Worst #29 Overall NFL Draft Picks

The Top Ten

1 Dimitrius Underwood

Eventually he would play in the NFL by year 3, but where he was originally going to play for the Vikings however he for some reason turned down a five year $5.3 Million dollar contract. He didn't go through with his rookie deal and after one practice he left the team, and for his troubles Minnesota was not gonna put up with a drama diva thus goodbye! - htoutlaws2012

2 Kentwan Balmer

Boy you talk about a transparent defensive end for the 49ers,and that would be Kentwan Balmer why do I say that? Simple, ZERO SACKS! Sure he has 62 tackles, but not a sack? - htoutlaws2012

3 R. Jay Soward

''They struggled with passing the ball and decided to risk it all during the 2000 NFL Draft by taking R. Jay Soward, an unproven wide receiver from USC with a ton of upside.
Soward had off-the-field issues which would end up ending his career way too soon. His personal battles interfered with his career and caused him to spend most of his time being suspended before eventually being released after just one year.'' - htoutlaws2012

4 Phillip Dorsett

Phillip Dorsett was a big mistake by the Colts I'll never understand to this day. At first I didn't blame the player I blamed the GM Ryan Grigson who would get fired for making such a mistake first round choice. Colts clearly needed defense more than offense after acquiring Andre Johnson and Frank Gore. Need I remind of the receiving core was already loaded with T.Y. Hilton, and Donte Moncrief (back when he was a solid #3). At the time it made no sense why they needed to draft Dorsett over guys like Oh I don't know A Landon Collins slipping to the Giants, or a Benardrick McKinney something for the defense to upgrade in none of that in day two. Meanwhile Dorsett as you would expect was a backup receiver, and did jack squat, and got traded to New England where again mediocrity at best. - htoutlaws2012

5 Gabe Carimi

The irony back to back Bears busts at the offensive line nevertheless. He played half of his game like our previous tackle only Bears in a short amount of time tried to move him around from tackle, and Guard and of course that creates a massive disaster to keep Jay Cutler upright with crazy movement rotation. Carimi is a overlooked bust by Da Bears would say so. - htoutlaws2012

6 Marc Colombo

He was taken by Da Bears in the 02' draft to help protect NcNown which even with bad Offensive line by him it doesn't make a difference if you have literally the worst offense of the early 2000's the only one that could rival that is the Lions of the same division with similar problems (somewhat). Colombo was not a guy who was always on the field though either only played for 18 of 36 games which is half of missing playing time like many other offensive lineman previously. - htoutlaws2012

7 Chris Canty

I find it pretty ironic that a former bust for the Patriots is declared Josh Rosen a bust on First Things First. While h could be right to hear from a guy who wasn't much better as the player. ''The Pats took Canty with the No. 29 overall pick in the 1997 draft. He came to the organization full of himself but his play on the field did not back that up.

He played just two seasons with the team, making only 10 starts. Canty made just one interception during his time in New England.'' If my mind serves me right Rosen had more starts then you so what gives you the right to talk any better? - htoutlaws2012

8 Dominique Easley

Easley didn't do a whole lot, and in fact at that time Patriots basically wasted their first round pick that year on a guy who was a backup to Hightower, and or Jamie Collins while also losing his supposed starting job to Akeem Ayers meaning no development and even a former Patriots affiliate called him ''a Turd.'' - htoutlaws2012

9 Robert Nkemdiche

One of the last Bruce Arians picks was never very good especially when he was hardly used his first two years, and by year three in a god awful season he showed some life, but can he continue to push nigher, or will his ceiling reach to the end? - htoutlaws2012

10 John Avery

''Dolphins needed a running back, they should have never tried to fit a square peg into a round hole. They reached here to take the Mississippi running back and it showed pretty much right away. I know running backs have a short shelf life. But just two years in the NFL (and then a six game return a few years later) is ridiculous.

Avery had 143 carries in his rookie season, totaling 503 yards and two touchdowns. The following year, Avery saw action in one game as a Dolphin before being let go. This former first round pick ended his NFL career with 524 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns.

The only positive you can really say about Avery was that he averaged a solid 25.2 yards per kick return his rookie season. But one season of above-average kick returning doesn't validate being the 29th player selected.'' Avery is one of the last notable busts you may see from Miami's perspective, and for a tail back he was the worst of those fins you'd shall say it forever enshrine a 1st ...more - htoutlaws2012

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