16 Gersch Device V 2 Comments
17 Jet Gun

What most people fail to realize about this gun is that as long as you don't let it overheat or whatever, it has infinite ammo and will kill zombies making it a great gun.

Search any top 5 worst wonder weapons list on YouTube, the jet gun gets first place all the time because that's how bad it is.

REALLY? why is this gun here. This gun is absolute crap. You can only shoot this for a short time until it breaks and you have to find all the parts again.

bad gun

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18 Wrath Of The Ancients Bow

4 Varients of the bows sort of like the staffs
On Map Der eisendrache in Black Ops 3
High ammo rate and is a one shot kill until high rounds

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19 V-R11

May not be super effective, but it is very fun to use

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20 Wave Gun

Thunder gun 2.0 with the zappers? Top 5 material

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